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How to Get Microsoft Office for free?

Microsoft Office usually starts at $ 70 per year, but there are many ways to get it for free. Get Microsoft Office for free.

Use Office Online in the browser. it’s free

Get Microsoft Office for free

Whether you’re using a Windows 10 PC, Mac, or Chromebook, you can use Microsoft Office for free in any web browser.

  • Web-based versions of Office are simplified and won’t work offline, but they still offer a powerful editing experience. You can open and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in your browser.
  • Click on an application icon such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint Click to open the web version of this application.

Get Microsoft Office for free

  • It will be uploaded to the free OneDrive storage of your Microsoft account, and you can open it in the relevant application.

Get Microsoft Office for free

  • Office web applications have some limitations.

Sign up for a one-month free trial

Get Microsoft Office for free

If you only need Microsoft Office for a short time, you can sign up for a one-month free trial. To find this offer, go to Microsoft’s trial office for a free website, and sign up for a trial.

You must provide a credit card to sign up for the trial, and it will automatically renew after one month. However, you can cancel the subscription at any time – even after signing up – to make sure you won’t be billed.

You can continue using Office for the rest of your free month after cancellation.

After joining the trial, you can download the full version of Microsoft Office applications for Windows PC and Mac. You’ll also have access to the full version of the app on other platforms, including the big iPads.

This test will give you full access to the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) home plan. In One Drive you get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, One Note, and 1TB storage.

It will each have access to apps through their Microsoft account, and for shared 6TB storage, they will have their 1TB storage.

Microsoft Office 365 also offers a 30-day free evaluation of Proplus, which is for business. You can take advantage of both offers for free access to Microsoft Office for two months.

Get a free office as a student or teacher

Get Microsoft Office for free

To find out if your school is involved, visit the Office 365 Education website and enter your school’s email address. If it is available to you through your school plan, you will be offered a free download.

Even if a university or college does not participate, it can offer Microsoft Office to students and teachers at a lower price through its bookstore. For more information, visit your educational institution – or at least its website.

Try mobile apps on iPhone and iPad mini

Get Microsoft Office for free

Microsoft’s Office apps are also free on smartphones. On a larger tablet, you can install these apps to view documents, but you’ll need to make a free purchase to create and edit them.

In practice, this means offering a completely free experience on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint iPad mini and the 9.7-inch older iPad.

You’ll need a paid purchase to get the document editing capabilities on the iPad Pro or the latest 10.2-inch iPads.

Join someone’s Microsoft 365 home plan

Microsoft 365 Home Subscriptions means sharing with multiple people. year 70 The version offers Office for one person per year, while the present 100 subscription offers Office for up to six people per year.

With Office for Windows PC, Mac, iPad, and other devices you get the full experience.

Anyone who pays for Microsoft 365 Home (formerly known as Office 365 Home) can share it with five other Microsoft accounts. It’s very simple: Sharing is managed through the Office “Sharing” page on the Microsoft account website.

  • The main account owner can add up to five other Microsoft accounts, and each of these accounts will receive an invitation.

Get Microsoft Office for free

  • After joining the group, everyone can sign in with their Microsoft account to download Office apps – as if they were paying for their subscription. Each account will have 1TB of OneDrive storage separately.

Get Microsoft Office for free

  • Microsoft says the purpose of membership is to share in your “home“. Therefore, if you have a family member or a roommate with this service, that person can add you to their purchase for free.

If you are paying for Microsoft Office then Home Plan is the best deal. If you can distribute 100 members a year subscription to six people, each person is less than 17 years old.

By the way, Microsoft is partnering with some employees to offer Office Subscription discounts for their employees. Check Microsoft’s Home Use Program website to see if you’re eligible for the discount.

Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

Get Microsoft Office for free

Completely free office suites that are well compatible with Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentation files. Here are some improvements:

Lib Library Office is a free and open-source Office application for Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems.

It is similar to the desktop version of Microsoft Office, and it can even work with and create Office documents in common file types such as DOCX documents, XLSX spreadsheets, and PPTX presentations. Visit more: AmazeInvent

The Labor Office was based on the Open Office. While OpenOffice still exists, LibreOffice has more developers and is now a more popular project.

Apple is a free repository of Office applications for iWork, Mac, iPhone, and iPad users. It rivals Apple’s Microsoft Office and paid for it before Apple made it free. Windows PC users can also access the web-based version of iWork through the iCloud website.

Google Docs is a comprehensive collection of web-based office software. It stores your files in Google Drive, Google’s online file storage service. Unlike Microsoft’s Office web applications, you can also access Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides offline in Google Chrome.

What is the cheapest way to get Microsoft Office?

As usual, the cheapest option for Office 2019 is the ‘Home and Student’ edition, which comes with a user’s license, which allows you to install the Office Suite application on one device. Goes It still comes with all the necessary offices. Apps that are suitable for most user needs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and …

What’s the difference between Office 365 and Office 2019?

Microsoft 365’s home and personal plans include robust office desktop apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel that you’re familiar with.

Office 2019 is sold as a one-time purchase, meaning you pay the same price to get Office apps for a computer.

Can you buy Microsoft Office permanently?

Microsoft Office 2019 is a standalone, native (cloud-based, such as Office 365) version of the Microsoft Office software suite.

  • This is a “permanent” release, simply to say that you buy the software once and become its owner forever, instead of paying an annual subscription fee to access it.

Is Microsoft Office on sale?

As an important part of long-term work and personal computer use, Microsoft Office is often not for sale.

  • If you just want basic apps without subscription and storage, you can get Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 for $ 100, with a list price of 150.

Does Office 2019 expire?

Office 2019, whether one copy at a time at retail or several hundred was purchased through volume licensing, has been dubbed a “one-time purchase” by Microsoft to pay for it.

  • In other words, the license has no expiration date, and users can run the suite as long as they want.


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