Beware: Free antivirus is not free anymore

A complete overview of Vost Free Anti-Virus.

Avast Free Antivirus is one of the best free antivirus software programs you can download.

It’s a complete tool that protects against threats from the Internet, email, your local files, P2P connections, instant messaging, and more. The 2019 version far outperforms its competitors.

Free antivirus applications are not what they used to be. Its companies are now bundling adware, spyware, toolbars, and other junk to make instant money.

At one point, it was just advertising, urging consumers to upgrade paid products. Presently, organizations are making in cash through advertising, following, and junkware installations.

How they are making money from your computer?

Here is a summary of how anti-virus companies are trying to make money. It’s like “freeware” applications on Windows trying to beat your computer by loading it with junk.

  • Changing your default search engine: Antivirus companies try to change your browser’s search engine to one of their choices. They make money when you click on the ads on the search results pages.
  • This can sometimes be labeled as “SafeSearch,” but you’re using a lesser-known search engine that makes money for the company.
  • Changing your homepage: Anti-virus companies want to change your homepage, and drive traffic to websites that make money by advertising to you.

Ask Toolbars and Ask Back Out Toolbar: Many programs want to install the awesome Toolbar. Some companies use a branded version of the Ask Toolbar with their name on it, but the one that just asks is the Toolbar.

  • Junkware: Antivirus companies add additional programs (or “offers”) to their installers that are automatically installed by default. The creator of the program has paid them if they can install the program on your system.
  • Tracking: Anti-virus companies track your browsing habits and other personal details about you. Some antivirus companies probably sell this data to make as much money as possible.

Komodo Free

Komodo tries to turn your web browser’s search engine into Yahoo! And Geek Buddy has created paid tech support software bundles.

It also bundles other Komodo products you don’t want, including changing your DNS server settings to Komodo’s servers and installing a Komodo-based browser “Komodo” developed by Komodo.

Because Komodo-affiliated privy software had a massive security hole similar to that of a superfish, there’s a good chance you’ll find a bunch of other Komodo-developed software and services running on your computer. Don’t want to.

Advertising informed

LaosSoft’s Advertiser promotes “Web Protection” which will “secure your online search” by setting Secure Search as the home page of your web browser and the default search engine.

Despite the name, it is not a security feature. Instead, it just switches your web browser to a branded search engine that uses Yahoo! Background – This means it’s powered by Bing.

If you prefer Bing, that’s fine. Only use the full Bing website. You’ll have a better experience using Lavasoft’s rebranded, striped down search engine.

7 Best Free Antivirus Clean Up Your Computer

Avera Free Antivirus

Free antivirus

Avera encourages you to install “Avera Safe Search Plus”. This is just a branded version of the Ask Toolbar, which redirects your search results to the rebranded version of’s search engine.

If you do not want to uninstall the Toolbar, you will not want to reinstall the branded version.

Zone alarm free anti-virus + firewall

Free antivirus

Zone Alarm also requires that you install the Zone Zone toolbar, enable “Zone Alarm Search” as your browser’s default homepage and search engine, – again – the Ask Tool A newer version of the bar.

Panda free anti-virus

Free antivirus

In addition to installing its browser security toolbar, Panda tries to change its browser’s search engine to Yahoo and its homepage to “My Start“, which is powered by Yahoo.

To Panda’s credit, at least they don’t try to trick you by renaming you a Yahoo search engine or homepage.

Avast! Free

Free antivirus

Avast! The installer has also tried to install additional software that you do not want. We’ve seen Dropbox offered here in the past, but good! When we tried to install it, we tried to install the Google Toolbar.

Programs like Google Toolbar and Dropbox are high-quality software that you can crave, so Avesta! Looks great here compared to other options. But also avast! I have done some questionable things in the past. Browse yourself in your online shopping.

AVG free

Free antivirus

AVG has its suite of miscellaneous utilities, including AVG Security Toolbar, AVG Rewards, AVG Web TuneUp, and Secure Search. It will need to provide instructions on how to uninstall these items.

Surprisingly, when we tried to install AVG Free 2015, he did not want to install any of these on our computer.

Since AVG has offered a lot of toolbars and other similar things in the past, we’re not sure if that has changed them or if it’s only temporary. We are still wary of AVG’s free product.

BitDefender Anti-Virus Free Edition

Free antivirus

BitDefender offers a down-to-earth antivirus. It does not attempt to install any junk or toolbars on your system, and we do not know of any time in the past when BitDefender Free crushed bundled toolbars or similar junk.

Has given BitDefender is still pursuing a strategy to get you to paid products.

Malware bytes anti-malware free

Malware bytes anti-malware free

Malware Bytes does not attempt to add additional trash to your computer, although the free version does not offer real-time protection.

To their credit, Malware Bytes is offering a free tool that is useful for manual scans – it even makes the most of the adware installed in other programs.

Visit more: AmazeInvent

This tool can be very useful when combined with any other antivirus such as Microsoft’s free Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Accessories solution. But this is not a standalone free anti-virus that you can rely on, as it lacks real-time scanning.

Which antivirus should you use?

Even better antivirus solutions can be painful here. Instead of cleaning up your mess at install time, they may pop up regular alerts and other messages, encouraging you to install other software or pay for services. They can also cut and sell browsing data and other information.

Some antivirus products are legitimately free. Microsoft’s Windows Defender comes with Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. It is also available as a Microsoft security tool for Windows 7.

This is a free antivirus product that is primarily paid for with a Windows licensing fee.

Butt Defender’s product is currently solid, with no junk. avast! Not perfect and wants you to install additional software, even though it is high-quality software.

In the past AVG has been full of illegal junk but when we tried it turned out to be fine – we’re not sure what’s going on there, and we suggest what Everest is! If you want free antivirus like these then more than AVG.

The remaining anti-virus options are also good. Kaspersky and BitDefender consistently rank better than the popular free antivirus applications, so their solutions are better if you want to pay for something.

Is it free?

Yes, Avast Free Antivirus is free.

Waste-free anti-virus is free. By default, it comes with a 30-day trial but to unlock its 1-year subscription valid you have to create an Avesta account with your valid email id and then your Avast Anti Must be used to sign in to the virus.

Is Everest Free Forever?

Is there a free (forever) avast here! , Or only 30 days?

The Avast Free version is free, but you must register it (as mentioned) unless you are using it effectively for a trial period of 30 days.

Is Free Antivirus Enough?

If you’re talking about anti-virus, usually not. It is not uncommon for companies to offer you weak protection in their free version. In most cases, free antivirus for windows 10 protection is as good as their paid version and selling antivirus they support their research.

How can I get free antivirus?

Go to Google and search for free antivirus download for pc. First, click on the results that appear and then download the antivirus.

The best are free: Average Free Antivirus, Waste Anti Virus, Avera, etc. There are hundreds of free AV products out there that you can choose from.

Is Avast free for 30 days only?

Yes, Avast Free Antivirus is free.

By default, it comes with a 30-day trial but to open the 1-year subscription you have to create an Avesta account with your valid email identity and then install it on your Avast Antivirus I have to use it to sign in.

Will East Free Eliminate Viruses?

Get the ultimate protection against computer viruses

Everest has a free virus removal tool that will detect and remove all malware on your system.

Not only this, with the help of Vost, but more than 66 million risks are also saved every day, which protects you from future infections.

Android apps Google

How does the internet speed test work?

The internet speed test work is a great way to see how fast your internet is.

