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How to Extract 3D Character Models from Video Games

In today’s tech age, there is an infinite number of video games you can play on Android and your personal computer. Here you will learn how to extract 3D character models from video games.

extract 3D character models from video game

3D models play an important role in these video games and help gamers and end-users see more clearly.

The most important and exciting part of video games is the 3D simulation and game features that allow players to enjoy the best gaming experiences.

How to download 3D character models from video games?

If you want, you can download these 3D models from video games and animate the characters yourself.

Many applications can help you download 3D character models from video games, use them in your games and videos.

To use this game in Blender, you need to follow the steps below.

Download and Install Ninja Ripper

  • To save your favorite 3D characters for animation, you need to install the software on your computer.
  • Download Ninja Wrapper on your computer and download this program on your computer.

extract 3D character models from video game

  • Select 3D Ninja Ripper mode
  • Create a file to save the 3D game modules to your computer and start working with Ninja Ripper.
  • Select a 3D module in this app to download 3D game characters.
  • This mode allows you to download all 3D models of your video games to your computer.
  • Create a folder to save the files

extract 3D character models from video game

  • Click the “Rip” button to open the Create Folder app to save 3D characters. When you press the “Rip” button, the game stops and stays on for a few seconds. The program creates a _NinjaRipper folder to save your game characters. Noesis Extract to replace .rip files.
  • Once you have created the file, you need to download Noesis for the 3D model to be activated on your computer. This will help you convert these .rip files to Noesis, to use these templates in your games and animations. Export 3D characters
  • Use these 3D models in your animation after downloading these characters with Ninja Ripper. You need to export the characters from the Noesis folder to your directory on your computer. After exporting these characters, you will be able to enjoy your favorite characters in animations and other games.

How to draw 3D models with a Blender?

extract 3D character models from video game

  • You can use the software on your computer to extract 3D models from games and save them for animation on your computer.
  • You can use the copy tool to download models from the game.

How to use Ninja Wrapper to download 3D character models?

  • If you want to download 3D video game characters for your animated video, you can use Ninja Ripper.
  • This tool will help you download all your favorite 3D video game models and save them to your file to create them.


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