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How To Cool Down Laptop?

Cool Down Laptop

Laptops have come at a price for increasing capacity and power: more heat so, have you to do cool down laptop?.

As the heat increases, it can eventually cause permanent damage.

Use these tips to cool overheated laptops and prevent damage.

Is your laptop isn’t happy too? You would be thinking how would you know if your laptop is happy or not, right? Well, you know your laptop is not happy when its fan has been making loud voices and being very hot.

So, now I will as you the same question again, is your laptop happy or not? If your laptop is not happy, then no need to worry further, as I will be helping you how to cool down your laptop in this article of mine.

If your laptop is overheating then it is not a very big issue to worry about because overheating on laptops is a pretty common thing.

Laptops run warm because of the shape they are designed in and the size as well, but if they stay hot for a long time, they could overheat, slow down, or even can get seriously damaged.

So it is better not to ignore the sadness of your laptop and make it cool and happy once again. And do to that, I have some better and working ways which will surely cool down your laptop.

I am going to mention down all the possible ways through which you can cool your laptop down. Just take these simple and inexpensive measures which will protect and help your laptop in staying cool and work more without overheating.

Possible Ways to Cool Down the Laptop

Cool Down Laptop

  • I think that the first-ever thing which needs your consideration is that at what surface are you placing your laptop while using it. The surface makes a big difference to cool down or to heat your laptop.
    If you are placing your laptop on a soft surface like your bed or putting it over a pillow to use it then probably you are doing it wrong. To help your laptop maintain a good temperature what you need to do is to find a hard and flat surface where you should place it while using it.
    Placing your laptop on a hard and flat surface helps in maintaining good airflow. Don’t place it on the floor because it contains dust particles that can be collected by the laptop.
    And if you go with the name LAPTOP, I don’t consider even the LAP as the most favorable place to keep your laptop because it can sometimes possibly block the vents which allow the laptop to heat up and then overheating after some time.
  • Dust is one common cause behind heated laptops. There are various ways to resist these dust issues and the simplest way to do this is to purchase a can of compressed air and spray it directly into the vents quickly and with short bursts.
    Before applying this solution, make sure your laptop is unplugged and powered off completely to steer clear of some technical or hardware issues, and then clean out the dust bunnies completely.
    Another way to solve this dust issue is to use a cotton swab to clean out any dust which is visible or you can even use a computer vacuum to suck the dust-out.
  • Buy a laptop stand. You will see a lot of options if you go out on a search for a laptop stand as you will see some stands come with fans and some do not, some laptop stands have cushions and some don’t.
    Search and find the laptop stand according to your needs, as if your laptop has overheating issues, then look for the stand which will help you in reducing that heat up of your laptop.

Cool Down Laptop

  • Always check and adjust your settings to handle heavy graphics load or heavy workload easily. This solution applies to all the movie watchers and gamers out there reading my article.
    Do not update your software unnecessarily until it starts causing problems. If it is working just fine, let it work without applying the update on it.
    The actual goal of this solution#4 is to reduce the workload on your laptop. If the BIOS settings on your laptop were recently updated and your fan starts acting up a little differently in a bad manner then you might try restoring them.
    Lowering up the brightness of your screen might help, including other little steps like unplugging the USB powered devices from the laptop and closing all idle apps which you think are putting a lot of pressure on the CPU.
    Just make sure all the settings regarding the laptop’s power management should be properly checked and activated for better performance.
  • One of the most popular solutions to cool your laptop is to fan it. You just have to set up a standing fan near your laptop which will keep providing cool light wind to your laptop to cool down your laptop.
    There come some additional fans and coolers especially for graphics cards and hard drives as well, they might be a much better option to go for.
  • Always give your laptop a good amount of rest. If you have a desktop computer as well, then I would recommend you to use the desktop computer for a while and just turn off your laptop for some good time so it can rest and cool itself down.
    I have seen people often turning off their laptops every other minute. Don’t you do that mistake ever by setting your laptop to sleep/hibernate / shutdown your laptop every other minute?
    Suppose if you have turned on your laptop just to check some emails or just to copy some files, it is better to leave your laptop turned on for some time.

These were some of the ways which you can use just to cool down and enhance the durability of your laptop.

Does the cooling pad help the laptop?

A laptop cooling pad can help reduce the operating temperature of a gaming laptop.

An active cooler will take air cooling or cooling liquid to quickly dissipate the heat of the laptop.

Passive methods use materials that exhibit heat and help increase passive airflow around the laptop.

How hot is it for laptops?

Generally, the safe temperature range for using a laptop is between 50 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 to 35 degrees Celsius. The temperature drops.

Is the laptop about to get hot?

It is normal for the laptop to overheat when on AC and run at full power. I would suggest downloading a program to monitor the temperature of your laptop.

Also, check the running software and try to load the background program as much as possible. And make sure the air points are not blocked.

What causes a laptop to overheat?

There are many reasons why your computer may overheat, but the most common is dust on the fans which can trap the heat.

Reduce heat inside the computer to prevent damage to its internal components.

Reduce the heat in your notebook to prevent overheating.

Can I use ice to cool my laptop?

No. You don’t want to do that. Ice packs will create condensation because they are significantly cooler than the surrounding air.

Fans will start pumping moisture into your laptop, which can do more harm than good.


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