ISPs promise to speed up to a certain speed in most situations, but a speed test will confirm how fast or slow your connection is.

What is the speed test?

The internet speed test not working? here is a great way to gauge how fast your connection is at the moment. The service you contact often limits your download and upload speeds based on your chosen project, local crowd, any kind of rotating rules, and so on.

The catch is a promise that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has always added to the phrase “until”. It gives an ISP waggle room.

  • If it promises you up to “30 Mbps“, and you only get 28 Mbps permanently, the company can say that it kept its promise. What is done But if you see 10 Mbps, then you can’t get the payment you pay for, and now it’s time to call your ISP.

A speed test qualifies your ping, and download and transfer speeds. Estimating the last two is significant in light of the fact the most ISPs make separate guarantees for download and transfer speeds.

In general, download speeds are quite noticeable, but if you search for details, ISP usually specifies a slow upload speed for each level. For example, our local ISPs offer a plan with 500 Mbps download speeds, but 125 Mbps upload speeds.

How does the speed test work?

At the point when you start a speed test, a few things happen. First, the client determines your location and the test server closest to you.

This part is important. Some versions, such as Okala’s, have the option to change the server. With the test server in place, Speed ​​sends a simple signal (a ping) to the test server and receives a response. The test measures what is trapped round in milliseconds.

When the ping is finished, the download test starts. The client opens multiple connections to the server and tries to download a small piece of data.

At this point, two things were measured: how long it took to capture the piece of data, and how much your network resources used it.

If the client detects that you can save, it opens more connections to the server and downloads more data. The general idea is to tax your internet connection and see how much it can do at once.

Think of your internet service as a highway with a high-speed limit. Opening additional links are tantamount to adding more lanes to the highway.

The speed limit has not changed, but more cars can pass through this area at high speeds. That way, the 50th car will arrive faster using the four-lane highway instead of the two-lane highway.

Once the client determines that he has the correct connection to test your Internet service, he downloads the additional amount of data, measuring the amount downloaded in the allotted time. And offers download speeds. Visit more: AmazeInvent

Next is the upload test. This is the same process as the download test but vice versa. Instead of pulling data from the server to your PC, the client uploads the data from your computer to the server.

For more detailed technical information, see’s description of how it works.

Are the speed tests correct?

This router test shows the actual speed of ISP’s offerings, while other tests on Wi-Fi are slower due to their connectivity.

It may seem easy, but they are far more difficult than knowing how fast your connection is.

Consider the first step in the process: choosing a test server. Often the nearest server is surprisingly close. Probably in the same city.

This proximity is a great situation, so you don’t need data to travel. Businesses know that proximity makes a difference, and that’s why some, like Netflix, use content delivery networks to bring data closer.

But the whole Internet is not close to you. Most of it is on the computer – sometimes across the country or in another country.

So, while your speed test will show surprisingly fast currents, you will find that downloading the program is very slow if the server hosting the data is too far away. In this scenario, your results may reflect faster performance than your real-world usage.

The difference between server locations is why you see results at different speeds when you try different tests like Ocola, Netflix, or Google.

Your ISP may also offer this, such as Comcast, Spectrum, or AT&T. However, you should probably not rely on a speed test developed by an ISP. Their tests are ideal for situations, using servers near you that are often maintained on the same ISP network you are testing.

This means you will get faster results than Netflix or Google Speed ​​Test. It’s okay if you want to say how big your ISP is (I think), but it’s bad to estimate your real-world speed.

In the second stage of the testing process, the client tries to open up additional connections and maximize your network usage. If you are already taxing your network, it may not take full advantage of your resources.

If you test Netflix while streaming or downloading a major update, for example, your results will be lower than the untested test.

Of all the tests we conducted, this one was the lowest. At the time, Xbox One was downloading the OS update.

Results are also affected by how connected you are and what devices you are testing. Ethernet-connected PCs should have faster results than Wi-Fi-connected tablets because, in general, Wi-Fi is slower than Ethernet. You may find that results vary on different devices, even if they are using the same connection.

How to get the most accurate results?

Getting accurate test results depends on the measurement you intend to make. Would you like to see if your ISP is truly delivering the speed it promised?

After that, go for more situations. Use an Ethernet-connected device, choose your nearest test server, and stop anything that is taxing your Internet connection (such as a streaming service).

You may want to restart your router before running the speed test. If your router has a built-in, use it instead of a browser test. Doing so removes some of the hops that jump into the process.

However, if you want results closer to real-world performance, use a browser or app test. Ignoring the router test should allow you to pick up a server remotely. If you have one or two regular video or audio streams, start them before you start the Internet Speed.

In the end, no matter what steps you take or what measurements you take, you won’t get the right result. However, you can find a good result to satisfy your curiosity or to check the speed promised by your ISP.


How to Get Microsoft Office for free?

Microsoft Office usually starts at $ 70 per year, but there are many ways to get it for free. Get Microsoft Office for free.

Use Office Online in the browser. it’s free

Whether you’re using a Windows 10 PC, Mac, or Chromebook, you can use Microsoft Office for free in any web browser.

  • Web-based versions of Office are simplified and won’t work offline, but they still offer powerful editing experience. You can open and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in your browser.
  • Click on an application icon such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint Click to open the web version of this application.
  • It will be uploaded to the free OneDrive storage of your Microsoft account, and you can open it in the relevant application.
  • Office web applications have some limitations.

Sign up for a one-month free trial

If you only need Microsoft Office for a short time, you can sign up for a one-month free trial. To find this offer, go to Microsoft’s trial office for a free website, and sign up for a trial.

You must provide a credit card to sign up for the trial, and it will automatically renew after one month. However, you can cancel the subscription at any time – even after signing up – to make sure you won’t be billed.

You can continue using Office for the rest of your free month after cancellation.

After joining the trial, you can download the full version of Microsoft Office applications for Windows PC and Mac. You’ll also have access to the full version of the app on other platforms, including the big iPads.

This test will give you full access to the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) home plan. In One Drive you get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, One Note, and 1TB storage.

It will each have access to apps through their Microsoft account, and for shared 6TB storage, they will have their 1TB storage.

Microsoft Office 365 also offers a 30-day free evaluation of Proplus, which is for business. You can take advantage of both offers for free access to Microsoft Office for two months.

Get a free office as a student or teacher

To find out if your school is involved, visit the Office 365 Education website and enter your school’s email address. If it is available to you through your school plan, you will be offered a free download.

Even if a university or college does not participate, it can offer Microsoft Office to students and teachers at a lower price through its bookstore. For more information, visit your educational institution – or at least its website.

Try mobile apps on iPhone and iPad mini

Microsoft’s Office apps are also free on smartphones. On a larger tablet, you can install these apps to view documents, but you’ll need to make a free purchase to create and edit them.

In practice, this means offering a completely free experience on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint iPad mini and the 9.7-inch older iPad.

You’ll need a paid purchase to get the document editing capabilities on the iPad Pro or the latest 10.2-inch iPads.

Join someone’s Microsoft 365 home plan

Microsoft 365 Home Subscriptions means sharing with multiple people. year 70 The version offers Office for one person per year, while the present 100 subscription offers Office for up to six people per year.

With Office for Windows PC, Mac, iPad, and other devices you get the full experience.

Anyone who pays for Microsoft 365 Home (formerly known as Office 365 Home) can share it with five other Microsoft accounts. It’s very simple: Sharing is managed through the Office “Sharing” page on the Microsoft account website.

