How to Fix Discord Lag & Log Files?

Fix Discord Lag

We all know many people use discord daily. Is your Discord down? So, to fix Discord lag isn’t pretty easy.



According to the search, 19 million people are active users who connect daily and there is another report that in 2017 under the anniversary discord succeeded in reaching 130,000,000 downloads.

Now you can all see that there are a lot of people who use this application and it is quite normal to have problems with it. because once in a while you may experience glitches and bugs and get tired of them but now I will help you solve this problem at home.

This problem does not show anyone and not every user experience, neither is there 100% sure ways to solve this problem.

But it’s much more convenient to talk about it, and that’s something that some people have pointed out that while using discord the problem of experienced legs and puts a great deal of pressure on their use of the CPU.

Fix Discord Lag

Fix Discord Lag

Just in case some of you don’t know the discord then here I am going to tell you that it’s a free voice and text chat tool for players, it provides a setup for users to share their audio and text videos with their friends.

While playing the games, but a lot of people have reported this problem of facing delay.

Here’s a helpful guide. If you are the user who is experiencing some problems of delay in the discard pile, then this guide may be so helpful to you.

If you are facing leg problems, there is still something to fix, then do not lose hope and read the entire article to get a complete procedure.

  • First of all, you have to go to the settings of the discord, it is on the right side of the top of the menu bar. And besides the microphone and headset, you have to select it.


  • Then you have to scroll down on the menu to find the appearance after you find it, you have to click on it.
  • There will be a submenu that will help you to resolve the issue.
  • There will be an option to set up a delay and this option is hardware acceleration. You will have to disable the hardware accelerator.
  • Once you have shut down the discord will automatically restart beating the next time the application opens again, your problem will be fixed.

If this method does not help you, no need to worry about it.


If your lag issue is still not resolved then the source of the problem could be elsewhere.

  • Next, this depends on the CPU because in some cases, the problem can be the use of the CPU.


  • It has always been a problem that if hardware acceleration is too cold on it may strain your CPU. Because if your computer is low, then you don’t have to enable this option, because it’s going to create many more problems and apply more pressure on it.

Here is an additional step to resolve the issue.

It is literally very common to have contentious issues while you are using several programs on PC, because some of them may create an issue in discord.

  • You will have to open the task manager and to do so, you must press shift + Ctrl + Esc.

end task

  • Then you should select the final task to close the program you are not currently using.
  • After shutting down all useless programs, you can check if the disagreement has the same problems because I hope there’s no more trouble.

If your issue is still not resolved, here are some other steps to fix discord lag when playing fortnite.

Discord caches

We all know that too many caches can create problems on PC and that is where the discord legging shoe can appear. You will have to remove all cache files.

  • First, exit discord.
  • Next, you must execute your window by pressing win + R.
  • Then enter %APPDATA%Discord/cache And click OK to open the cache directory in File Explorer.

Discord caches

  • You are now required to select all windows by pressing Ctrl+A.
  • Then press the Remove button to remove all of them.
  • You can now revive the conflict and solve the problem.

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Resetting Discord

You can also solve the delay issue by resetting the discarded voice settings.

Sometimes incorrect voice could also lead to divisive problem delay. If you accidentally changed the settings, then you must set it to the default value.

  • You must open Discord and proceed to its site.
  • In the left pane, you must select the voice and video.

fix discord lag

  • Next, click Reset voice settings in the right panel. In the pop-up window, select OK.

When the operation is finished. You can simply re-launch the discarded one again and it will function normally and your issue will be resolved that was to fix discord lag when playing games. Must visit out to the forum support.

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