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How to Fix Copy and Paste in Windows 10

Copying and pasting are some of the easiest and basic things, which we perform in our daily life in any type of windows series.

Windows have this basic function of Copy and pasting since the start of its version, such as from its first version.

Unfortunately, many users have reported some errors or having trouble performing copy and paste do’s in Windows 10. It usually happens, because of many reasons and strange errors.

Causes of happening

One of the major and common cause to happen this kind of problem is the antivirus software installed in your devices.

If you want to fix this problem, then you have to disable some features of your antivirus in some cases or you may have to disable your antivirus software or features completely from your devices.

There is another common issue which users often face is that they are not able to copy or paste to the Microsoft word, excel sheets, PowerPoint, and other data software.

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If you wanted to fix this whole problem of copying and pasting in Windows 10 then you must have to follow the following steps which are discussing in this article. The steps are as follows:

What are the Key steps to fix copy and paste in windows 10?

Step 1: Update your window

First, you must have to make sure that your window 10 is up to date.

  • Press the Windows key plus “I” button to enter into the app setting left-click on update and security, then left-click on check updates from your mouse.
  • Once you downloaded the update, your computer will restart.
  • As your computer restarted, there is a 90% chance to resolve or fix the copy-paste problem in your windows 10 device, but if this step will not work, then you have to follow the other steps.

Step 2: use of Comfort Clipboard Pro

  • You can use a clipboard manager to solve to problem of copy and pasting in your device, such as Comfort Clipboard Pro.

Step 3: remove antivirus

  • Remove of all the antivirus software sometimes resolve the problem of copying and pasting, so you can try another antivirus software in your device.

Step 4: disable Send to Bluetooth add-on

  • You can face the copy-paste issue when Send to Bluetooth add-on button remained open in your Microsoft Office.
  • Therefore, you need to check it by going to the Add-on section and where you need to disable the Send to Bluetooth add-on button.

Step 5: Restart the PC

  • The problem of copying and pasting may be resolved through the starting of your device.

Step 6: disable the Virtualbox tool

  • Virtualbox is one of the amazing tools which is used to run a virtual machine on your devices.
  • Disabling of the Shared clipboard feature on this software may fix the problem of copying and pasting on your PC.

Step 7: disable the Skype Click to Call plugin

  • Skype Click to Call plugin is a feature in Skype, which is used to allow the browser to call by simply inserting the phone number.
  • Disabling this feature may fix the coping paste problem from your device.

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Copy-paste is one of the usual features of the device. People may face difficulties in working easily when this feature is not working properly. Therefore, you need to fix the copy-and-paste problem from your device.

There are various methods available to fix this problem, A few of these methods have been discussed in this article, such as Update your window, using Comfort Clipboard Pro software, removing antiviruses from your device, disabling the Send to Bluetooth add-on button in Microsoft Office, a restart of your PC, disable of Share clipboard feature in the Virtualbox tool, or disable Skype Click to Call plugin in your PC.


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