  • The main account owner can add up to five other Microsoft accounts, and each of these accounts will receive an invitation.
  • After joining the group, everyone can sign in with their Microsoft account to download Office apps – as if they were paying for their subscription. Each account will have 1TB of OneDrive storage separately.
  • Microsoft says the purpose of membership is to share in your “home“. Therefore, if you have a family member or a roommate with this service, that person can add you to their purchase for free.

If you are paying for Microsoft Office then Home Plan is the best deal. If you can distribute 100 members a year subscription to six people, each person is less than 17 years old.

By the way, Microsoft is partnering with some employees to offer Office Subscription discounts for their employees. Check Microsoft’s Home Use Program website to see if you’re eligible for the discount.

Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

Completely free office suites that are well compatible with Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentation files. Here are some improvements:

Lib Library Office is a free and open-source Office application for Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems.

It is similar to the desktop version of Microsoft Office, and it can even work with and create Office documents in common file types such as DOCX documents, XLSX spreadsheets, and PPTX presentations. Visit more: AmazeInvent

The Labor Office was based on the Open Office. While OpenOffice still exists, LibreOffice has more developers and is now a more popular project.

Apple is a free repository of Office applications for iWork, Mac, iPhone, and iPad users. It rivals Apple’s Microsoft Office and paid for it before Apple made it free. Windows PC users can also access the web-based version of iWork through the iCloud website.

Google Docs is a comprehensive collection of web-based office software. It stores your files in Google Drive, Google’s online file storage service. Unlike Microsoft’s Office web applications, you can also access Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides offline in Google Chrome.

What is the cheapest way to get Microsoft Office?

As usual, the cheapest option for Office 2019 is the ‘Home and Student’ edition, which comes with a user’s license, which allows you to install the Office Suite application on one device. Goes It still comes with all the necessary offices. Apps that are suitable for most user needs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and …

What’s the difference between Office 365 and Office 2019?

Microsoft 365’s home and personal plans include robust office desktop apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel that you’re familiar with. … Office 2019 is sold as a one-time purchase, meaning you pay the same price to get Office apps for a computer.

Can you buy Microsoft Office permanently?

Microsoft Office 2019 is a standalone, native (cloud-based, such as Office 365) version of the Microsoft Office software suite. This is a “permanent” release, simply to say that you buy the software once and become its owner forever, instead of paying an annual subscription fee to access it.

Is Microsoft Office on sale?

As an important part of long-term work and personal computer use, Microsoft Office is often not for sale. … If you just want basic apps without subscription and storage, you can get Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 for $ 100, with a list price of 150.

Does Office 2019 expire?

Office 2019, whether one copy at a time at retail or several hundred was purchased through volume licensing, has been dubbed a “one-time purchase” by Microsoft to pay for it. … In other words, the license has no expiration date, and users can run the suite as long as they want.


How can password managers protect you from phishing?

Important Reasons You Should Use Password Manager.

Password Manager is a piece of software used to manage passwords used to log in to online sites and services.

The app stores password in a confidential way, keeping them out of sight and allowing you to easily consult your choice of login details so you don’t have to rely on memorizing them yourself.

Here’s why you should use a password manager.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a term used to defraud you into providing your password or other sensitive information to a fraudster.

Perhaps the most common example is this: You receive an email from someone claiming to be your bank. It states that your bank account may be compromised and that it provides you with a link you need to click to do something about.

Of course, you want to secure your account so you click on the link and see a website that looks like your bank’s website. Then you enter your password as well as other details that the website asks for. That’s all there is to it.

Now, the attacker has the username and password of your banned account. Because that website is not a bank website and the email you received was from a scammer.

That’s why security professionals strongly recommend clicking on links to suspicious emails. In that case, the right thing to do is go directly to your bank’s website and log in from there.

Similarly, if someone claiming to be from your bank calls you on the phone, dial your bank’s customer service number to confirm whether this is a legitimate call.

There are so many types it’s hard to say. Here are some ways you can avoid it:

Check the URL

An easy way to spot phishing sites is to have the website address URL. For example, if you have an account with Wells Fargo, you should check that you are actually on Wells instead of any other website.

Use your password manager

If you have a, you already have additional protection. This applies to you if your password manager can automatically fill out your credentials.

If you use your password to save login credentials for your bank website, it will remember it. If you end up on a phishing site in any way, you will not recognize it and will not offer to enter your credentials. Unlike humans, it does not fall for phishers.

It is not going to issue a big warning stating that the website is a scam but you will easily notice that your password manager is not offering to make our residences public. It usually does.

Your password manager is there to make it faster for you to enter your credentials, but it also gives you peace of mind.

Once you’re logged into your account, you no longer need to double-check the domain before typing in your username and password.

5 Benefits of Using a Password Manager

In today’s business landscape, cybersecurity is often a priority. In the face of data breaches and other concerns, business owners are working hard to find solutions that not only provide the best protection but are also usable for employees.

Secure and frequently modified passwords should be the first line of defense, but complex combinations of keystrokes can be difficult for people to remember and make frequent changes.

This eliminates security from your team members, but it can be the answer to your cybersecurity concerns.

You don’t need an od memory

The biggest advantage of using a password manager to enhance your cybersecurity is that you don’t have to have a good memory.

This means everyone can add the latest recommendations for secure passwords to keep long idioms, symbols, punctuation, and uppercase letters safe.

You can use strong passwords

Without having to memorize complex passwords, your team will not only be able to use strong passwords but will also be able to use different passwords for each point.

Thus, in the event of a breach, the clashes will not take effect as each account is compromised. The outcome is a stronger password for each record and increased security no matter how you look at it.

Fast access

It allows people to type the same password and then automatically populate each access point with a username and password.

Your team will spend less time on login screens and password recovery and more time on what’s important.

More than a password

Many password manager applications allow users to store and oversee more than logins and passwords. For example, some give secure access to credit Mastercard data.

Allow other multi-factors. – or use another test such as answering a question after entering the correct password – easy and efficient. And, like complex passwords, when multifactor permissions are easy to use, users are more likely to participate.

Manage shared accounts

In many businesses, managing who has access to which account can be a nightmare. Particularly if various people need access to a single record. It will allow you to efficiently manage and change passwords as needed.

Some apps also have features that enable one person to control the password in an account, and then give other users access without sharing the original password.

Visit more: AmazeInvent

For example, if your company manages social media accounts for a client, your social media manager may provide access to team members using the password manager who revealed the client’s original password.

Keep updating social media feeds. The social media manager can then add or remove any person’s access without interrupting anyone’s access.

Use Google password.


Password managers are more secure than alternatives?

It stores your passwords in a secure vault, which you can save with a single master password and, optionally, an additional two-factor authentication method to help keep everything extra secure.

Password Manager can generate and remember passwords such as E.

3 Ways to Avoid Phishing Scams

No one wants to be a victim of a phishing scandal. There is a good reason why such scams will continue, though: they have managed to make huge profits for cybercriminals.

Phishing scams have been going on since the beginning of the Internet, and they will not go away any time soon. Luckily, there are approaches to abstain from turning a victim. Here are 10 basic guidelines for protecting yourself:

Be aware of phishing techniques

New phishing scams are being developed all the time. Without staying on top of these new phishing techniques, you could inadvertently fall prey to someone.

Keep your eyes open for news of new phishing scams. Knowing about them as soon as possible will greatly reduce your risk of being targeted by someone.

