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Top 15 Social Media Platform Everyone Must Know About it

In the world of the internet, smartphone apps have been playing a key role in providing entertainment to people. Let’s have the best social media platform in 2022.

You can easily download any type of entertainment app from the app store.

Your mobile phone might possess so many of these apps right now. It is having good Android apps.

There are said to be 3.2 million apps on the Google play store and 2.2 million of these apps can have found on iOS as well. These stats are evidence of people’s interest in downloading, using, and getting entertained with these applications.

Now if you have been looking for a list of those apps that will keep you busy enough and amused as well you have come to the right place.

Top 15 Social Media Platform 2022

Here is a long list of the 15 best social media platforms 2022 you would require to get entertained.


Netflix social media platform

Netflix is ranked the number one app used for entertainment these days according to most of the lists on the internet. With Netflix, you can watch countless series and movies online.

You are provided with the choice of three types of plans which are namely, basic, standard, and premium plans.

If you care about the quality of the movies, you can choose between standard and premium which will provide you with HD and Ultra HD quality.

With the basic plan, you will get to watch one screen at a time, two screens will be provided in the standard package. You can view four screens at a time with the premium plan.

You are given the option to cancel your subscription at any time. Netflix will let you stream an unlimited number of movies and TV series, from either your iPad, tablet, or even your smartphone by downloading the app from the Play store.

Netflix also suggests TV shows and movies according to your choice or related to what type of pof content you have searched for.

It can be very amazing as this will expose you to some of the very great shows you might not know the name of or never planned to watch. You can watch the shows later by adding them to the “My list” option.

Netflix will be awarded an A+ for the ease it gave us by providing the “skip intro” button, by which the title sequences of the shows can have skipped.

Some user accounts can also be set up for your ease. Netflix also has a kid’s section as well on which children-friendly content will be displayed only. This one makes a good life.

Key specs

  • Browsing history can have been deleted.
  • TV shows and movies can have downloaded or saved to watch later without streaming.
  • Some accounts can have set up.
  • Netflix subscription will be valid worldwide.

Link: Here


YouTube is one of the social media platform

YouTube has become one of the most popular entertainment sites because it provides us with a million amusing videos of every kind. You can stream videos in any genre whether horror, funny, emotional. You can also listen to your favorite music on YouTube which is a relief.

If you have an internet connection, you can stream videos any time from your device, whether you are using a smartphone an iPad or whatever.

YouTube is is said to be for everyone, whether you are just a viewer or you like to produce unique content. Mostly YouTube is popular among teenagers, although old people and kids also use it, the number of young people is greater.

You can also give reviews on videos present on YouTube. You can either give a thumbs up to the video you liked or you can dislike it as well.

Plus YouTube also lets you share the video with the “share” button given. With this option, you can share the video on different platforms. You can share it on Social media as well, like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Since there is a variety of content present on YouTube, You can create your playlist or save the videos to watch them later the option provided namely, ” watch later”.

You can also subscribe to the channels present whose videos you liked the most, or whose content is more interesting to you.

Key specs

  • Lower visibility of junk comments.
  • New subscription notification feature which can have used by the created to let their subscribers know they have uploaded videos.
  • The subscription feeds let creators see who is making the effort to watch the content that is being produced.
  •  Content creators, whether it be video, apps, or games, will now have an easier time setting up and managing their live streams.

Link: Here

Angry Birds

Android app Angry Birds social media

Angry Birds is so far the most popular game to entertain Android users. Though most of people are going to say that it is pretty bizarre but you can not deny the fact that the game is quite amusing at the same time.

The game contains a storyline containing some mean green pigs who break out into the bird’s nest to steal their eggs. The birds then try to get their eggs back and take revenge and that is where the game starts.

To defeat the pigs, the birds are loaded on a slingshot, by which they are hit on the pigs. The mean pigs are present in the perplexing type of structures to protect them from the birds.

By lobbing birds from the slingshot device, you can also hit the towers, and knock out things that are tending to be an obstacle in your way to hitting the Piggies.

