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Best Candy Crush Cheats 2024

Candy Crush is a very addictive game, regardless of the time that has passed away since it was introduced.

There are many loyal fans of Candy Crush, who continue to play level after level, and don’t get bored.

There are so many appealing features of Candy Crush, and the reason why most people stay interested in this game is that the levels are very challenging.

Sometimes, users have to play difficult levels with spreading chocolates, fewer moves, and more colors to match and much more.

In such challenging times, when they have to play the same level for weeks, a person might get frustrated. This is when Candy Crush saga cheats would come in handy.

You can either play Candy Crush saga on your browser or just get the app on your smartphone.

Candy Crush is a free game, but there are in-app purchases that can temp the players. These in-app purchases can help the user pass a level more quickly, as they are able to acquire more boosters.

Best Candy Crush Cheats 2024

There are so many websites that claim they have the best cheats for increasing lives, getting the player free gold, and boosters. However, most of such websites are a total scam, and there is no point in visiting them.

To get Candy Crush Saga cheats, the user should never download any software or service and never pay for anything. Even if these services do work, King might ban the account if it discovers that a player has been cheating.

Infinite Lives

Those who have played this game, know that the lives of Candy Crush finish really quickly. One minute you are playing, and the next minute the game tells you that the lives would be refilled in half an hour.

This might be the most frustrating any Candy Crush lover has to face. The simplest method to get more lives is to alter the time on the desktop or the smartphone.

This fools the app; however, make sure that you quit the app when you are readjusting the time, or the trick won’t work.

Skip Levels

This is one cheat that everyone wished they knew about before. Imagine skipping level 114, because it is one of the hardest levels in this game.

If you want to skip levels, then go to the website candycruslevelskip.com, and it will be activated. The website will detect your app and then make an intervention.

These are the two best cheats available to every Candy Crush lover. There are some tips and tricks, which can further help players jump levels and or win each level quickly.

Start from the Bottom

If you want to create matches of multiple colors, to cause a chain reaction, then start from the bottom.

When players try to create chain reactions from the top, it is unlikely that they would be able to crush candies efficiently.


When the player doesn’t know which candy to crush or move, they wait for the game to suggest a move. However, it is just a trap by the game, and the player should not always follow the suggestions made by the game.

The players can follow suggestions at beginning levels, but at the advance and challenging ones, they should find their own match.

Think Ahead

There are many levels that have limited moves, but the player has to crush a lot of candies.

The best thing to do here for the player would be to, stop and look at the screen; he should try to figure out the moves before making any.

As there is no time limit to a level, a player can easily make moves in their head to see whether they will be effective or not.


Combos are very important in Candy Crush because they have a ripple effect. While the user is swiping candies, he should always look for combos like making color bombs.

For this, the player shouldn’t make odd moves or simply match colors, but really consider removing the colors in less number to make color bombs.

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Candy crush is a very interesting and fun game. If you play it, then you can definitely use the cheats, tips, and tricks mentioned in this article.


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