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How to Find Routing Number on Wells Fargo app

This straightforward article explains how to locate Wells Fargo checking account and routing transit numbers.

When setting up direct deposit, submitting money transfers, and making domestic wire transfers, you’ll need those numbers.

Wells Fargo offers a variety of methods for locating account and routing numbers. The means of accessing the information as online, mobile app-based, and traditional.

How to Find Routing Number on the Wells Fargo app?

When setting up electronic payments or direct deposits, you’ll need to know your Wells Fargo bank account and routing details.

The routing and account numbers for Wells Fargo can be in a few places

Checks for personal and business use

The Wells Fargo routing transit number and account number can be at the bottom of a check if you have a checkbook.

  • There will be three sets of numbers on personal checks.
  • The routing number is the first string, and your Wells Fargo account number is the second.
  • Instead, a corporate checking account will have four sets of numbers.
  • The second set is the routing number, and the third set is the account number in this case.

Services for Online Accounts

To access your Wells Fargo account numbers and routing transit numbers online.

  • Go to Wells Fargo Online and choose the account you want to look at.
  • The account and routing numbers can be in many places on the Account Summary.
  • By clicking on the four digits under the account title, you may get the account number.
  • The routing number can be at the bottom of the left-hand Activity Summary table.
  • Please keep in mind that the routing number for electronic payments and domestic wire transfers is different.
  • A SWIFT code for international transfers.

Wells Fargo Mobile App

Another easy approach to keep track of your banking account information is to use the Wells Fargo app.

  • You’ll need to use the same username and password you use for your regular internet account once the app is on your smart device.
  • When you first start the app, you’ll get a list of all of your accounts.
  • Select the account for which you’d want to get information.
  • The account number and routing number for Wells Fargo can just be beneath the account title.
  • “Account…XXXX” and “Routing Numbers,” for example, would show beneath the caption “Everyday Checking.”
  • A popup containing the necessary information will appear when you tap on the blue links.

Online and paper statements

The location on the sheet will be the same whether you have a paper statement or want to find the numbers using an online statement.

To obtain an online statement, log in to your account:

  • Go to View Statements, and choose a statement.
  • A section titled “Statement period activity summary” will appear on the first page of the statement.
  • Your Wells Fargo account number, name, and routing number will the right of it.
  • It’s the routing number for direct deposit and electronic payments only. Visit here.

Customer Service at Wells Fargo

If you’re having trouble finding your checking account and routing transit numbers using any of the techniques above, you can always call Wells Fargo for help. Read more: How To Add Money To PayPal Without Bank Account?

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