With the winning of every round, the next level that you will be provided with will get harder and harder. But if you play the same level again, it is something to notice that, it no longer would be the same level you played before.  It’s easy to kill a few hours testing your Angry Birds skills.

Key specs

  • New star rank feature in which stars are collected by the players to level up their ranks.
  • Features three types of levels, namely, normal, hard, and boss levels.
  • Daily quest in which you have to complete six challenges daily to receive awards.
  • Mission harder than the regular daily quest given to you to complete and win awards.

Link: Here


Pebbled social media platform is now here

Pebbled is a highly amusing and addictive game that will keep you busy for hours if you like challenges. It works on almost all Android devices and makes great use of smartphone software. The difficulty of the game Bebbled is what makes it so hard to leave.

You are given a game board which is a framework that consists of orbs or spheres. To score points, you must match the orbs according to their colors. The greater the number of orbs you match, the more point you will score.

To match the orbs, they should be touched vertically or horizontally, rather than a diagonal one. The app also uses your phone’s accelerometer, so you can flip your handset 180 degrees to reshuffle your orbs and create even more groupings.

You can try to beat all the 33 levels of the game by enabling the campaign mode and can play the game for hours. You can play the game in freestyle mode, which lets you alter your gaming experience.

Best of all is an online mode, where you can challenge your friends to some cutthroat Bebbled gaming.

Keys Specs

  • Features a multiplayer option.
  • 33 challenging levels that will keep you busy.
  • Invite friends and share scores by logging into social media sites.

Three types of gaming modes, campaign, freestyle, and online modes.


Jeopardy social platform is for free

Its fans will be happy to know that it comes in app form too. Jeopardy is an American quiz show in which the knowledge of contestants is tested in subjects like science to literature, pop culture to sport, and games as well.

The contestants are introduced to six categories per round. Each of these categories contains five trivia clues of varying monetary value and difficulty.

Players must choose the category and the clue that they’ll respond to each clue is presented as an “answer” that the contestant must correctly respond to in the form of a question.

This app features up to 27,000 questions and also the voice of Johnny Gilbert, which was the real host in the gameplay shown on the TV. The app will have the fans test their knowledge and will surely enjoy playing it, even if they are not a fan.

Key specs

  • It can have played anywhere with the Offline Mode provided.
  • Features voice of the real TV show host.
  • A score can have improved and your performance can also be tracked by the usage of user profiles.
  • To get a Win Streak you can score higher than the other contestants.
  • To turn the odds in your favor, you can make use of Power-Ups.
  • With a truly challenging Jeopardy experience, you can test your knowledge.
  • With the option of Daily Double and Final Jeopardy, you can double your scores too.

Link: Here


Pinterest is of the top social media platform

Like other social media sites, Pinterest is another social media network but works a bit differently than other sites. Images linked to your project, services, goods, and other stuff can have shared through Pinterest.

You can also discover new things that you might be interested in by simply browsing through the pictures that are posted by others. You can assume Pinterest to be a pinboard that is web-based but with greater co-operational utility.

Boards are different collections of images of a single category. images are just pinned or saved by people on the web or simply on Pinterest.

These images can also be clicked and opened as well. The images open in a new tab on the original website where they were posted or are found.

Pinterest is very popular for recipes. You can go through images of scrumptious dishes and if you click on any of the images of food, you would easily be taken to the recipe instructions when they click on it.

You can also get access to it later by simply saving it to your recipe board.

But the perks of Pinterest just do not stop here, there is more to it too. Pinterest also functions as a social media network. You can like and comment on pictures posted by others just like other social media sites. Pinterest also allows you to save other people’s stuff and you are also able to privately text each other.

Key specs

  • By clicking on the send button, you can also share pictures with your friends, not only on Pinterest but on other social media sites too.
  • The duplicate pin option prevents you to double saving or double pin the same photo again.
  • The push notification feature is included in the mobile version, so you will get notified when you get comments or get repinned.
  • With the Pinterest Lens feature, you can shoot anything you are looking for on your camera, and Pinterest will bring you the related images.
  • Pin Scheduler tool will help creators and businesses to schedule videos ahead of time.
  • Marketers can see the connections users make to further understand their tastes and interests through the Taste Graph feature.

