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How to Download Nvidia Control Panel Windows 10 64-bit?

The NVIDIA control panel facilities an intuitive graphical interface and easy control for managing NVIDIA graphic settings.

It is a software application produce to help gamers get the most out of their NVIDIA graphics cards.

Whether it’s a low-end or high-end PC, If you have an NVIDIA GPU, the NVIDIA control panel is a great assistant.

Installing this tool on your PC is not required, but it is recommended if you are looking for an easy way to fine-tune your graphics settings.

The NVIDIA control panel is 100 % free and should be used by all NVIDIA GPU users. It is part of all official driver packages, but the app can also be installed standalone with just a few clicks.

This app will not work on PC systems that only have AMD or intel GPU cards, requires NVIDIA hardware.

Download NVIDIA control panel Windows 10 64-bit

The only way to complete this method is to install the Windows 10 architecture on your computer or laptop.

As you know, this operating system has an official store where you can download various applications and games.

The company that developed these graphics cards offered the NVIDIA control 8to the store for everyone with a branded GPU.

  • Access to the Microsoft store is easy.
  • Enter your name in the Windows search bar or find your application in the taskbar.
  • When the store window opens, it will load for a few seconds before you can see all the content.

That’s the same main view. Try searching for the program in the category list.

Alternatively, use the search icon in the upper-right corner of the window.

  • You can enter what you need to search for by clicking on it.
  • Enter the brand name “Nvidia” and press “Enter” to continue.
  • It will return some results.
  • But of all that, the first thing that interests you is the green and square icon with the company engraved on it.
  • And the respective logo in the shape of a spiral eye.

It is free software, so download the NVIDIA control panel. You need to click the result to see the download options and click the get button.

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Download the NVIDIA program from the developer page

Now, in this case, not only can you download for Windows 10 64-bit, but you can also download for other versions of the OS.

A browser must be installed to achieve this method. The browser can be Firefox, Chrome, or even Edge.

The vital thing is to be able to navigate. However, you need to visit the Google homepage or use your browser’s search bar to execute the query.

  • Place the name of the GPU developer or brand in it. That’s press the kay that corresponds to “NVIDIA” to continue the search.
  • Before you download the NVIDIA driver program, it will help you know how to uninstall the driver later.
  • It will take you directly to the Google results page. This page has a link called “Download NVIDIA Driver.” Click on that page.
  • It is how you access your company’s website.
  • This website has all the drivers for every GUP you build.
  • Here you will see the formats in which you need to enter all sides of the video card. Allows the page to find the exact driver you need.
  • It shows the product family, type, series, and operating system you are using. In addition to the kind of download, you request game support.
  • Pressing “Find” will take you to another section where you can specify the NVIDIA control panel data and download weights found there.
  • Now you have to click the “Download” button and wait for the program to complete the download to your computer.

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