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How To Get iOS Emojis On Android?

Get iOS Emojis On Android

Now for some people, if there weren’t any emojis on their phone, it would become very hard for them to communicate.

Emojis really play a very important part in our daily conversations, and this is because when we have face to face conversation, people see our facial expressions. However, when we are texting, they are unable to see our facial expressions and the real feeling behind words; this is where emojis play their part.

The emojis on Android is different from the ones on iOS. Some people like the emojis that they have seen on iOS, and would want them on Android.

This is very easy to do, and they have to simply follow a bunch of steps, and install an application from Google Play Store.

iOS Emojis on Android

Get iOS Emojis On Android

  • Open Google Play Store on Android and then search for the Apple emoji keyboard.
  • You can also change the keywords to get a more accurate result by typing in ‘apple emoji font’.

Get iOS Emojis On Android

  • There are many applications that you will see in search results, and one of them would be Kika Emoji Keyboard. However, it is up to the user to choose the app that they want.
  • Download and install the app chosen, and then go to Settings.
  • There, tap on System, then Languages & input, then Virtual Keyboard, and finally Manage Keyboards.
  • There, you will find the emoji keyboard that you downloaded earlier.
  • Select it and it will be ready to use.

Get iOS Emojis On Android

Emoji Fonts for Flipfont10

Get iOS Emojis On Android

This emoji app is very popular among Android users, who want iOS emojis on their phone.

This changes the font of the phone and adds the Apple style emojis to it. However, this works on those Android devices, which are capable of changing fonts.

  • If the user is able to change the font of their phone, then this is the easiest way to get iOS emojis.
  • This app, Emoji Fonts for Flipfont 10, is available on Google Play Store, and the user can easily download it.

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Keyboard App

Get iOS Emojis On Android

Another way through which a user can get iOS emojis on their phone is through a keyboard app.

  • For this, go to Google Play Store, and search for the Fancy Key app.

The benefit of this particular app is that it lets the user use Twitter emojis, which are very similar to the iOS emojis.

  • When you are done downloading this app, then you can simply go to Manage Keyboards and turn on the toggle that says Fancy Key.

Get iOS Emojis On Android

  • Now, open an app that displays the keyboard, press on the icon in the lower right corner, and you will be able to access iOS emojis now.
  • The FancyKey app even lets the user choose what emojis they want to display on their phone, and as part of their keyboard.

Emojis are fun, and there is no reason why Android users have to limit themselves to emojis that are only available on their OS.

They can easily use Apple emojis, or emojis similar to Apple, without any hassle; just download an app from Google Play Store.


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