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How to change the background on Instagram story

If you are using Instagram for business, you’re probably already aware of Instagram Stories. Here you will know 3 ways to change the background on Instagram story.

Instagram Stories are indeed an essential tool for your business, either you use them to talk directly to the followers, to bring attention to a particular Instagram post, to publish pictures, or to swiftly publish material from your friend accounts.

Though, that you can choose the background color of your Instagram story. Because the techniques for altering them are not clear at first look, most audiences use the default backgrounds Instagram picks depending on their image colors.

Based on the impact you desire, there are three ways to modify the background color of your story.

3 ways to change the background on Instagram story

Here you go:

  1. Using a Solid Color.
  2. Using Your Camera Roll
  3. Adding a Color Tint

Changing the Background of Your Instagram Story to a Solid Color

Follow these steps:

  • Upload a snapshot from your camera roll to the Instagram app’s Stories feature.
  • Select the pen icon from the menu.
  • Select a color with the color dropper tool or just choose the default color selections.
  • Hold the pen or eraser tool.
  • Press and hold (hold) the background’s middle.

To your new background, add a photo.

  • Open the Photos app on your phone.
  • Choose the image you wish to be using.
  • Select Copy Photo from the options menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Return to the Instagram application (“your in-process story should still be open”)
  • Click the Add Sticker pop-up there in the lower-left corner to attach the copied photo.

Using Your Camera Roll

That’s how you do it:

  • Open a design tool such as Easil or Canva.
  • Create a background for your display.
  • Save the image to your phone.
  • Add it to your Instagram Stories.
  • Add stickers, words, hashtags, gifs, and emoticons to the backdrop to make it more personalized.

Optional: add another image to the top

You’ll see a “Highlight” icon appearing, which you can click to add the article to an existing Showcased or create a new one for your profile.

Using Adding a Color Tint

To add some color to your Instagram story, do the following:

  • Tap the pen symbol
  • To change the color dropper tool, select desire from the provided offered.
  • The highlighter icon can be tapped.
  • For a denser hue, touch/hold a second time.
  • To make a solid color, tap/hold a third time.

There are 3 simple ways that help to use your Instagram story with new background what should be more you like? Most of the audience of Instagram used to buy as it has lots of companies giving ads for promotion.

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