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How to Get Custom Songs on Beat Saber

Beat Saber is one of the most popular VR games you can also get custom songs on Beat Saber. However, this is not only a popular rhythm game for major games and songs with DLC but also the larger custom card community.

Tools and Sites

There are many tools and sites available for editing Beat Saber. For this tutorial, we’ll be using the Mod Wizard for setup and initial setup, and the Beast Saber site finds and downloads custom tutorials.

I won’t cover it here, but if there’s another way you want to read about handling custom notifications, check out BeatDrop 2.

We like to use Mod Assistant for ease of use, but you can download and install custom guides without any tools. Scroll to the bottom of this guide to see how.

Setting Up

  • Before you start, we recommend that you create an account with Beast Saber and download the new Mod Assistant released by GitHub.
  • You might want to know where Beat Saber is installed on your system.
  • If you’ve configured the game on Oculus or Steam for a standard C: // drive in the address, you don’t have to worry.

However, if you installed the game in a custom location or have different programs installed on multiple drives, you can now find the location of the Beat Saber install folder (you should be able to find it using the Oculus application or the Steam site).

In this case, the folder you want to select is “Hyperbolic Beat Saver”. Also, make sure you have started/played Beat Saber at least once on your system before starting or installing a mod.

If you haven’t set up custom notifications on your copy of Beat Saber yet, you’ll need to install plugins and mods to support third-party graphics. When Beat Saber is changed, the custom diagram will not be damaged or defective.

For example, previous updates (such as the change from 1.6 to 1.7 in Beat Saber) did not turn off or remove custom notifications. However, fixes and updates might seem like ending mod support, so you should check the case for each update.

How to Get Custom Songs on Beat Saber?

In this case, a new version of ModAssistant is released to work with the new patch. In the latest Beat Saber patch 1.13, ModAssistant is the latest version and should work with Beat Saber.

For future updates, you may need to repeat these steps and make minor changes to accommodate the new fixes.

To configure the first post after the new patch or modify Beat Saber:

Open ModAssistant.exe and accept the terms and conditions.

No need to install Mod Assistant.

  • You can turn it on when and where you want to use it.
  • If the Mod Assistant cannot find the Beat Saber installation folder, it will ask you to view it.
  • If so, point to the folder you saw earlier.

Open the Type tab

  • When you open the Mods tab, all the pre-requisites for your custom map should be selected.
  • There are a lot of things you can install, but for this guide, for now, all you need to do is click the “Install or Change” button on the right side.
  • You just need to install the pre-selected base mod to play and install your custom map.

Note: You will see a menu on the left showing your version of Beat Saber. In some cases, the latest Mod Assistant released after the update may not support the latest version of Beat Saber. In this case, Mod Assistant should alert you that your version of Beat Saber is newer than the supported version.

You should ask if you want to continue. Previously, we could accomplish everything with the latest Beat Saber support selected by Mod Assistant, even if it didn’t match the version we were implementing. We haven’t encountered any issues, but that may vary from patch to patch or may change in the future.

  1. Wait for the module installation to be completed. Once the mod installation is complete, you are ready to install your custom maps.

Let’s know how to open a Snap without them knowing this guide will help.


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