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How to Get Gemstones in the League?

Get Gemstones in the League

In today’s date and age, Riot Games and League of Legends have been summiting new peaks by spreading both in the game and professionally.

As with the increasing gaming needs, there is also an increase in demand for third-party companies like Garena and Tencent by Riot Games to branch out. On the other hand, to continue the formation of its free-to-play model despite paying for numerous staff worldwide.

Riot Games launch premium features such as Gemstones. There is no doubt that League of Legends has one of the most downright confusing crafting systems.

This article helps you to understand what Gemstones are and how to get them.

What Is Hextech Crafting?

Get Gemstones in the League

These rewards can only be attainable here and include skins, champion shards, and other quality items.

For making Hextech crafting pertinent, Riot Games crafted a currency that was only obtainable through opening Hextech Chest.

These Hextech skins can only be available by using a particular type of currency called Gemstones. Gemstones give players the right to unlock certain special loot. In contrast, Gemstones are not that easily acquired as Blue Essence or Riot Points.

How to Get Gemstones in League of Legends?

Gemstones can only be attainable via a few methods. But with these methods existing, you don’t have a 100% chance of receiving gemstones.

These are the methods:

Hextech Chests

Get Gemstones in the League

The most fundamental method to attain Gemstones is through Hextech chests. These can only be available after you or another player from your team, after playing a game gets S- or greater rating.

  • The difficult part is to acquire Hextech keys that are necessary to have for opening these chests.

Masterwork Chests

Get Gemstones in the League

These are the first-rate version of Hextech chests. You can receive more rewards than the standard Hextech chest and they give a greater chance to you to acquire the premium drops.

Though, Masterwork chests can merely be attained by utilizing Riot Points to buy them from the store.

In comparison to these, Gemstones have a greater possibility of dropping with a 3.6% drop chance or a bad luck protection drop chance of 4%, which is only be stimulated after entering 3 Hextech/Masterwork chests.

Leveling up

Get Gemstones in the League

Leveling up is perhaps the most general way to attain gemstones. Obviously, it is not that easy to acquire them, Riot Games makes limitations in this way as they can only be obtained when you reach Summoner Level 150.

Here, at this stage, the players can get 1 Gemstone after each time they achieve a 50 level milestone.

In this way, you can basically farm Gemstones by constantly playing the game and purchasing XP Boosts to speed up your progress.


Get Gemstones in the League

Events come from time to time and you should be sure that at least one even must be there every month.

The mechanics may vary but they all exercise a definite currency called Event Tokens, but their names are relying on the event’s title.

By using these event tokens, you can buy event loot boxes that have a likelihood of dropping Gemstones and some events also allow you to buy Gemstones unswervingly using these tokens.

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Essence Emporium

Get Gemstones in the League

In this event, certain products were put on sale for buying utilizing Blue Essence.

Gemstones can also be acquired as additional benefit items for purchasing icons for 50k BE, 75k BE, and 150k BE creating a total of 3 capable of purchasing Gemstones per Essence Emporium.

Moreover, after acquiring these Gemstones, you will be able to attain other rewards by using these such as, Hextech Skins, Event Skins, and Master and Chest Keys. Official link: here

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