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How to Flash Oppo A3s With SP Flash Tool

Flash is a popular writing software developed by Macromedia. Let’s flash Oppo A3s using the SP flash tool.

It creates vector graphics-based animation programs with full-screen navigation and graphic illustrations, interfaces, and simple interactivity Connections.

Unlike animated but rasterized JPEGs and GIFs, Flash files are efficient, small, and designed to optimize delivery.

Flash file and tools

You need a flash file to burn the mobile phone or tablet. If, in any case, your mobile phone or tablet sticks to the Android logo or you forget the password.

And the reset doesn’t work for your portable, and then you need to reinstall the OS. The download packages include the Flash tool required for flashing.

  • Below are the different mobile brands.
  • Check your brand and download the ROM for your mobile phone.

What is the Flash File on Mobile?

Flash File in mobile is operating system software that manages mobile hardware and its software services. That provides general assistance for mobile applications.

What is the Flash File on Android?

Flash File on Android is similar to the operating system on a computer. That manages both hardware and software services for a mobile phone.

What is the Flash File called?

The Flash File is usually managed as Stock ROM, firmware, or ISO image files.

How to download a flash file

You can download the flash file of any mobile phone directly from the website.

This website is Repair My Mobile website, which provides software for almost every mobile phone. You can download the Flash file or the Oppo A3s CPH1803 firmware file.

You can use this Flash file to upgrade or downgrade your Oppo A3s mobile software. It comes in a zip file package that you need to extract and flash on your Oppo A3s using a compatible Flashing tool.

Let me tell you what we can do with SP Flash.


  • We can flash on Android Stock Rom.
  • We can quickly flash a custom ROM.
  • It requests for the repair of a building or non-building materials.
  • Easy to read values.
  • We can delete, set your MTC devices and organize data.


  • The battery should charge upto 70%
  • Make sure you have an SOS USB cable available.
  • Install and download SL flash on PC.
  • From here, the SL Flash device needs to install the USB driver USB.
  • Now download the Oppo A3s firmware.
  • Finally, you need to back up your device (for security reasons)
  • Once you have everything ready above, follow the rest of the instructions.


  • You have a computer or laptop.
  • It Requires a USB data cable for your device.
  • Download driver (USB- VCOM driver).
  • It Downloads scattering and uploading files.
  • Remember the tool.
  • Download the Flash tool.

Drive link: Here

Mirror File: Here

Second mirror file: here

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Flashing Oppo A3s Flash file using SP flash tool

Follow the steps below to flash the Oppo A3s flash file with a flash drive.

1: Install in flash Tool PC.

Install and download the Sp flash tool.

2: Download Flash Enhancement image

Flashing is not easy, and it takes time and effort. To flash the Oppo A3s flash file, make sure you have a flash recovery image ready for your device model.

3: Upload the secretary file:

Click on load secretary ( upload oppo As3 flash file secretary file).

4: Uncheck all boxes:

Now, you should Uncheck all the boxes from the SP Flash item.

5: Bar return photos:

Check the box, go to the box in the list/click, and remove the image of your Oppo A3s flash file tool.

6: The recovery box should  check :

The recovery window is in the image recovery location before connecting the oppo A3S flash file ( remove all other boxes).

7: Delete and connect the Oppo A3s flash file to your computer :

Disable the Oppo A3s flash file and connect it to the computer.

8: Click the Download button :

After connecting the device to the computer, click on the download button above.

9: Click yes:

Now click on the yes, if he asks.

Congratulations! You have successfully burned your oppo flash drive. Would you please follow the flashing tutorials at your own risk?


If the SP flash engine shows a green circle, your job is over. Oppo A3s flash file is using the SP flash tool for highlighting.

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