How to Clear Hulu Watch History? Tips

Hulu is a video streaming website, where you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Can Hulu clear watch history automatically?.

Hulu is a fun place for those, who don’t like to wait for episodes and have more fun binge-watching shows. However, while some have their own personal account, others share their password and id with others.

People don’t want others to see what they watch on a video streaming website, and they might want to clear it.

View the Watch History

When you open Hulu, there is a Keep Watching collection where you can see your own watch history. This watch history tells you about the shows and movies that you have watched, and even the episode you are currently watching.

  • In the ‘All Watch History’ section, you can get more data about the things that you have watched in the past month or week.
  • This ‘keep watching’ section is pretty helpful because you don’t have to locate the exact episode and scene you were watching.
  • You can simply resume the video from the last second you paused it.

Watch History of Individual Episodes

While Hulu shows the watch history of shows, it doesn’t show you which episode you have watched.

  • To further explore it, you can go to the details page of the series, and add that series to My Stuff.
  • The My Stuff hub shows you how many episodes you have watched, and how many are left.

How to Remove Hulu Watch History?

In order to remove your watch history, you won’t face any sort of hassle. If you are using a web browser, then follow the steps below:

  • If you want to delete the watch history for just one show, then go to Keep Watching
  • Hover your mouse over the TV show or movie thumbnail, for info and options
  • Click on the x icon, and remove the title from the watch history
  • Click on the Done icon, when the action is completed, or Undo, if you did it by mistake

Clear All Watch History

  • If you want to clear all of your watch histories, then go to the Account Page on the web browser
  • Then, open California Privacy Rights, which you will find under Privacy and Settings
  • Go to Manage Activity
  • Select the option of Watch History and then click on ‘Clear Selected’

Using Mobile Phone

If you are using Hulu on a mobile phone, then follow the steps below:

  • Go to Keep Watching or All Watch History
  • Tap on the three dots on any show or TV’s thumbnail that you want to remove
  • A menu with options will open; select ‘Remove from Watch History’ on it
  • Confirm the action and if you change your mind, then go back; the action will cancel

Hulu Subscription Plans

There are four subscription plans available on Hulu for users:

  • A simple Hulu subscription costs $5.99, with ads
  • If the user doesn’t want any ads, then the per-month subscription would cost $11.99
  • In case the user wants Hulu+Live TV, then the subscription will cost $64.99 per month
  • If the user wants Hulu+Live TV and no ads, then the cost will be $70.99 per month

There are premium add-ons available with Hulu+Live TV subscriptions as well. These adds-ons have their own cost. Is it also possible that Hulu clear watch history by itself?

If the user buys the HBO MAX add-on, then it will cost them $14.99 per month. The Cinemax add-on costs $9.99 per month, and the Showtime add-on costs $10.99. As for Starz, the cost of the add on is $8.99 per month.

There are other subscription bundles available as well, where the user buys a bundle and gets access to Disney+, ESPN, Spotify, and Sprint. Buying a Hulu subscription can be very beneficial for the user because they get shows and movies that are not available on other channels or streaming services.

There is a subscription for everyone, designed in a way that people can choose the best thing for themselves.


Buying a subscription to streaming services has many upsides. Users don’t have to worry about paying for home installation, or even special equipment. There are no hidden costs to these subscriptions, and some are even ad-free.

There are no commitments, and the user can cancel their subscription anytime they want to. The website and the app have an easy to use interface, and the user won’t face any hassle.

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