For IT administrators, ongoing security awareness training, and artificial phishing for all users are highly recommended as they put security at the forefront of the entire organization.

Think before you click!

It’s okay to click on links when you’re on trusted sites. Clicking on links that appear in random emails and instant messages, however, is not the smartest move. Hover over links that you haven’t clicked before.

The email may ask you to fill in the information, but the email may not include your name.

Most phishing emails will start with “Dear Customer” so you should be careful when you look at these emails. When in doubt, go directly to the source instead of clicking on a potentially dangerous link.

Install Anti-Phishing Toolbar

Most popular Internet browsers can be customized with Anti-Phishing Toolbar. Such toolbars run quick checks on the sites you visit and compare them to a list of phishing sites.

If you discover a malignant site, the toolbar will caution you. This is just another layer against phishing scams, and it’s completely free.

Can password managers be hacked?

Researchers have found that every password manager has flaws that can allow attackers to steal passwords from the Chrome browser extension or the Android app.

“Losses in password managers provide hackers with opportunities to extract credentials,” Shahandashti said in a post published at York University.

Do password managers have a good idea?

Password managers are good.

They easily combine security by storing all your credentials in one place, allowing you to use strong, complex passwords that you don’t need to remember. But password managers need to be extremely secure.

Why shouldn’t you use the Password Manager?

Conversely, if you do not use a password manager and your device is infected with malware, the attacker may steal your typed passwords, but not in words you do not.

You may decide that it’s okay to type some passwords on low-password devices, but others should only be typed on high-security devices.

Does Google have a password manager?

To start using Google’s Password Manager, use Google Chrome on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

(Note, if you choose to encrypt your passwords with “your sync password“, you will not be able to access your passwords on the web. Smart passwords will not work on Android either.)


How to install or uninstall or reinstall the Google Chrome browser

Largely based on Google’s open-source Chromium, Google Chrome is the most popular web browser on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Here I’ll cover up to How to install or uninstall or reinstall the Google Chrome browser?

How to install Google Chrome on Windows 10?

  • Open any web browser such as Microsoft Edge, type “” in the address bar, and then press Enter.
  • Click Download Chrome> Accept and Install> Save File.
  • By default, the installer will be placed in your Downloads folder (unless you instruct your existing web browser to download the files elsewhere).
  • Navigate to the appropriate folder in File Explorer, double-click “Chrome Setup” to open the file, and then click the “Run” button.
  • When incited to permit this application to make changes to your device, click “Yes“. Google Chrome will start the installation and open the browser automatically upon completion.
  • You can now sign in to your Google Account, personalize your web browser, and start using Chrome just like you.

How to uninstall Google Chrome on Windows 10?

Open your Start menu by selecting the Windows logo in the taskbar and then clicking on the “Settings” icon.

  • From the popup menu, click “Apps.”
  • Scroll down the “Apps and Features” list to find Google Chrome.
  • Click “Google Chrome” and afterward select the “Uninstall” button.
  • You will be prompted to click on the second “Uninstall” button, which will complete the uninstall process.

Windows 10 will keep your profile information, bookmarks, and history.

How to install Google Chrome on Mac?

  • Get started by downloading the Chrome installer. Open any web browser, type “” in the address bar, and then press Enter.
  • Now, download Chrome for Mac> Save File > Click OK. Open your downloads folder and double click on the file “googlechrome.dmg“.
  • In the pop-up window, drag and drop the Google Chrome icon directly into the Applications folder below it.
  • You can now open Google Chrome from your Applications folder or using Apple’s Spotlight Search.

How to uninstall Google Chrome on Mac?

  • Make sure Chrome is off. You can do this by right-clicking on the Chrome icon and then selecting the “Skip” button.
  • Click on the “Applications” folder icon to access all your installed apps.
  • Put the “Google Chrome” icon in the Trash and drag it on.
  • macOS will keep Chrome files in some directories until you get them out of the trash. You can do this by right-clicking on the trash can and selecting “Empty Trash“.
  • Alternatively, you can open Finder, click on “Applications“. You will still need to right-click on the trash can and select “Empty Trash” to remove all files from your machine.

How to install Google Chrome on iPhone and iPad?

  • Open the app store for your iPhone or iPad by selecting the “App Store” icon.
  • Alternatively, you can use Spotlight Search to find the “App Store” and then click it when the icon appears.
  • Select the “Search” tab in the bottom right corner, and type “Chrome” in the top search bar. Touch the “Get” button next to Google Chrome, and then tap “Install“.
  • Enter your Apple ID password and then tap “Sign in” or confirm your identity with Touch ID or Face ID. Chrome will begin installing, and the icon will appear on your home screen when completed.

How to uninstall Google Chrome on iPhone and iPad?

  • Tap and hold the Chrome icon until the icon starts moving.
  • Contact the “X” that shows at the upper left of the Chrome symbol and afterward select “Delete“.
  • It will also remove all information, bookmarks, and history from your profile.

How to install Google Chrome on Android?

  • Google Chrome is pre-installed on most Android devices.
  • If for some reason it hasn’t been installed, open the “Play Store” icon in your apps list by swiping from the bottom of your screen to open your apps list.
  • Scroll down to select “Play Store” or search for it in the search bar at the top of your apps list.

Touch the search bar at the top and type “Chrome” and then tap Install> Accept.

How to uninstall Google Chrome on Android?

Because it is a default and pre-installed web browser on Android, Google Chrome cannot be installed. However, if you want to remove it from the list of apps on your device, you can disable Google Chrome instead.

  • To do so, open your “Settings” app by swiping down twice from the top of the screen to reveal the full notification menu, and then tap on the cog icon.
  • Alternatively, you can swipe down the screen to open the app drawer and scroll down to select “Settings“.
  • Next, select “Apps and notifications.”
  • If you don’t see Chrome under “Recently opened apps,” tap “View all apps.”

No matter what operating system you’re using, Google Chrome is one of the fastest and most used browsers around. Microsoft’s latest version of its Edge browser is also based on Google’s Chromium software.

Let us know where and how you install Chrome, and how we can make it easier for you to have a better browsing experience.

How to reinstall Chrome on Windows?

To install Chrome on Windows, close all your Google Chrome windows. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Start button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Start typing “Control Panel” as soon as the Start menu opens. When it suggests a control panel option, select it to open the window.
  3. Find the Programs menu and select Uninstall a program. You will at that point see a rundown of programs.
  4. Find the Google Chrome icon, and click the Uninstall button near the top of the window.
  5. Make sure you also delete browsing data when you ask. This will permanently delete all your bookmarks, history, cache, and other temporary files. Some of these are malfunctioning your Chrome, so they need to be deleted.
  6. Proceed with the uninstall process. Once you finish the browser, you can get the latest version online.
  7. Open another browser. You can use Microsoft’s default browser edge.
  8. Go here.
  9. Click the Download Chrome button.
  10. Wait for the download to finish.
  11. Go to the Downloads folder and start ChromeSetup.exe.
  12. Follow the instructions and proceed with the installation.

If you’ve followed all the steps correctly, you should have a brand new, working Google Chrome on Windows.

How to reinstall Google Chrome on Mac?