Link: Here


SoundCloud really great social songs platform

It is a social network that is aimed basically for the doling out of audio tracks.

It can have considered a social network that shares the world in the form of sounds, just like Facebook and Instagram share the world in terms of pictures and videos.

With this, you can listen to any type of genre you like, whether you like hip hop, Pop, Classical, or even Rock.

Even if you are into music it will provide you with other interests too. You can also to an audiobook, or a stand-up comedy routine, or even an informational program. Browse and explore any type of music genre according to your changing moods.

You can also comment on the audio track, or add it to your favorites, or can even download it so you can listen to it offline anywhere, whenever you want. You can also create your playlist with songs of either one genre or you can add songs of the mixed genre as well.

Not only you will be able to listen to your playlist, but you can also share this with other users of SoundCloud as well.

You can use the search option to find something specific that suits your mood.   Whether it’s an audio track, user, playlist, or group, SoundCloud’s search functions will help you track it down.

It can also filter down your search by the options given, for instance how long the track is or how long ago it was uploaded on SoundCloud.

You can also share your playlist with the other members of the group by joining any specific group. If you’re into a particular artist or genre of music, there may be a group for that on SoundCloud.

Key specs

  • Without creating any user account, you can still be able to listen to the music genre you like.
  • During the playing of songs, you will not be disturbed by any type of advertisement.
  • The app is very simple to use.
  • You can use your account from more than a single device.
  • It can also upload your audio files as well.
  • You can move back and forth in the song being played.

Link: Here


Wattpad is free social media

Wattpad comes in the website and app form as well. It is a place where teens or adults can share their fictitious stories in a blog-like manner and people fond of reading books can also read those books published.

With Wattpad, you can not only read other people’s work but also can add your comments and views about the writing.

Users can also rate the stories published by other people as mature or if they can have been read by people belonging to any age group. But the rating is not compulsory, you can do it voluntarily, and some decidedly explicit stuff shows up, especially in the romance and non-fiction sections.

The app comes with a library that includes over 10 million free books. Some of the best Sci-Fi, fantasy, mystery, suspense, and romance books can have found on their virtual stands. Hunger Games, Paulo Coelho’s short stories, or the complete works of Margaret Atwood are only some of the books you can download.

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You can read books even without connecting to an internet connection. You are also provided with different options with which you can set up your reading setting, like the font size of the text can have changed, or whether you want the night mode on which provides you with a dark background.

The best feature of Wattpad is the syncing, you can read your story from wherever you like, whether you are on your mobile or tablet or even on the website. A social Media Platform means that you can use your user account as a bookmark.

Key specs

  • The multimedia features enable the Wattpad community to add GIFs, images, and other multimedia forms to enhance their work.
  • With the broadcast messaging features, with one click authors can have connected to the readers and the audience.
  • If you run out of data or do not have WiFi, you can still read your books even when offline.
  • You do not need a laptop to complete your story, you can write anywhere anytime without only need your mobile phone.
  • With the Quote Art feature, any fan has a quick way to create something inspired by a Wattpad story and share that inspiration with the world.
  • You can also vote. Every time a story receives a vote, people show appreciation for an update to a Wattpad story and let the storyteller know that their work matters.
  • The more you interact with Wattpad, the better stories will be suggested to you.

Link: Here


Twitch greatest social media platform

If you are interested in watching and streaming digital video broadcasts, then we surely recommend the famous online service named Twitch. Back when it first came out, it was focused almost entirely on video games, but later on, it enlarged and amplified.

Now Twitch includes streams dedicated to artwork creation, music, talk shows, and the occasional TV series.

Websites and apps are suggested by Twitch on the front page. If you are interested in exploring more Twitch channels then you should dig into the Games category.

The option enables you to easily find a live stream relating to a specific video game title or series, plus it is available on all the apps and the Twitch website as well.

Since Twitch has been expanding its categories and coming out as more than just a video game live streaming, it is now offering a different variety of live streams to engage a bigger audience.

The most famous nongaming category is IRL which is the short form for In Real Life. The category enables the streamers to chat with the engaged viewing audience in real-time.

