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Chrome Extensions Not Working on Windows 10

Chrome extensions are very helpful, because they allow users to block ads, download videos, and activate antivirus during browsing. Still, getting an error? Let’s fix Chrome extensions not working on windows 10.

However, some users complain that whenever they are browsing, some of the extensions lose their functionality and stop working.

This interruption happens all of a sudden, and there is no error message as well. If they uninstall and reinstall the extension again, it sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t.

Chrome Extensions Not Working on Windows 10

When Google Chrome extensions stop working on Windows 10, then there could be several reasons for this problem:

  • The Google Chrome process is glitched, and the user has to end the browser through the Task Manager
  • There is a conflict in the extension that the user has installed on Chrome; this could be solved by disabling and then enabling the extension
  • Chrome could be outdated, and might not be compatible with Windows 10; make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome so that the extensions and add-ins work
  • The browser user profile is corrupted, and this could trigger such behavior; the user can create a new user profile to get rid of this problem
  • Hijacker infection could be another reason why an extension is not working; this is when a virus enters the browser that is capable of breaking the extensions

Task Manager

This should be the first solution for the user if the Google Chrome extensions stop working.

  • Close Google Chrome, and then press ctrl + shift + Esc together, and the task manager will open.
  • Go to the processes tab, and then right click on Google Chrome; from there, the user can choose the End Task option, and then restart the browser.
  • Most users have reported that this is the most effective solution and that extensions do start working after this.

Re-enable Installed Extension

This is a lengthy but effective solution.

  • Go to the Chrome Browser, and disable every extension that you have.
  • Then, restart the Chrome browser, and enable every extension that you did disable.
  • Most users report that this is an effective solution, but it can be very time-consuming.

Keep Google Chrome Updated

The user can always find the updated version of Google Chrome, which is compatible with Windows 10, from their original website.

They should look for updates now and then so that they don’t face problems when it comes to extensions or add-ons. If a single extension is not working on a system, then it could be that it is not compatible with the browser, and has been developed for an advanced version.

Experimental Settings

The user likely messed up with some experimental settings, which can be seen under about: flags.

Some of the settings that you have changed can be conflicting with the extensions that you have downloaded.

This has happened to many users, and there is a solution to it.

  • Go to about: flags, which is inside the navigation bar, and then press Enter.
  • Here, you will see another button that says “Reset all to default”; this would disable all the settings, and the extensions would start working.
  • Make sure to restart the chrome browser, after the settings have been reset.

Anti-Malware Scan

Use Malwarebytes to run an anti-malware scan. It is very possible that a third party has hijacked the browser of a person, and infected it with a virus.

Even though other security solutions can surely get rid of this issue for you, but using Malwarebytes is the best solution. This is because its a free alternative, and it can remove browsers’ hijackers quite efficiently.

When you ask Google Chrome for a solution to this problem, they suggest downloading the updated version of the browser.

Most of the time, users are too careless about keeping the updated version of a browser, and they continue to ignore any notifications about updates. This is what leads to several problems, like Chrome crashing without a warning, or extensions not working.

In case you are using a browser at work or school, then it could be that the administrator has forbidden you or anyone else from downloading extensions. The user, in this case, needs to contact the administrator and seek permission.

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