Reinstalling Google Chrome on your Mac follows a comparable methodology:

  • Open the Applications folder.
  • In the Applications window, search for the Google Chrome app. Sometimes it is easily visible in the Applications folder, but it can be moved to another directory. If you do not immediately appear in the applications, you can use the search bar to find the app immediately.
  • Click on the Google Chrome icon and drag and drop it into the Trash. This will remove Google Chrome from MacOS, yet not your profile information. You need to do this manually.
  • Click the Go menu and then select Go to Folder.
  • Type “/ Library / google” and select go.
  • A window containing the Google Software Update Directory will open.
  • Also, move the Google Software Update Directory to the Trash. This will remove all your customizations, bookmarks, and browsing history from Mac OS.

How to reinstall Google Chrome?

  1. Open Safari or any other non-Chrome browser that you have installed on your Mac.
  2. Type “
  3. Go to Download and then select for Personal Computer. The website will take you to the download page.
  4. Select the Download Chrome button and this installer will start downloading. You will need to agree to the rules before you begin.
  5. When the file finishes downloading, go to the download directory and find it – the file name should be googlechrome.dmg. You can wait a minute or two to download everything.
  6. Just drag and drop the Google Chrome icon into the Applications directory. It should install Google Chrome automatically, and it appears in the Applications folder.

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How to reinstall Google Chrome on iOS?

If you want to install Chrome on iOS, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Tap and hold the Google Chrome icon. All icons start shaking after a moment. You should see an ‘x‘ in the upper left corner of each icon.
  2. Select ‘x‘ and agree to remove Chrome and all of its data.
  3. Press the Home button to return to the normal screen.
  4. Find the App Store on your App menu.
  5. Type Google Chrome in the search bar.
  6. Tap Get and then tap Install. It will download and install the app on your device.

Do I need both Chrome and Google?

Google Chrome is a web browser. You need a web browser to open websites, but you don’t need Chrome.

Chrome is just like a stock browser for Android devices. In short, just leave things as they are until you like to experiment and prepare things to go wrong!

Will Uninstall Chrome Get Rid of Malware?

Chrome can help you with finding suspicious or undesirable projects on your computer. If Chrome finds an unwanted program, click Remove.

Chrome will evacuate the product, change a few settings to default, and turn off extensions. You can also check for malware manually.

Do I need both Chrome and Google?

Google Chrome is a web browser. You need a web browser to open websites, but you don’t need Chrome.

Chrome is just like a stock browser for Android devices. In short, unless you like to experiment and prepare things to go wrong, just leave things as they are!

Will uninstalling Chrome remove passwords?

After uninstalling Google Chrome, you ought to replace the substance of the new index with records from the old folder.

These files are used to keep history and passwords, so you don’t have to lose anything, but syncing is much easier than copying like that.

How do I uninstall Chrome and reinstall it?

  • Select “Apps” or “Applications“.
  • This will open a list of applications installed on your Android device. Tap “Chrome” in the list of apps.
  • This will open the Chrome app details screen.
  • Tap “Uninstall” or “Uninstall Updates“.
  • If you see “Uninstall” you will completely remove Chrome from your device.

Why shouldn’t you use Chrome?

Other reasons. Cookies and tracking are common problems not only in Chrome but in all browsers. Like cookies and tracking, the privacy format is common to all browsers, but each browser uses a different term for the same.

Using the Google Chrome browser provides an added benefit to Google for these factors.

Is Google Chrome Bad for Your Computer?

There is a problem with Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows, which is probably bad news for laptop users.

This can drastically affect battery life, and even slow down your computer. So, why is Chrome consuming your battery faster than other internet browsers? Idle, under windows, should be 15.625 mm.

How do I reinstall Google Chrome?

To install Chrome, you must go to the Play Store and search for Google Chrome.

Just tap Install, and then wait for the browser to be installed on your Android device.

How do I install Google Chrome on my computer?

To download to your Android device, click here, click install, and follow the instructions.

Although most Android phones are pre-installed with Chrome, you don’t need to download it. If you already have one, and an update is available, you’ll see an update button instead of an install.

How can I restore Google Chrome to my laptop?

At the bottom, click Advanced.

  1. Chromebook, Linux, and Mac: Under “Reset settings“, click Restore settings to their original defaults.
  2. Reset settings.
  3. Windows: Under “Reset and Cleanup“, click Reset Settings. Reset settings.

Will I lose my bookmarks if I reinstall Chrome?

  • C: \ Users \ <username> \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ Go to user data by default and back up bookmarks.
  • P.S: Normally when installed, Chrome Local Data will be saved. Therefore, your bookmarks will not be affected.

Will Uninstall Chrome Get Rid of Malware?

If you uninstall and reinstall Chrome.

As long as your Chrome browser settings are compatible, your Chrome browser will reconfigure according to your last settings.

Is Chrome Cleanup Tool Safe?

Downloading, installing, and using the Chrome Cleanup tool on Windows 10 and other editions including Windows 7 is 100% secure.

It is a legitimate software product designed to find and detect effective software Which prevents you from fully experimenting with the Chrome web browser.

How do I get rid of corrupted Chrome?

To open programs and features, press “CPL“. In the programs and features, locate Google Chrome in the application list, right-click on the entry and click Install.

Screen to complete the installation of Google Chrome. Follow the prompts and see if the process is successful.


What Would You Expect From Google Assistant Features?

Here are the best orders from Google Assistant Features that let you do everything from finding your phone to requesting pizza.

One of the things grabbing everyone’s attention these days is the built-in smart assistants. You are going to know more about Google Assistant Features.

For instance, Siri is owned by Apple, Amazon has got Alexa if you have none of these assistants then no need to worry because Google has its assistant.

If you have an Android smartphone or a tablet or even a Google Home device, then what else do you need, all these devices have built-in smart Google Assistant and Google Photos. Google Assistant is said to be smarter than the rest of the assistants.

But Google Assistant has not gathered the attention and value it deserves because the Google Assistant Features are as smart as Alexa.

Most of the people do not know what this voice-activated assistant is capable of doing and will prove to be very handy and useful in performing given tasks.

Google Assistant Features

To make sure you are getting most of your voice-activated assistant, here we have compiled a big list of the features possessed by the Google assistant that will help you make better use of it, and work it out more efficiently and in a way you have never imagined before.

Unlock your phone with Google Assistant

Google Assistant Features

Google Assistant responds to your voice command even when the screen of your Android phone is off, and you love it. What is hated by most of the people is entering the PIN or the fingerprint method that your phone requires to unlock your phone?

No need to do these extra steps to get your device unlocked, because the Google Assistant is here to help you. You can unlock your device just with the voice command given to the smart assistant.

All you need to do is go to the Google Assistant setting and select OK Google Detection followed by Trusted Voice.

Open apps with voice command

Google Assistant Features

Just imagine that you are busy with some work and all of a sudden you remember that you had to check your email or any other important notification on your phone.

All you have to do is say “OK Google Open email” or the name of the app you want to open. You will see the assistant working smartly and opening the very app you asked for.

This method can have used to open all of the apps on your phone including the ones that you have installed later and are not pre-installed plus the third-party apps as well.

Screen your phone calls

Google Assistant Features

Are you done with getting calls from telemarketers with automated messages and companies trying to sell you stuff? No need to worry anymore because your Google Assistant has got you all covered.

Google Assistant will deal with these undesired and irritating phone calls and send them out for you. The Call screen feature which is possessed by the latest Pixel phone will have the Google Assistant receive the phone calls on behalf of you.

Even better, an onscreen transcript of the call will appear so that you can see whether the call is coming from someone you can safely ignore. If the call is from the Telemarketer, you can simply mark the number as spam and pass on.

