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How to download dramas, videos from 9anime?

9anime is the most perfect place where you can watch videos and you can listen to audios online.

It basically offers a perfect platform to upload, share, and view the videos apart from downloading them.

Have you ever felt that you liked some of the videos and it is very eye-catching and attractive which you want to watch it again and again?

But you are afraid that it may get deleted or removed or that your data is limited so you cannot visit back to 9anime.to every single time which you want to watch it, so then you won’t save that particular video Offline to watch it whenever and wherever you want to watch.

How to download dramas, videos from 9anime?

download from 9anime

Well, you are now one step closer to download your favorite video right into your device and also without using any nay software or add-ons.

Now all which you need is to follow the instruction which is given below to save or download your video right into your Android mobile, PC, or any other device which you use and then watch them later without having to worry about a connection to the internet using the best 9anime downloaded online.

Step 1:

View a video and copy the video URL

download from 9anime

  • Firstly, you have to search for the video which you want to download from 9anime.to.
  • After you have found that video which you are searching, you have to copy or cut the URL from the URL box or address box (by pressing the combination of keys CTRL+L on a computer, the RL will be highlighted and you can easily copy or cut the URL by pressing the CTRL+C or CTRL+X)

Step 2:

Open Search 9xbuddy and Paste the video URL

download from 9anime

  • The first step was not that difficult, right?
  • The same goes for the second step, which will take you another step closer to download your media file.
  • After obtaining the URL of the video, the second step is to just search 9xbuddy in your google, yahoo, or bing, or any other search engine which you can use mostly or just head to the website 9xboddy in the address bar.

You have almost completed the second step, now at the homepage of 9xbuddy, you will be able to see a big rectangular box which is just below the minions with captions as “Enter the URL of the video you want to download”, all of which you need now is to paste the media file URL in that box.

After that just click on the download button or if you are on PC or laptop just press Enter.

Step 3:

Download Links will be Extracted

download from 9anime

  • You do not have to do much in the final step, everything will be processed in the background, to put in short, “let the magic happen”.
  • After pasting and clicking on the download button, the script will take some seconds to extract the download links of the media file from the URL which you pasted.
  • After the extraction process is done, and final extracted links are generated you are all set to go.

You can see different file formats and quality sizes, now you only have to select which one you want to download.

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