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How To Fix If Origin Stuck on Resuming Download

Why need to fix If Origin is stuck on resuming download is there any way to get kick it out? What is the actual thing we need?

Originating users mainly complain about “upload recovery” errors. However, these errors can literally kill all the excitement and joy when someone decides to upload his favorite video game.

Apex legend, battlefield, and all other games that are available on this platform show the high-quality graphics that are so popular for exciting games.

Despite this, it is likely to get caught up in such technical errors. Sometimes the Origin Download Failed option is also shown. They are very difficult to deal with, but not anymore.

How to Fix If Origin Stuck on Resuming Download?

If Origin Stuck on Resuming Download

The following are steps to address this concern.

  • First, you must ensure that you use the Origin client as your administrator.
  • Verify that the installed disk partition is in NTFS format instead of FAT32.
  • As partition in FAT32 format has a storage write limitation of up to 4 GB.

partition in FAT32

  • You can’t write on top of that storage.
  • It cannot be allowed to write more of its storage simultaneously, so be careful or take any action.

If Origin Stuck on Resuming Download

  • Ensure there is no problem connecting to the Internet.
  • Besides, you can check your Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.
  • The user will have to try on the task manager head and close all the high consumption CPU/memory background processes of the list, including the steam client.

BattledField game Windows 10

  • Once, everything is restarted your PC and try to check if the origin is being downloaded.
  • Try to check or fix the games at the same time because the game files may be corrupted or missing due to unfortunate reasons.
  • The user would not even know whether they are missing.

Alternatively to solve

  • Alternatively, you can run a clean startup on your computer.

CCleaner to fix If Origin Stuck on resuming download

  • To start, enter “MSConfig” in the system configuration window.

MSConfig Windows 10

  • Check Services and find “Hide All Microsoft Services” by clicking on Disable All.
  • Now click Start and open Task Manager.
  • Right-click each program and click Switch Off.
  • Close the Task Manager.

Task Manager in Windows 10

  • Select the system configuration and record any changes.
  • Overloaded Origin cache may also make it hard for your device to prepare it for download.
  • In this case, either the download takes too long to start or it fails and starts giving notifications from Origin stuck Download Recovery.
  • The blocked screen will automatically hinder users and they will terminate the download.
  • Appropriate closure of the Origin window is required.
  • Press the window button and R simultaneously.
  • You will see a dialog box on your screen, then type programdataorgin and enter.

Windows Run

  • Select and remove all files except for the specific folder called Local Content.
  • The user will have to open the file and look for a folder named “Mass effect 3” and then remove it.
  • Press the Window button again and press R together.
  • Now type in App data and enter it.
  • This will allow you to browse inside the roaming folder into the application data folder for drive C.
  • Delete the original directory from there.
  • Go back to your application data folder.
  • Open the local folder to get rid of the origin from there.
  • The user needs to restart the computer or laptop to see whether the problem will be solved.


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