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How to Convert EDB to PDF Online?

Convert EDB to PDF Online

For those who don’t know about EDB, this article is going to describe everything in detail. EDB stands for Extensible Storage Engine Database File.

This is an exchange service, which is basically an email management program.

This program is used for internal networking globally, and it has all the mailboxes that have been used by a single user. However, these files might become damaged because of a database header file error or even a JET engine error.

How to Convert EDB to PDF Online?

Some other reasons why EDB needs to be converted to PDF include a dirty shutdown of the exchange server and a power shutdown.

Benefits of Migrating EDB to PDF

There are multiple benefits of converting EDB files to PDF files:

Convert EDB to PDF Online

  • As PDF is an open-source file format, it can eliminate the user’s dependency on exclusive mail formats
  • PDF files are easy to read on any system, however, the system should have an Adobe Reader or any other software that can read PDF files
  • PDF file format doesn’t depend on any Exchange server and can be obtained anytime

Method 1

EDF can be converted to PDF, by using an Acrobat Add-in. The problem with these two formats is that there is no straightforward or direct way to conversion, but a round-about way of doing so.

First, the user needs to download Microsoft Outlook, and then get the Acrobat add-in. This is the easiest way to convert EDB to PDF. To accomplish this objective, follow the steps below:

Convert EDB to PDF Online

  • Choose the Add-ons option
  • You will find the Manage: Com Add-ins at the bottom
  • Click on Go
  • Convert EDB to PDF Onlinen
  • In the Com Add-ins window, there will be an add-in box for Acrobat PDFMaker, check it
  • Go back to the messages, and then select the ones that you want to convert into a PDF file

Method 2

To make the conversion of EDB to PDF easier, install third-party software called Aryon EDB to PST Converter and then follow the steps below:

  • Select the Exchange EDB and STM file, which you can easily find through the browse button
  • Choose the exchange server version

Convert EDB to PDF Online

  • Choose the recovery mode options, as this would handle the alignment error (if any) in an EDB file
  • Click on Next, and you will see previews of mailboxes
  • Remove duplicate items from the recovered Exchange EDB
  • Click on Save, and then choose the EML/MSG formats

Convert EDB to PDF Online

  • Click on Next
  • Choose Save as PDF option, in any folder you want

That’s it!

SysTools Exchange is another software, which can convert EDB to PDF. It can convert emails from mailboxes in PDF, and that too, in batches. The user will be able to search the PDF files, once they have been converted.

There is no file size limitation, and any number can be exported from EDB mailboxes.

This article has discussed both manual and automatic methods to convert EDB files to PDF online. However, the main problem with a manual approach is that the execution process takes a lot of time.

In fact, during the manual approach, there are chances of errors occurring in each step, and the complete process might restart several times. Sometimes, a window might get stuck, and the user would have to end the task forcefully.

Online Tool

Another online tool that the user can use is the EDF to PDF converter tool, which is created by Data Recovery Solutions.

This tool is available online and can convert such files within seconds. It cannot only convert EDF tiles to PDF files, but also PST, EML, and MBOX.

When the user uses this tool, they won’t have to dismount the database, which usually happens when a conversion takes place. It even accepts those files which have been damaged, and the tool has a very expressive GUI.

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