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How to Fix Mouse Stuttering? [ Tips ]

The Stuttering mouse is one of the most common complaints of computer users.

A “Stuttering” mouse is an erratic movement of the mouse pointer.

If your mouse is stalling and you can’t figure out why, here are the most common fixes we have accumulated over the years.

Clean the inside of the mouse

Mouse and keyboards are always in contact with your hands and are assembling at an alarming speed. Many viewers and readers eventually reported that their unstable mouse behavior is long but barely visible hair.

It means that the laundry shouldn’t mix slightly with the optical sensor before going deep into the troubleshooting process.

Change the surfaces of the mouse:

Try a different surface and make sure the stutter is not the result of a surface that the mouse has trouble detecting. Such as glass or bumpy surfaces.

To eliminate this issue from the list of potential problems, try a mouse pad.

Bluetooth signals

If you make use of a wireless mouse, you may be using Bluetooth as your communication technology.

Try the following tip to see if the problem goes away.

  • Make sure the battery is fully charged and secure.
  • Unpair the mouse before pairing.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices in the rea to check signal saturation.
  • If necessary, reduce the distance to the computer or reposition the Bluetooth antenna.
  • Some mouse brands, such as Logitech’s mouse brand, offer wireless dongles in addition to Bluetooth. Switching from a dongle to Bluetooth and vice versa may also resolve the issue.

Disable wallpaper slide show

Suppose you set your Windows 10 computer to cycle through a series of wallpaper. The mouse pointer will break or freeze each time a switch occurs. I have tested it on various Windows 10 PCs, and it happens on all PCs.

This issue can occur if your system is raising to circulate the wallpaper frequently, such as every few minutes.

The solution is to set the space to once a day or disable the slideshow and manually change the wallpaper.

Disable inactive scrolling Windows

This function performs its contents. You can drift your mouse pointer over the window to scroll through the inactive window.

It saves time for those who need to work with a large number of documents or word processors. But for some strange reason, turning this feature off eliminates the mouse breaks for many users, I don’t know why, but it’s worth a try just in case.

  • Open the start menu and select the setting gear.
  • Select a device.
  • Select the mouse.
  • Please hover over the inactive window and turn it off to toggle scrolling.
  • Check if the lag mouse works properly again.

Update or reinstall mouse drivers and software

The mouse driver tells Windows how to communicate with the hardware. If your mouse comes with a software application, that application may also be part of the problem.

We recommend downloading the latest driver for your mouse, uninstalling the old driver, and installing it manually.

Even if the old drivers and software are not the cause of the Stuttering, the new download may contain a fix for the mouse Stuttering issue.

Update or reinstall GPU driver

GPU drivers and software can also contribute to buggy mouse performance.

  • Get the brand new drivers and software from the GPU developer’s website.
  • Think about using software such as DDU to ensure that older versions are completely uninstalled. However, do this only if updating manually does not resolve the issue.

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Check if system utilization is high

Although it is relatively rare for modern CPUs to be busy and unable to handle mouse pointers, malware and application malfunctions can cause the computer to lock temporarily and the mouse to appear to be broken.

  • Open the task Manager.
  • Now, switch to the Performance tab.
  • Organize your procedure by CPU usage. And notice if any of these applications show a spike in use when the mouse is interrupted.
  • If your program or process is overwhelming your CPU resources and you are not aware of it. We recommend that you consider uninstalling it or running a Malware scan.
  • It is also worth checking the Memory and disk columns to ensure neither is running at 100%. In those circumstances, you may need to use those resources to close or uninstall the program.

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