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Why does Facebook Keep Logging me Out?

Everybody is so used to associating through Facebook.

And it’s the essential feature to discover anybody these days, particularly that old companion from high school you haven’t found in a long time or perhaps your teacher.

Everybody is so used to having a Facebook account and using it almost daily however a great many people don’t try logging out. In any case, Facebook now and then logs you out all by itself.

Everybody is so used to interfacing through Facebook, and it’s the essential feature to discover anybody these days, particularly that companion from high school you haven’t heard about in a very long time.

At the point when this occurs, you may think, “Stand by a moment; for what reason did this occur?”

There are a couple of answers to this inquiry, and we’ll go over them in this article.

Reasons for logging you out

At the point when you sign in, you have the choice to allow the site consequently to log you in when you return.

In the event that you don’t choose this alternative, you will be logged out after you leave the site.

Someone else is logged in

Despite the fact that it doesn’t occur frequently, in the event that another person is attempting to get to your Facebook account while you are active on it, you can get logged out of your account.

Particularly if that somebody is utilizing an alternate IP address.

  • Go to the Facebook Settings page, and under Security and Login, you can decide to change your passwords and select to get alarms for unseen logins.
  • You can likewise utilize the choice to have three to five companions as contacts you’re so unfortunate that you get locked out.
  • It’s recommended to play it safe with regards to Facebook and the security of your information.

Facebook Glitches

Facebook will undoubtedly have bugs and glitches occasionally due to the enormous number of people using it.

You may be logged out on the grounds that the site is going through upkeep or encountering some different issues.

  • Facebook continues to log you out, even after you ensured that you cleared treats and reserve, and nobody else is attempting to sign in, log out and stand by some time.
  • After some time, sign in again and check whether the issue continues.

In the event that you have depleted each alternative, you actually can’t use Facebook without being continually kicked out, you can generally contact Facebook straightforwardly.

  • Go to Facebook Help Center, select the issue you’re encountering starting from the drop menu, and continue to portray the issue.
  • All you need to do then is present the structure and hang tight for the solution.

Logout when you’re not using your account

You should log out of your account when you need to and not when some other person chooses to log you out.

It’s likely brilliant and beneficial to log out of all web-based media applications sometimes. In any case, you should get it done on your by yourself, obviously.

The main part is to ensure that nobody is attempting to have unapproved access. All the other things can be fixed. Clear your cache and do feel free to utilize auto-login if it’s helpful to you.


If you’re utilizing Facebook on your PC, you may track down that occasionally, you get logged out of the blue.

That can be quite irritating.

  • It might have something to do with the cookies your program uses to follow the locales you visit.
  • It tends to be that your settings are naturally set up to end your login after a specific period.
  • Feel free to check your cookies settings for the program you’re utilizing.


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