You should look up to the Creative category if you have an artistic touch to yourself. The audience in Social Media Platform is quite different from the other watching categories. A unique and creative process is shared by the artists, cosplayers, programmers, or animators with the world.

Twitch is most closely related to Facebook in being a social networking site. The Twitch users can follow and text each other, plus each stream has its unique chatroom where users can connect. With the new Pulse feature, you can post your status like Facebook and Twitter.

Key specs

  • With the squad stream feature, you can Watch and play together with your squad.
  • Twitch has been working on improving the offline gaming and viewing experience.
  • Now you are also provided with a new channel moderation tool in a live chat.
  • They are introducing new tags and categories so you can discover streamers on Twitch.
  • New features include no extensions if you are confused about which extension to use.
  • You can watch gamers play Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA 18, League of Legends, and much more.
  • You can also live chat during any game.

Link: Here

Google Play Books

Google play books is an area of social platform

You can read Google eBooks on your Android smartphones with the help of the Google Play Books app. Google Books can have searched on Google Play, so you will find numerous best-selling eBooks as well as books that can also be downloaded.

Various books can have downloaded with the help of Google Books on your mobile devices. One of the biggest advantages of having Google Play Books is that you can sync eBooks across devices, so you can read your books anywhere you want and from wherever you left reading, even if you forgot your tablet in your house.

With Google Play Books the readability of the content is very enhanced and the pictures are very clear whether on Droid or HTC Droid Incredible. The font size is appropriate for reading plus has white text on a black background.

You can also change the font size if you want, plus they have provided you with four types of fonts as well. With it, you also adjust the space lining and there is also an option of justification settings.

Day and Night themes can also be chosen according to your likeness or mood, plus you are also provided with the brightness setting, which enables you to adjust the brightness according to your choice.

Key specs

  • eBooks can have synced on your devices so you can start reading from wherever you left.
  • If you’re out of WiFi range or running out of data, you can still read your books offline.
  • You can also take notes and sync them with your Google Drive so this can have shared with your group.
  • Night light settings can have chosen to automatically adjust your background and brightness.
  • You can also listen to Audiobooks.
  • Read your manga or comics and with a single tap on the page, they will come to life with Bubble Zoom.

Link: Here


MyFitnessPal is also great social media

MyFitnessPal is one of the most famous apps also present in the website form, helps help people calculate their calories by entering them in an online diary. You can also keep track of your exercise by making use.

This app could be for everyone who is wanting to live a normal healthy life or simply someone who wants to lose weight but can not find time because of their busy schedule.

MyFitnessPal is made to adjust or customize to fit into your needs with any type of requirements your body needs. Whether a diet is recommended by a doctor or a nutritionist, this app will help you keep up with your required diet.

All of the calorie data that you enter in your diary will be synced, so you don’t need to worry about the diary being up to date.

Key specs

  • The app has a community, a forum on which you and other people can share your tips and advice.
  • Ut to 350 exercises present which will also tell how much calories will be burned for each activity, based on the height, weight, and gender.
  • Features a calorie counter which helps to set a daily goal and multiple foods can have added none go.
  • To fit your specific needs, personal profiles can have altered, if you are on a strict diet or have been recommended by the nutritionist.
  • Your caloric need will be calculated based on your height, weight or gender, and lifestyle as well.

Link: Here


Hulu: Stream TV and Movies Live and Online

Hulu is a video streaming service that provides you entertaining content including TV shows and series to full movies. With the payment of a small amount of money, you will get access to all the content on Hulu and are allowed to stream as much as you like.

IN contrast to other video-producing sites like YouTube, Hulu provides you with Tv shows and movies as it has partnered up with a lot of studios that include MGM, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures Television, and others.

As Hulu is provided with the backing of a lot of videos and also has a joint venture of NBC Universal, Fox Entertainment, and ABC Inc., all these things make Hulu at the top of the list of the video streaming sites and put it in the competition right next to Netflix. It brings a good life and health.

Hulu is one of the best apps to watch videos content on the web or any other device compatible with Hulu. Hulu provides a wider range of old TV shows that you will barely find anywhere in addition to the clips and videos of the popular new TV shows.