This feature is only owned by the Latest Pixel phone first, but Google says that through the software update the earlier ones will also have access to the new features, which is great news.

Find your way and check on traffic updates

Google Assistant Features

Drawing on the sheer breadth of information at Google’s search engine fingertips, it’s safe to say Google Assistant has a lot of potential uses, including the ability to find the best route to a certain location.

Information will be drawn and the best routes will be shown by the Google Maps that will be based on your current location and all you will need to say is “Get me Home to your voice-activated assistant.

You can get the latest information on diversions and closures and updates on traffic can also be checked with your Google Assistant.  This feature is especially useful if you primarily use Google Assistant on the move.

Get suggestions to find a better place for an outing

Google Assistant Features

Let us imagine that it is weekend and you and your friends have made a quick plan for an outing. All of you just jumped into the car and now you have no idea where to go to eat or have fun.

No worries because Google Assistant is here for your help. You can easily find out a lush place to eat whatever you are in the mood for.

All you need to do is say ” show me nearby restaurants” and boom the voice assistant will bomb you with cool suggestions of restaurants near to where you are at.

Google Assistant gives you a list of restaurant names with the establishments’ star ratings; tap on a listing to get the address, directions, and a link for calling the restaurant.

Create a shopping list with the voice command

Google Assistant Features

The voice-activated Google assistant is developed and designed in a way that will help you with everyday stuff. So it makes sense that you can even make a shopping list, which a usual but crucial thing to do, by just making use of your voice.

You will no more be scrabbling for a piece of paper (only to lose it) or be type one out in your drafts. You only need to say “add whatever item to my shopping list.

Not only does Google Assistant collate all those items into one place, but it will also even read back what’s on your currently saved list to ensure you haven’t left anything out, enabling you to go about your day with one less thing to worry about.

Link your Drive and Gmail with Google Assistant

Google Assistant Features

There is a great chance that if you are using Google Assistant then you might be making use of other Google things like Gmail and Google Drive. So why not link them together so you can get the best of everything.

If Gmail is being used as your work account, for certain keywords you can ask the advantage to check the emails through. Or you can also ask the Assistant to bring up the important appointment that you added in your Calendar app.

You can ask the Google Assistant to make notes in Google to keep the app, so you can easily type something important while you are busy doing something else.

This feature will prove to be very useful when you are doing something and have an email to go through or the ones you have not responded to yet.

Test your skills

Test your skills

Whatever is on your mind just name it and Google Assistant will find a quiz on that topic. Gamers can say “Talk to Video Games Quiz,” while those interested in culture and history can try “Talk to Indian Culture Quiz.” Google can even quiz you on tech-company CEOs: Say “Talk to Company Quiz.”

The track of your score will be kept by the Google Assistant and it will let you know at the end of the test hope well you did.

Have Google Assistant read your latest headlines

Google Assistant Features

Life is going so fast these days and we do not even have time for ourselves so reading the news will be something very time taking for us. Just sit back and relax because Google Assistant is here to read the news headlines for you.

It might not be a known and obvious feature for people but all you need to say is “Play the news” and your Assistant will start reading the news for you from the news source preferred by you.

You can ask the Google Assistant to stop, pause, or play any time you want. You can even ask the voice-activated assistant to read the news from some specific media site or news source you prefer more.

Google Assistant reading your news every morning is a great way to keep yourself updated, while you can still eat your breakfast and find your socks so you do not get late from work or college.

Get good news

Get good news

Are you also done with listening to all the relentless and never-ending negative news? Get some relief with your Google Assistant. All you have to do is tell your Google Assistant ” Tell me something good” and the voice-activated assistant will provide you with a brightened up news story. You can also click on the link provided to know more about that news.

Sports scoresGoogle Assistant Features

Google now which is one of the best Android launchers has been pretty good when it comes down to delivering the sports score of the games played on the same days.

Google now says that the Google Assistant has leveled up and is better than the Google Now in telling the users about the sports score.

Your voice-activated Google Assistant not only informs you about the games score played on the same but you can also know about the previous games as well.

Not only this the smart assistant will also let you know the game timings of tomorrow’s game.

To find out who won the football game played yesterday, all you need to go is press the home button and say ” who won the Broncos-Texans game yesterday?” and Google Assistant will let you know.

Ask your Google Assistant, “Who won the NFL game yesterday?” and you will be shown the list of all of the games of NFL that were played the day before.

Your Assistant, Your very own weather forecaster

Your Assistant, Your very own weather forecaster

Are you planning to get out of the house and enjoy the weekend by going on a picnic in a park near your house? Do you fear that the weather might not turn out to be nice and might ruin your picnic and a day with your family?

No need to worry, your smartphone is right in front of you and will help you plan the picnic on a nice day. Grab your weather forecaster, your very own Google Assistant which will tell you if the coming weekend or whatever day you have planned to go out, will be rainy or humid or sunny or cold.

Your Google Assistant can be pretty versatile. You can easily ask it “How will the weather be this weekend?” and it will give a forecast for the weekend.

Or ask it ” What is the update on the weather outside?” and it will give you an overview of the current weather conditions.

Voice messages

Voice messages

If you are at work and you would have to work late today and you are worried about your kids, you need to tell them that you will come home late. No need to worry about it.

You can easily send voice messages to your Google Home speakers at home through your voice-activated Google Assistant so your family will be able to reply to your voice message.

Google Assistant can also put the voice into words or in the text form just in case someone would prefer reading it.

Reserve movie tickets

Reserve movie tickets

Using Google Assistant, you can search for movies based on the title, who’s starring, and what’s playing in the theatres near you.

By selecting one of the showtimes, you can then book a ticket through Fandango. You no more have to wait in the long lines.

Play your favorite music

Play your favourite music

While you are on some kind of road trip and you are out of things to talk about. Why not just play your squad’s favorite song so you can sing along and enjoy your time?

Without the need to unlocking and holding your phone in your hands simply tell your Google Assistant to “play music” or whatever is the name of your favorite song and get the party started in the middle of the road.

To strike up the band, simply say, “OK, Google,” followed by “play music” or “sing a song.” Look out for disruption in playback if you have too many devices authorized on your Play Music service (you can have up to 10 devices max) or if you have yet to set Google Assistant to unlock your Pixel.

Is Google Assistant secure?

Yes, Google Assistant is very secure. Your sensitive data will never go to hackers. Or at least that’s what I think.

How can I prevent Google from collecting data from my Android phone, even though I’m able to update systems and apps through the Google Play Store?

Does Google spy on us?

Google spies on us in many different ways.

It is very personal and spying. Google has stepped up their spying to the point where it has been shown in court that they can finally find out if you changed the computer according to your pattern, even if you did it under your name. ۔

Does Google Assistant always listen?

Turning off OK Google or Google Assistant on your Android phone does nothing for your other devices like tablet or Google Home device. Plus, if you search by voice in Chrome, Google can still keep voice data.

What are the key features of Google?

  • Added personal review page to the assistant app. …
  • Control the use of your data. …
  • You don’t need “OK Google” before every conversation with a home device. …
  • Improves transparency and control over the information in your Google Account.

What are the features of the Google search engine?

Search Analytics:

One of the popular features of Google Search Console is Search Analytics.

It tells you a great deal about how to get natural traffic from Google. It also offers important search metrics from the website, including clicks by clicks, impressions, rankings, and rates.

Does Google read my text?

Google Assistant or “OK ​​Google” was reading text messages aloud without any problems.

