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How to Download Old Windows 7 Updates?

When installing Windows 7 on a new system, you have to go through a long process to download years of updates and restart constantly.

Microsoft now offers the Windows 7 SP1 Convenience pack, which essentially works like Windows 7 Service pack 2. At once, You can install hundreds of updates with one download. But there is a catch.

This update packages, which combines updates from February 2011, is not even in Windows Update.

Download Old Windows 7 Updates

Suppose you want to install Windows 7 from scratch. You will need to make an effort to download and install it.

Windows update will download and install updates one by one slower, more tedious way if you don’t.

Step one

If you have not already installed Service Pack 1, install it.

A practical set of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 requires Service Pack 1.

If you want to install Windows 7 from scratch, you can get it in two ways:

Install From Disc or ISO includes Service Pack 1

Service Pack 1 is attached to these ISO images, so you will already have Service Pack 1 after you install it from them.

Install and download SP1 separately: If you installed from an old Windows 7 disk without SP1 integrated, you would need to install Service Pack 1 afterward.

  • Start Windows update, check for updates, and install the “Microsoft Service Pack (KB 97632) to install.
  • If you’re not sure if you have Windows 7 Service pack installed, open the Start menu, type “winver” in the checkbox, and hit Enter.
  • If the Window says ” Service Pack 1″ in the Window, it is Service Pack 1.
  • This would not exist, you need to install Service Pack 1.

Step Two

Find out if you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 7.If you are not sure if you are using the 32- bit or 64-bit version of Windows 7, you need to find out quickly.

  • Click the “Start” button, then right-click “Computer” in the Start menu, and select “properties.”
  • You can see this information on the right-hand side of the “System type” under the program.

Step Three

Install and download the April 2015 “Service Stack” Update.

You can’t simply install the Convenient Rollup after installing Services Pack1.

You must first install the April 2015 Service Stack Update.

  • Go to the Service Stack Update download page in April 2015 and scroll down to the download links.
  • Click on the suitable link to download the x86(32-bit) or x64(64-bit version)Window 7 update.
  • Click on the “Download” link on the next page to download the file, then double click on the download file to update.

Step Four

  • Install and download the Windows 7 SP1 Resource Rollup.

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You can quickly download the RollUp Utility using the download links below. Microsoft may change them at any time, so please send us a note if these links appear to be dead.

If the download link is active, you can help by downloading the update from the Microsoft Catalog website. Just download the timely update and work on installing it.

If the download links don’t work, or you want to download the update officially. You need to download the Windows 7 SP1 Resource Rollup from Microsoft’s Update Catalog website.

Unfortunately, this site requires Active X, which means it only works in Internet Explorer – you can’t use Google Chrome or even Microsoft Edge on a Windows 10 PC.

  • After opening the site in Internet Explorer.
  • Click on the yellow information bar and select ” Install this add-on for all users on this computer.” you will need to agree to the User Account Control pop-up after you install the Active X control.

You will see several update packs available for download :

Updates for Windows 7 (KB 3125574): Download this if you use a 32-bit version of Windows 7. Here

Update for Windows Server 2008 R2 X 64 Edition (KB3125574): Download this if you are using the 64-bit version of Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows 7. Here

Update for X 64- based systems (KB3125574): Download this if you use a 64-bit version of Windows 7. Here

Download the correct update system

  • To download the correct update for your system.
  • Click on the ” Add” button on the right side of the page.
  • Suppose you want to download more than one update – for example, if you’re upgrading to Windows 7 32-bit and 64-but systems.
  • And enjoy an online copy of the patch.
  • You can click more than one update to download at the same time.
  • Once done, click on the “View Trash” link in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Click on the “Download” button here to download the update you have selected.
  • You will need to choose a download location for the update.
  • For example, you can select your Downloads or Desktop folder.
  • Click the “Browse” button, select a folder. And then click ” Continue.”

The update will start downloading, so wait until it finishes. Depending on the update you choose, the download is between 300MB and 500MB in total.

Once downloaded, you can open the folder where you downloaded the update and double-click it to run and update your Windows 7 system.

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