10 Best NFT Collectors Discord Servers in 2022

If you’re a fan of NFT like us, you might be wondering what are the best NFT collectors Discord servers in 2022. Each Discord server listed below has its own set of features; some for artists and developers, while others particularly for the NFT project.

We are active members of all several accounts and can attest to their vibrant communities dedicated to the advancement of the NFT industry as a whole.

ImgTwitterInstagramPlatform URL
Crypto BaristasTwitterInstagramCrypto Baristas
Official NFT DiscordTwitterInstagramOfficial NFT Discord
Best NFT Collectors Discord ServersTwitterInstagramNFTART
MekaVerse is the best NFT Collectors Discord Servers
Names NFT CollectionsTwitterInstagramNeon Name NFT
NFT Hideout best Discord serverTwitterInstagramNFT Hideout
Best Veecon NFT Collectors Discord ServersTwitterInstagramVeeCon

The majority of these servers are appropriate for folks who are new to both NFT and Discord. Keep in mind that most Discord channels require you to go through a quick but necessary verification step before you can join any server channels. This verification step aids in the removal of any spam or bots that may contaminate the site.

Finally, we have a Crypto Baristas Discord channel in our project. The Crypto Baristas project is making a difference in mass fundraising for our first cafe in New York City.

Crypto Baristas will introduce you to 60 caffeine-loving Blockchain characters whose ownership unlocks the NFT-sponsored First World Cafe while also giving NFT owners caffeine, a road map, and project fund management. Come join us on our Discord server!

2022’s Top 10 Best NFT Collectors Discord Servers

Crypto Baristas

Crypto Baristas

In New York City, Crypto Baristas is the world’s first NFT-sponsored cafe. Check out their Discord channel if you’re seeking a new project with real-world applications. Season 1 of Crypto Barista features 60 caffeine-loving people whose ownership aids in the conception and opening of the first NFT-funded World Cafe.

On all prospective cafe places and websites, Crypto Barista owners enjoy the benefits of caffeine for a lifetime. The “Barista Bank,” a 15% fund set aside from project revenue for future use in the coffee business, is likewise under the control of the owners.

Other potential Barista Bank benefits include supporting coffee industry charities, developing a Crypto Barista initiative, or starting something new.

Link: Here

Official NFT Discord

Official NFT Discord

NFT Discord and Instagram are wonderful places to start if you’re new to NFT. It has discord with over 20,000 members, and its Instagram account has over 500k followers. The benefit of both their Discord and Instagram is that they are always up to speed on the newest occurrences in the NFT world, making it a wonderful location to remain informed.

NFT Discord offers an “IG Feature” channel where you may put your project on Instagram if you’re an artist. The “Project” channel is a fantastic way to promote your work and network with other artists.

Link: Here


Best NFT Collectors Discord Servers

A deflationary utility coin, powers Enter Art and the NFT marketplace. What sets Enter. art apart is their emphasis on education, which is notably evident on their website.

While their Discord concentrates on listing musicians on their platform, their website provides a wealth of good information to help you get through all of your NFT tasks fast.

Link: Here


MekaVerse is the best NFT Collectors Discord Servers

MekaVerse is one of the most popular NFTs in 2021, with a Discord community of more than 230k members. Even if you don’t intend to purchase “Meka,” this is a great group and project to follow for inspiration and to push the bounds of space.

Link: Here



Rarible is the second most popular marketplace for NFTs, but it is where many major projects begin. MekaVerse, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptoadz, Creature World, and shortly Crypto Baristas have all on Rarible Market. The Rarible website contains excellent instructional tools, and its Discord channel is appropriate for anyone interested in nonlinear transformations (artists, investors, and developers).

It hosts open talks in his “Categories” channel with themes ranging from advanced developers to new features to art chat, and he frequently invites special guests. Even if you do not intend to publish your NFT project on Rarible, you to join their Discord community.

Link: Here



With over 135k members, OpenSea is NFT’s largest volume and sports platform Discord channel. Similar to Rarible, OpenSea features an abundance of materials for novices to NFT or developers looking to integrate OpenSea technology onto their site.

It provides a basic developer platform including APIs, SDKs, and developer training. Please feel free to look around and get acquainted with writing smart contracts and interfacing with NFT data. The # News channel on OpenSea Discord provides immediate access to all updates from an OpenSea Twitter account.

Aside from the News channel, OpenSea includes Community Help channel # where users can assist with common and occasionally complex questions.

Link: Here

Neon Name NFT

Names NFT Collections

Nouns are one of the most recent designs in the space, and they are the only ones to¬† If you’re a little investor, you can opt-out of this project by looking at the average price of one Noun you see per day, which is north of 150 ETH.

Having said that, this is an interesting project to monitor because its purpose and management viewpoint push the boundaries of what NFT may do.

Link: Here

NFT Hideout

NFT Hideout best Discord server

NFT Hideout is a private server for NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and Crypto enthusiasts, collectors, investors, and creators. At the moment, NFT Hideout is a small channel, but it can be useful for individuals who don’t want to get lost.

Members can cast their artwork, review frequently asked NFT topics, and delve into the technology/development behind custom NFT projects, much like in other NFT Discord channels.

Link: Here



Decentraland is a virtual realm with its own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that controls users in the physical world. Decentraland’s environment has its own in-game property market, which includes land, clothing (for your characters), and more.

