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How to Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram

Are you aware, you may conceal what you’re seeing or reading from the message’s recipient? Here you can turn off read receipts on Instagram.

Yes, you may read another person’s message without them knowing. Instagram, like certain other social networking services, does not offer a function that allows you to disable read receipts.

This article discussed a simple approach to disable read receipts. This method, however, is only relevant to the most current updates of Instagram.

How to turn off read receipts on Instagram?

Easy Steps for Turning Off Read Receipts from Instagram

You can’t just turn off read receipts immediately on Instagram, as previously explained. There is, nevertheless, a technique to view messages without changing what is presented in the presented message.

Let’s take a closer look at how else you can do this. Simply follow the basic and straightforward instructions outlined below;

Whenever a direct message is sent to an Instagram account, only if the notification has been enabled will you receive notifications on the notification area? You’re ready to go even if you notice a message alert and would like to view but don’t really want to.


So, if you’re viewing it discreetly, don’t open it immediately to read it.

  • Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone, then go to the DM area by tapping the DM symbol in the upper right corner to see the complete chat. However, do not initiate a discussion or read the messages.
  • Simply turn off the device’s Internet connection now. Switch off Wi-Fi & mobile network, or just use airplane mode on your smartphone.
  • The content changes once you enter the DM section since you may view the read receipts, however, your answer will not be published, sent, or visible in the conversation.
  • In the chat menu, one also may read messages you’ve received.
  • When viewing a message, the originator is unaware that his text has been read.
  • You would be removed from the online network if you unplug from the Internet, and no online activities will be undertaken.
  • When you switch on your connection, however, it will be displayed as visible.
  • To avoid sending the “seen” to the sender, sign out of the app before accessing it and turn on the mobile network after logging out.

To see if the message you just read is still in the sender’s profile. When you enter the chat menu, you’ll notice that the message is unread, so I If you do have internet access, this indicates the sender didn’t notice the notification until you opened the chat.


One of the quickest and only methods to view an Instagram message is to use this method. It lets you read even without the sender’s permission or adjust the reading status in the sender’s chatting menu.

When you’re intrigued about somebody’s message but prefer to ignore them simultaneously, this approach is ideal. You may view all of the communications without informing the sender, even if it was just one.

Here you got a successful way to turn off read receipts on Instagram, so, in the next topic, we will discuss further issues of Instagram, such as changing the background on the Instagram story, seeing someone on private Instagram, and more.


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