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14 Best DramaFever Alternatives 2023

It was one of the most popular on-demand streaming video platforms and it offered users a large number of Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Japanese dramas, and also other Asian dramas and shows with English subtitles.

Although, DramaFever was not able to stave off the fate of being shut down. DramaFever was closed and shut down on the 16th of October, 2018, because of many business reasons.

14 Best DramaFever Alternatives 2023

It is a pity that such a good drama streaming site has vanished from our sights. We cannot do anything but find some of the DramaFever alternatives. Here are some of the best replacements of DramaFever.


14. Viki

It is a very popular video streaming service that offers the users a Viki video streaming site and also a Viki app as well.

It is devoted to Asian dramas, most of which are Korean dramas, movies, and TV shows.

All the movies and TV shows on Viki come with various subtitles and are of high quality. This site also scores the exclusive streaming rights to much latest drama series. So if you want to watch the primetime drama series, this one is a great choice to go for.

It is also a good place to watch the movies online, Most of the streaming content on it and both are mostly free, but you can also choose to purchase its advanced services to enjoy even more features.

There are two plans from which you can choose, the first one is 4.17 dollars per month for the Standard plan and 8.33dollar per month for the Plus version of Viki.

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