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Why does my Facebook App Keep Closing on my Android Phone?

Facebook is a regularly used app around the world, it provides many jobs and business to flourish help people to connect and entertain.

It is a revolutionary app that has been popular for so many years and we can say Facebook is a kind of application that tends to have more glitches but there can be many reasons for applications to crash and shut down it can be due to memory as well.

Facebook App Keep Closing on my Android

So How to fix my application such as Facebook from shutting unexpectedly?

But first, we need to understand the way this application works it requires a strong internet connection and one must restart the internet, and sometimes their other applications on your phone conflicting with Facebook so one must check recently added apps.

Following are some ways to make Facebook work normally.

Restart the device

Simply restart your phone, turn it off, and then on. It can fix a lot of issues when Facebook is not responding as it revives the system.

Clear cache

As the android system works on its own and processes a lot of data faster than and puts up a large number of cache.

So to many users Is the best saving option by far go to settings or app settings and tap on storage and then on clear cache.

Free up memory

Sometimes the phone is filled with numerous data and freeing up some space from the phone can help many apps to function properly such as photos videos

Remove and Reinstall

Simply uninstall the app from your phone and then reinstall it back and hopefully, the app would work perfectly. You are totally free from Facebook app keep closing on my Android.

Update your application

Many developers keep fixing bugs to stop applications from unexpected shutdown the user must go to the play store type Facebook and tab on it and you would see an update option.

Factory reset

When most of the above options fail for you to run the application so go to settings and backup your data first then go to “about” and tab reset.

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Force stop option

Go to setting scroll to the Application tab go to facebook choose the option force stop and then re-open the app again to see if it functions.

Use the alternative

Try using Facebook lite convenient for many users and doesn’t crash as much as a regular one although it doesn’t have all features.

Final Words

Many popular applications on the androids have instability some users tend to switch to other applications but when it comes to Facebook we don’t have any alternative it is very addictive now so Facebook lovers still use it and it is part of our lives.

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