Google Assistant will no longer read aloud SMS from Tektra or other third party SMS apps.

It will now and then read so anyone might hear SMS from Google’s Android Messages and Samsung Messages applications.


Top 10+ Best Android Launchers 2020

Android’s dominance over other mobile operating systems is mostly due because of the customization openings it gives to its clients. Mobile launchers are the most adjustable pieces of Android. Wanna have the Best Android Launchers 2020?

Before we start the guide on one of the best Android launchers, we should first know what an Android launcher is.

The way you put your apps in order, the way you manage them, and also how you interact with the apps inside your Android smartphone is termed as a launcher.

That is why today I would like to share with you about Top 10+ Best Android Launchers of 2020.

Android launchers enable you to make changes and customize your phone as much as you want with a wide variety of options provided.

A good bomber can completely modify your phone on a better level.

Top 10+ Best Android Launchers of 2020

You can change the look and feel with different icons and themes and also add new functionality such as smart folders and search assistants. Launchers usually consist of a series of home screens, where we can arrange app shortcuts and widgets and an app drawer.

Even though, right now, your smartphone already has a launched pre-installed in it. But you will also find an endless range of the third party the Android Launchers also function even better than the ones already installed in your Android phone.

People might claim to have found the best launcher of all, but that is not possible. People use their phones differently, so there is a possibility that one bomber, the Android Launchers is my favorite, might not suit your needs.

So just in case if you have not found yourself a good launcher that you rely upon, then you have come to the right place. Here we have compiled a list of one of the best bombers that will suit and become favorite of every type of Android phone user.


20 Best Tips of Google Photos Features You Need To Know

Google Photos is a photo management system that you can use for free to sync high-resolution images and videos, as it provides unlimited storage. Google Photos Features.

Though it may seem to be an image hosting service it is more solid than you think it is.

It bridges the gap between cloud storage, image hosting, and image sharing services, giving tough competition to Flickr, iCloud, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

You can back up photos by using Google Photos and it does not matter whether you use an Android or Apple. You can still get access to Google Photos as it is available on both Android and iOS.

You can see the backed up of synced photos later from anywhere through the web to see what is in your library. You can choose for high quality which is which means photos up to an ample 16-megapixel limit and HD videos up to 1080p.

If you opt for any quality higher than this, that will be counted on your Google Drive storage. So here is a list of features and services that you might already not know. There is a lot more you can do with Google Photos. Take a look at the list of features below.

Auto back up

Auto back up

It is built-in, in all of the  Android smartphones, and if it is not present you can download it on your mobile phone or computer from the play store as it is available as an app.

To save the storage space in your smartphone, you can set up the auto back up program which will automatically back up or sync your photos and videos in high quality.

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Effortless photos and videos uploads

Effortless photos and videos uploads

It is very simple and painless to upload your photos and videos on it. With making use of drag and drop interface you can also upload pictures and videos in very high quality. putting aside the auto-sync or auto back up program.

As long as the browser has a tab opened tagged with URL, an unlimited number of photos and videos, or even a folder of imaged and videos can be dropped into the tab. The drop will save your time by initiating the upload of all the files at the same time.

Once you have uploaded the pictures, there are a couple of things that can be done to them. You can utilize the images the way you want or like, plus you can also share them on Facebook or Twitter with your friends and family.

You can also create albums or share a link pointing to the photos, or you can also tell stories by making use of the photos you uploaded.

Search your photos by the location or people in it

The photos you have uploaded or have been backed up automatically will be arranged by Google Photos according to the location they were taken on or the date they were clicked on.

It can easily recognize the subjects in your photos and videos, by making use of its advanced image recognition and Google’s large database of information,

You can search for anything in your photos, it could be a wedding that you’re attended or pictures from your holiday or vacation. It could be photos on your dog, cat, or any pet you own, it could even by pictures of food you took at some restaurant.

At the bottom right you can see the search icon which can be pressed and type whatever you want to find whether it be your car or food or pet, click the enter or search and Google Photos will easily fetch you all the photos related to what you searched for.

Photos are grouped some complex image processing technique which is employed by the Google Photos app. You can the auto grouped photos in the main search interface.

The category these pictures have been auto grouped in to depends upon the type of things you click pictures of. These groups or categories could be the people you meet or the place you visited on your holiday or an object like food, car, etc.

Group and label similar faces together

Group and label similar faces together

It creates models of the faces in your photos to group similar faces. This allows you to search for people in your photo library like Brother or Mom.

These face groups and the label will only appear in your account and not in with everyone you share your photos with, they will stay private only to your account.

You can easily create a label for a face group and click at “who is this?” which can be seen at the top of the face group. Enter the name of the person in the photos or any nickname you want, so later you search that label by typing it in the search box.

You can also change or remove the label with the help of the option given in the menu. If there’s more than one face group for the same person, you can merge them. Label one of the face groups with a name, then label the other face group with the same name.

No extra image copies or duplicates

Once you have uploaded the photos and videos or it has automatically been backed up by Google Photos, then it will automatically remove the copied of the images in your phones. This way to save or free up a lot of storage in your phone this way.

Formerly this option was only available when your photos were backed up only with Full original images, which will cost you storage in Google Drive. But now it is available in High quality with unlimited storage too.



Another feature that is cool and worth mentioning here is its Assistant.  This feature will go through your images for similarities through various aspects and find relationships among your photos.

It will present you with a compiled version of your photos and provides you with the option of whether to save the compilation in your Photo Library or not.

Another important function performed by this Assistant is that it will provide you with information about how much space is left, and prompt you to free up your phone storage by deleting the photos and videos already backed up by Google Photos.

Image Editor

Image Editor

It also features a decent photo editor that will help you enhance your photos with the tools provided.

To get started with editing simply click on the image you would like to edit first. At the top right you can see the edit icon which looks more like a pencil. In the mobile version, the edit option can be seen below the image.

By clicking on the edit option you will be brought a new tool-bar with the help of which you can make basic changes in your photos. You can crop the image, adjust the shades, brightness, and color contrast of it.

In addition to the basic edition connect tg that can be done, you can also put some awesome filters and magic effects, like those provided on Instagram, to make your images look more appealing.

Once you are okay with the result and all that the image has turned out to be you can easily save it.

Photo compression

Photo compression

Lastly, another feature that I think is less noticeable on the surface is the image compression. The image size is compressed once the photos have been uploaded on it.

Once you have uploaded you can download it later and you will find out that the image size is smaller than the original one you uploaded. A photo initially 11.2 MB will become only 2.4 MB, which is an almost 80% compression rate. For comparison, JPEG Mini compression-only could bring the same photo down to 3.2 MB.

Aside from storing photos, it is a great tool for web developers to optimize their photos on their website for speed.

Offline mode

Offline mode

If you run out of your monthly data package or you can not connect to WiFi, you can still use Google Photos with ease. If you have put up for the Backup and Sync setting then the photos and videos you click while you are offline will be backed up once you’re connected to WiFi again.

You’ll see an upload icon on photos and videos that are waiting to be backed up, and if you haven’t backed up your photos for days or weeks, the app will notify you periodically.

Gallery view

Gallery view

You might know of course how you can pinch to zoom in and zoom out of a picture, but fortunately, you can do more with making use of this.

By default, the app will show you photos in the regular view with the thumbnails arranged, but they are more options with which you can shift to the monthly view or the “Comfortable view” which will show your photos with full length and width on the screen.

