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How to Disable Javascript in Chrome?

Must be having a hard time disabling Javascript in Chrome, dont worry we’ve got you covered.

How to Disable Javascript in Chrome?

If you wanna disable Javascript overall then:

  • all you gotta do is slide in the chrome settings by clicking on the 3 dots located somewhere in the top right corner.
  • Once you do so click on “Settings”.
  • Then move to the “Privacy and Security” and select “Site Settings” and finally.
  • Click “JavaScript” in the “Permissions” group now move the slider to the left (by clicking it) next to the “Allowed” option.
  • Alas there you go Javascript has been disabled.

However, if you don’t want to disable Javascript overall rather than disable it on specific pages, I suggest following the next steps.

  1. Go to the URL Chrome://settings/content/javascript
  2. Once you’re there you’re gonna be looking at “Block” and “Allow” tabs.
  • Click on “Add” associated with the “Block” tab
  1. Finally, specify the pages you wanna disable Javascript on.

Both the methods mentioned above required moving through the settings while for some reason you dont wanna go through settings, well you’re lucky cause there’s another way of disabling it.

It involves modifying the commands in Dev Tools:

  • First, go to “Inspect” by right-clicking anywhere on the screen.
  • Now you should be seeing the DevTools dialogue box.
  • Open the commands menu by pressing Control + Shift + P (Windows).
  • In the search bar of the Command menu, type “JavaScript”, select “Disable JavaScript”.
  • And then press the Enter key to run the disable JavaScript command.

However please note that this method is viable only until DevTools is running it will enable Java automatically as soon as you close DevTools.

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In this guide, you are now able to completely disable JS in Chrome, and no more any help you require. And if you do have not Chromed, from here you can download it.


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