It makes it not only the perfect place to watch the latest episode of The Handmaid’s Tale, but also a great place to watch classics like Bewitched and News Radio.

Key specs

  • You can adjust at least 6 user profiles so every one of your family can keep track of their shoe movie etc.
  • There are no hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments.
  •  Track your favorites with My Stuff, adding shows, networks, and movies for quick access across your devices• Watch at home or on the go —all on your TV, smartphone, or tablet.
  •  Add premium networks like HBO®, SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX®, and STARZ® for an additional monthly subscription fee.

Link: Here


Shop 2022 Pandora Jewelry - Charms, Bracelets and Rings

Pandora radio app is a free music streaming website and app that lets you create your custom radio. Just choose artists or songs that you know you like, and Pandora will build radio-like stations around it, giving you similar music suggestions to listen to.

Pandora is very easy to use and can work through a free music app or devices or Tv and more. It can have downloaded on both types of Operating Systems, Android, and iOS.

Pandora music works with a browser, too, as well as through some automobiles and devices you use at home, such as Blu-ray players, home theater systems, streaming players, table-top radios, and more.

Key specs

  • You can also download music if you do not have data or WiFi to listen offline.
  • You can also create Playlists of your own.
  • The music is ad-free so there will be no interruption in your entertainment.
  • You can skip and replay the music unlimited times.
  • The quality of the audio tracks is very high.

Link: Here


Movies & TV - FandangoNOW Has Moved To Vudu!

FandangoNow is a spin-off of the movie ticket-selling site of the same name. Unlike other streaming services, FandangoNow is a subscription-free, digital pay-per-view service that puts a massive library of new releases, classics, and television shows at your fingertips.

You can simply rent or purchase by only selecting the title of the movies or whatever TV shows. FundangoNow will provide you with something new that you will have never seen before with the inclusion of 50 k movies.

You will have a time of a month to watch the movie of the video you have rented with a 48 hours window to finish what you have started watching, once you select and pay for your title with your card.

To keep enjoying, there is a piece of good news for people who keep traveling, that you can now download your rentals on both Android and iOS.

To get access to your rentals or purchases any place you o via the cloud, you will have to sign up for an Ultraviolet account, before you make a purchase. It keeps us in a good environment.

Key specs

  • You can save time and book tickets before time so you won’t have to wait in the box office line.
  • Through the exclusive Fandango, early access is the first to see the year’s biggest movies.
  • You can look and browse through the trailer of upcoming movies and watch them first when the showtime is available.
  • You can also earn reward points when you sync up your theater loyalty accounts including AMC Stubs, Cinemark Connections, Regal Crown Club & more.
  •  With Fandango VIP+ when you buy more, you get more. Every 4 tickets = $5 for you. No restrictions. No membership fees. Just rewards. It’s that simple. Plus, score extra VIP perks like free screenings, discounts, and exclusive offers.

Link: Here



Spotify is a music streaming app which was originally launched in Europe but has expanded through the major markets around the globe. With Spotify, you can stream and listen to music from major labels, either on the website or one of the many official apps of Spotify.

With Spotify, you can get access to millions of songs from different artists, and that is just for free. You will have to pay about $10 to use Spotify on your tablet or smartphone but it is for free on the desktop or your notebook. But you will have a deal with the interruption of ads which could be annoying.

With Spotify Premium, even though you will have to pay for it but it would be worth it because you will get to listen to add-free music. You will also get access to its music library from anywhere using either 3G, 4G, or WiFi.

You can create playlists of your own that can have shared with your Facebook friends. This one also uses many other features too and can also listen to your friend’s radio app.

Audio tracks can also be downloaded with the help of Spotify. It has been provided for us to use.

Key specs

  • You can get access to Spotify on almost every computer.
  • You can listen to music for no cost at all unless of course, you subscribe to the Premium package.
  • Tracks can have shared with friends on Facebook too.
  • Apps from companies like The Guardian newspaper and Rolling Stone magazine that help you discover new music.

Link: Here

So, finally, I have completed a list of the 15 best social media platforms in 2022 over the internet world. Have enjoyed!


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