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How to Find Your Windows 10 Product Key Using the Command

Have you at any point needed to find a Windows product key? Possibly you’re investigating a Windows PC, planning on re-introducing Windows 10 of every a virtual machine, introducing on a PC, or introducing into Boot Camp on a Mac, or perhaps you have a PC running Windows that needs the Windows product key for reasons unknown or another.

This article will show you three different ways for how to find a Windows product key directly from Windows itself on the PC, without depending on finding the Windows product key card from a box, email, or COA.

So if you lost or misplaced any of those, don’t stress, the strategies secured will work to recover the Windows product key directly from Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or even Linux.

Also, yes in case you’re running Windows in Boot Camp on a Mac or in a VM, these stunts work there too.

This article is focused on clients who need their Windows product key for reasons unknown.

Nonetheless, it merits recalling that you can download the Windows 10 ISO directly from Microsoft for free, and you would then be able to use that ISO to create a Windows 10 installer drive for Boot Camp, introduce Windows 10 into VirtualBox (also free), into Parallels or VMWare, or in any event, for introducing on PC hardware.

Furthermore, no, you don’t need to initiate to introduce Windows 10 from the ISO, nor do you need a product key, obviously there are a few constraints with running Windows without activation, of which you can always actuate later if necessary.

Anyway, accepting you have an approved variant of Windows running someplace and you need the product key, read on to find three different ways to recover it.

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Windows 10 Product Key Using the Command Prompt

To find your Windows 10 product key using the Command Prompt, you’ll need to open the command line application with authoritative benefits.

  • To do this, type “cmd” in the Windows search bar.
  • Command Prompt will show up in the query items. Right-click it and select “Run As Administrator” from the window that shows up. Whenever provoked, enter your Windows account secret phrase.
  • When open, reorder the accompanying command and afterward hit the Enter key:

Note: This technique shows the Windows product key stored in your PC’s BIOS or UEFI firmware. In other words, it shows the first Windows key your PC came with.

If you’ve introduced Windows with a different key since then (or obtained a computerized permit), it will be different from the current key being used on your PC.

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It’s just as simple as that. Along these lines is snappy, however, this isn’t likely a code you’ll recollect easily. You’d like a quicker method of accessing your product key, later on, you can utilize the Windows Registry strategy.


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