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How to Fix Samsung TV Vertical Lines?

This article will share how to fix Samsung TV vertical lines that can be colored or black bars on the screen.

Vertical line damage indicates that the T-Con board is not functioning correctly.

There are many causes of damage due to loose flat cable connections, but sometimes the T-Con board module is already damaged and needs to be replaced.

Here we see some of the possible damages and repair tips that can be made to analyze the damage to the stripped Samsung LED TV before the T-Con board eventually needs to be replaced.

Causes of vertical lines damage

If the Tv shows vertical line damage, a flat cable connected correctly to the T-Con board may cause the damage.

Even if you want to check, try tapping the back of the lower TV. In this case, you can be confident that the only damage is the loose cable on the T-Con board circled below.

Other causes can also be due to the rust that usually occurs on metal Tv frames.

This rust can spread to the flat cable connector to the T-Con. Most of the rest on this LED TV is the condition around the TV, especially when it gets damp.

What to do if your Samsung TV shows vertical lines?

If you see colored vertical lines on your Samsung TV, try tapping various areas on the back of your TV. The vertical colored lines may disappear entirely, or the strength may decrease.

If so, you may have a loose wiring cable. It is not a permanent solution, but the vertical colored lines may disappear temporarily.

To fix this permanently, you need to troubleshoot the issue to find out which wire harness is loose, broken, or damage.

How can I fix the vertical colored lines on Samsung Tv?

If you think the cable in your Tv is loose, you need to open the TV, secure the wires, and then check the T-Con board.

To do this safely and without damaging your TV, follow the steps given below:

  • Make a note of the TVbrand.
  • Make a note of the TV model number.
  • Take a note of the TV serial number.
  • Loosen the back cover of the TV.
  • Locate the screws on the back or side of the TV panel.
  • Check the T-Con board. The board may be hiding under the cover. It is usually present in the upper center of the TV.
  • The T-Con board is connecting to the mainboard and LCD panel.
  • Unplug the cable and ribbon cable connected to the T-Con board. Be careful when removing the line, as it is delicate and fragile. Don’t use tools to pry open the cable connection.
  • Remove the screws or nuts from the T-Con board and remove them from the TV.
  • Find the bar code on the T-Con board.
  • The first extended alphanumeric code is the part number of the T-Con board.
  • Make a note of the part number of the T-Con board.
  • Go to Google and enter the TV model number.
  • Make sure the part number on your TV T-Con board matches what you find online.
  • Buy a T-Con board for your TV.

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