This is a project and Discord to follow if you’re new to NFT games!

Link: Here


Best Veecon NFT Collectors Discord Servers

Gary Vaynerchuk, aka VeeFriends, is a serial entrepreneur. Gary is the founder and chairman of VaynerX, the CEO of VaynerMedia, and the owner of VeeFriends. VeeCon is the first conference in the world to provide NFT tickets.

The VeeFriends Discord group is fantastic, knowledgeable, and willing to provide information that isn’t related to the VeeCon project. The VeeFriends Discord channel is a wonderful place to join if you’re looking to join a group of motivated people who are making progress in the NFT realm (even if you are not planning to go to VeeCon).

Link: Here

How to Join Discord Communities on a computer

Using the Discord desktop application’s built-in server search is a simple way to find public Discord servers.

  • To begin, launch the Discord client on your computer.
  • Second, click on the compass-shaped ‘Explore Public Server’ icon.
  • You’ll see a list of installed servers by default.
  • To see what their community is like and how effective it is, click on any of the installed servers.
  • Tap “Games,” “Music,” “Education,” and other categories to browse servers in those categories.
  • Finally, if you want to join the Discord server.
  • Simply click the ‘Join’ option at the top of the screen.
  • Return to the main directory by clicking the compass icon.
  • You may also use the search box to select your favorite NFT Discord community.
  • You can, for example, search for “NFTs” to see which servers to that topic.
  • Discord communities can also search internet catalogs such as Disboard.org, Discord me, and DiscordServers.com.

How to Create a Discord NFT Community?

According to the firm, Discord has over 140 million active users as of the end of 2020. YouTube users, podcasters, live broadcasters, and other online promoters who utilize Discord to grow their online communities are the most popular Discord communities.

To advertise and build your NFT project, you can also join this specialty community. However, you must first establish an NFT Discord community.

You’ll want to set up your server first and declare it as ready to accept new members. After all, this is true work, creatures: to create a successful society in which people desire to participate.

  1. Be a member of your community to keep everyone pleased.

It’s critical to give folks more reasons to stick with the NFT Discord group. Consider this: how can we enliven this community and make you feel like you’re a part of it?

Consider holding a feedback session where members of the community can give their thoughts on work. These kinds of events assist your community forms a better bond with your team or project.

  1. Keep in touch with members of the community on a regular basis

It is critical that server owners collaborate on a regular basis. This not only demonstrates your commitment to the community but also that you are accompanying them on their path.

Of course, this does not imply that you must post all of the time. You may assist everyone who feels like they’re a part of the wider NFT Discord community by posting on a regular basis, organizing an event, or providing regular updates about the project.

  1. Establish a set of guidelines to follow

It is critical to creating a set of rules for an NFT-focused community. When you enable ‘Public’ on your server, Discord will allow you to ‘unlock’ rules by default.

Posting your guidelines on a public channel, on the other hand, can help to clear up any potential misunderstandings. This also provides your team with a useful set of tools for maintaining balance and transparency.

  1. Complete conventional AMAs

Hosting events like AMAs (ask me anything) or competitions helps to build a community of people who want to participate and collaborate. Stage channels can host live AMAs. You can have an intimate chat with individual persons in your audience using stage channels.

Members of the NFT Discord community can also request a stage if they want to engage in the conversation.

Setting up a form that allows members to submit queries in advance for AMA inquiries. You can choose the greatest questions you can obtain throughout the session with the help of a crypto community manager.

Why it is more important than ever to have a Discord Community Manager?

It might be aggravating to properly balance the server as your NFT Discord community grows. Hiring a Discord crypto community manager is a good idea. It is beneficial to have a trustworthy Discord community manager to help keep the server running properly in order to ensure a secure environment for everyone.

It’s also a good idea to hire a Discord community manager that knows all there is to know about Discord and how it works. A qualified individual should also be familiar with forming and managing crypto groups. This lets everyone know that your community is not only connected but that there are also people with information who can assist if needed.

Token Minds provides NFT Discord group business solutions, including the creation, administration, and growth of your Discord group. Make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable community managers to discuss your Discord community management strategy.

Are you looking for a community manager to manage and engage your Discord community? Token Minds has a fantastic team of Discord community managers who are experts at managing Discord communities and helping them thrive.

So, finally, I have completed a full list of the 10 best NFT collectors Discord servers in 2022.

Have a nice day.


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How you can build your NFT Discord community?

You might be wondering what the NFT Discord Community is and what goes on inside if you're new to the NFTs. Let's talk about what the NFT Discord community is like and how you can create your own Discord community to help you understand it better.

What is the difference between a Discord server and a Discord server?

Discord is a group discussion site that was originally created for gamers but has since grown in popularity in a variety of areas, including crypto communities. Users can participate in audio and video conversations, exchange encrypted text messages, and join local server communities on Discord. They can also create their own communities, referred to as servers, and ask others to join them. Users on each server can create channels dedicated to specific themes, allowing them to connect with others on the same server about issues they'd like to address.

What is the Discord Community for NFT?

On social media networks like Discord, NFT communities are common. These are persons who in collecting, trading, and discuss Non-Fungible Tokens, also known as NFTs. Crypto artists (video game artists, graphic designers, etc.), design and intelligent professionals, worldwide assistants, crypto developers and investors, and others make up the NFT Discord community.

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