How To Fix iTunes Is Waiting For A Windows Update?

iTunes Is Waiting For A Windows Update

Users often stumble through a failure text reading, “iTunes is preparing for the Window upgrade to install the operating system for such an iPhone when linking their apple devices to the desktop.” This problem is inconvenient, but this can be fixed quickly.

Usually, whenever your iPhone update doesn’t fit your ComputerComputer, you will have such warning messages. Maybe there are other explanations why you run into this annoying problem.

How To Fix iTunes Is Waiting For A Windows Update?

Consider a few of the successful corrections to even get rid of this problem without any longer, too.

iTunes Is Waiting For A Windows Update

Reasons why iTunes is show error text?

Some other possibility for this error message may be an expired window.

  • Once every week, Microsoft launches the latest update to some of its software that disables accessibility for some users.

iTunes Is Waiting For A Windows Update

  • Additionally, you may also get a “driver cannot enable” error message.
  • So, Automatic Updates are the first and most excellent way to solve this issue.
  • Update software and review to see if the problem is solved.

iTunes Is Waiting For A Windows Update

  • Unless the problems stay the same, please ensure that iTunes updates are reviewed.

Check update or re-install iTunes

First, instead of last, you have to verify if the latest edition of iTunes has been installed. If such an update is released to iTunes, otherwise, make sure that quickly install it.

  • Take a glance at TunesCare if you ever do not know how to use it.
  • The software requires the latest edition of iTunes to be re-installed.
  • With this, system restore iTunes is just like 1 2 3 and Then go. Upload TunesCare from your desktop, link an iOS device to the Computer

iTunes Is Waiting For A Windows Update

  • Computer, and afterward choose Repair Feature.
  • To start fixing the damaged iTunes library, press ‘Fix iTunes Sync Issues.’
  • You can now access iTunes after the recovery process and start syncing your apps.

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Re-Install System of Windows

If users still have the error text “Error message” though installing the method:

  • iTunes is checking for Computers Upgrade to install the operating system for this iPhone “then that’s time for the next stage.”

iTunes Is Waiting For A Windows Update

  • To confirm that nothing is usually wrong with your Processor and software, Direction demands you to re-install that latest Windows processor.
  • Users should restore all essential information and folders until re-installing the computer Windows.

To re-install your Windows operating system, follow the steps given.

  • Modern windows are operating system installation.
  • Install Windows System and approve conditions and arrangements about licenses.
  • Pick a USB, DVD, or ISO software file format indeed.
  • Select Edit, Language, and Bit 64/32, again and press next.

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Re-Install Drivers

The method requires software re-installation. Perhaps, due to a specific cause, an iTunes driver stops functioning or gets corrupted, which shows a warring notification “driver never enabled iTunes is searching for windows upgrade to install the operating system for such an iPhone.”

With what the reason for getting iTunes is waiting for a Windows update. Apply the actions below to reactivate the drivers on a Computer.

  • By tapping in the Windows taskbar.

iTunes Is Waiting For A Windows Update

  • Go over to System Control.
  • Hold the right-click mostly on the display of the Computer.
  • Press on the Disable button and reboot the Device.

iTunes Is Waiting For A Windows Update

  • Windows can restart a specific driver instantly.


Eventually, after using one of the solutions listed earlier, you will link your iPhone to your computer without problems. The warning text ‘iTunes is searching for Computers Upgrade to load the software for such an iPhone’ will not appear again.

But with that being said, Apple, so that does with macOS, really does need to look through separating iTunes from Windows. Instead of that, often, certain extremely irrelevant complications are likely to turn up. To manage correctly, iTunes is much too messy. Apple guide: here

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