By only pinching in and out of your device you can choose between the option give of these views. You can even pinch in on an image in a view to open it in as an individual image and pinch out on a full-screen image to go back to the image list. You can also swipe up or down on the full image which will perform the same function as pinching in or out.

Ease in photo selection

For a second image to select hundreds of your photos in your gallery by tapping on every single of them to add them in your photo batch at the end.

Fortunately, that is not the case with this as it will let you select more than one photo at a single time. While going through images in this app, start selecting your photos, long press on any one of your pictures, and start dragging.

Then without lifting your finger, drag upward, downward, or sideways. By this process, you will be able to select more photos by saving your time and without lifting your finger.

On the Web, you can also have the ease of selecting multiple photos by pressing the Shift key while you’re dragging the cursor down your photos. You can make use of the Cntrl key to select your images one by one.

High-Quality setting

High-Quality setting

  • You should make sure that your setting plan is to the “High-quality setting” before you upload your photos. If the setting is selected to save in “Original“, which is another option that you will be given,
  • Then your photos will be saved to Google Drive instead of Google Photos.

You might not like the other option given, as Google Drive offers limited storage as compared to google Photos which will provide you with unlimited storage.

When you log in to Google Photos through your smartphone then you will be provided the settings to use the app for the first time by Google. But if you are logging in through the Web you might not find the settings in the starting and they will be hidden beneath the “…” > Settings menu.

Sorting of photos and videos

Sorting of photos and videos

The layout and streamlined view that you get with Google Photos is extremely handy, as your photos and videos are sorted by the months you have clicked them on.

The days of searching tirelessly through your massive amount of photos are over.

Create your GIF

Create your GIF

You can create your animated GIF which is a new feature that has been introduced by Google. Your GIF can be created just by snapping a few photos of yours in sequence.

The Phhhoto can do the same and owns this creating your GIF features too, but now this feature is integrated into the most smoothly running photo organizing app ever, which is, of course.

Interactive Timeline

Interactive Timeline

Who would not like to have a cool animated timeline? Well everyone doe of course.

Most importantly when the timeline contains all of your favorite awesome photos and video memories. You can relive your favorite time you had in the past by looking at all of your favorite photos in series.

While charging only

While charging only

The regular option you get to upload photos and videos is that you will use your WiFi or mobile data for that. Google has provided you with another option too though which is charging only.

If you switch to this option given, then your photos and videos will be uploaded only when your phone is on charge or connected to any other external power source.

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So if you are on your holiday trip or enjoying your vacation you would not need to get worried about your smartphones or device’s battery life.

Backing up photos from other apps

Backing up photos from other apps

This app is, of course, handy, but the thing is that it only backs up or sync photos and videos that are taken by the default camera app of your smartphone. But it is not that you can not back up photos from other apps.

It also allows you to back up photos from WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber and so many other of the Android apps. All you need to know is that where do those apps save the images after they have been clicked.

To sync photos from others, open the Google Photos app on your Android smartphone, tap on the left corner of the screen where you will the hamburger type looking menu icon.

Click on the “Device folders” which will appear after you click on the menu option. You will see different folders holding images from various apps like Facebook, Instagram, messaging apps, and Screenshots.

You will see folders from which you can choose which folders you would want to include or exclude, from the backup process going on. If you do not want to make a mess in your Google Photos account by backing up photos from the Screenshot folder, for instance, you can easily turn the folder off.

And if you want all those cute filtered Instagram images, tap the cloud icon and it’ll scan that folder in the future.

Bring back your deleted photos

Bring back your deleted photos

Let’s say you got a little trigger happy with the above gestures and accidentally deleted the wrong photos. Or you have changed your mind after tapping the Delete button and you want all of those photos of your back.

Well, no need to worry about it as Google have you saved this time. Google will keep these photos for you up to 60 days in the trash, just in case you change your mind and want them back.

All you have to do is navigate to the trash folder, touch and hold the photo you want to undelete and tap the restore arrow in the top right-hand corner.

You can also delete those photos permanently by deleting them from the trash as well, only then you would not be able to get access to them. Select the delete icon again after you are done marking the photos that you want to get rid of forever.

In case the photos and video you deleted appear again, try using your smart phone’s gallery app to delete those photos. The photos or video you tried to delete might be on a removable memory card in your device.

Download all your photos at once

Download all your photos at once

It’ desktop uploader is a one-way client, unlike the Dropbox we use. With it you can not down; load all of your photos and videos at once from it.

To download all of your images from Google’s servers in just one fell swoop, at once, you can make use of Google Takeout. After logging in to your Google account move on to the Google Takeout.

Click on the Google Photos and select all the albums that you would want to download. Without tapping on every single photo of yours in Google Photos, you can download all of them by doing this as a ZIP file.

Link Google Photos and Google Drive together

Link Google Photos and Google Drive together

When it comes down to using different cloud applications, one of the major issues you would face is the compatibility of all these cloud apps. Fortunately, you would not face this problem when it comes to Google Photos and Google Drive because both of them work in perfect sync.

Google Photos can even reside inside your Google Drive root folder and function just like a regular folder of Google Drive. This feature can be enabled in Drive, simply navigate into the drive settings from the browser, and check “Automatically put your Google Photos into a folder in My Drive.”

Now all your photos and videos reside inside your Drive in a folder named “Google Photos” which can be accessed from any platform.

to view or edit photos in Google Photos that have been stored in the Drive, click the hamburger menu on the top left corner, and choose “Show Google Drive photos and videos in your Photos Library”.

One added advantage of using Google Drive along with Photos is that you can share or insert photos into Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Send images and video to Gmail

Send images and video to Gmail

You can not access Google Photos from your Gmail account. But if you have your Google Photos and Drive both linked together then there is no problem.

Photos and videos can easily be attached from this in an email message that you want to send. Simply click the “Insert from Drive” option in Gmail, then navigate to the folder.

You can do this with YouTube, too. Head to the YouTube Upload Page and there’s an option to import clips straight from this into your YouTube channel, where you can title, tag, and share them as required.

Do Google Images have editing features?

Edit photo

It is a great app for editing smartphone photos. You can rotate and crop photos, adjust light levels and colors, or use built-in filters to enhance your photos to share with friends and family or post on social media. Tap on the image you want to edit.

What’s the catch with Google Photos?

Google Photos has a new catch in unlimited video storage. You can store unlimited video files in compressed format for free using Google Photos. However, now some video file formats will be included in your Google Drive quota, instead of being free and unlimited.

Are my photos automatically saved in Google Photos?

With ‘Backup and Sync’ enabled, your camera roll will be automatically, permanently, and securely uploaded to Google’s servers.

Here you can also resize uploads and mobile data settings. Since it’s a Google administration, Android device clients have a bigger number of alternatives than their iOS partners.

Can I hide a photo in Google Photos?

You can use the Google Photos Archive feature to hide your private photos.

This feature is available to all Android, iOS, and web users who can easily separate their private photos and videos from the main album. Once the menu opens, you’ll see the Archive option there.

Can Google detect photo duplicates?

Google Photos can easily detect duplicate photos and will stop uploading them if an image has been uploaded before.

Your picture documents may have various names and may reside in various folders on your hard disk, however, the administration will still recognize duplicates and remove them from the upload queue.

Will Google Images last forever?

Google will keep your photos as long as your account is active. Either way, you can call it forever until someone periodically logs into an account (Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Photos, etc.).