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Google Assistant VS Apple Siri

As we know, like every other product launched by Apple, Siri is only compatible with iOS devices that’s why Google assistant VS Apple Siri.

On the other hand, Google Assistant has a lot of advantages over Siri as it works seamlessly with both Android and iOS-compatible devices.

Every other great name is trying to come up with a better and more efficient assistant than the previous ones or the ones they are competing with.

You could say that there is a pile of assistants in the market and everyone wants you to buy theirs. But having given all these enormous numbers of choices makes it quite hard to choose which one to opt for that suits your needs the best.

The most popular ones are of course Apple’s Siri which has set the track for others to come up with their assistants and the second one is Google Assistant.

We could say they are pretty much similar as both of them offer almost the same features and capabilities and each one of them has its strengths and weaknesses.

As we know like every other product launched by Apple, Siri is also compatible with only iOS-supporting devices. Google Assistant, on the other hand, has an edge over Siri as it works flawlessly with both Android and iOS-compatible devices.

Google Assistant has more of a, what we call less natural and more of a robotic accent. Siri on the other side allows you to choose between American, Australian, and British accents.

Choosing between either of these assistants could be a tough call if you are not just looking for a smart speaker that offers great sound quality and a price that is within your budget.

Since you are not just purchasing to talk to a virtual being or a jukebox there might be a lot of things you would like to consider when you choose between them.

Surely you would want your assistant to remind you where you have put your passport or take control of the smart appliances in your kitchen or even adjust the temperature of the room according to your wish.

Google Assistant VS Apple Siri

Here we are going to place Google Assistant and Siri for a head to head comparison which will help you choose the assistant that fulfills all your needs and that contains all the quality features you would like in your smart speaker or assistant.

Below we have compared both of them in different features and aspects and let you know which one of the assistants has an edge over the other. So, in the end, you can just go for the features and capabilities that matter to you the most.

Here you are!


Google Assistant VS Apple Siri

So the first thing you look up to when it comes down to AI assistants is access and response. Google and Siri have long been into this race of being ahead of one another that which one is going to control your smart home the best way.

In the race of response, Google seems to score solid points in being a smart virtual assistant who would answer many of your queries and commands in the quickest time and best way which would satisfy you for sure.

Google Assistant:

If you look upon Google Assistant’s ability to respond and access the information you are asking for, it proves to be quite efficient.

When I tested these virtual assistants to see who is best in what, I came down to the conclusion that in Math and trivia Google was quite impressive.

Like if you don’t just want your virtual assistant to respond to your commands in your smart home, but also to be a help in your queries then Google would be quite a good choice I’d say because it is best in smart homes set up and ease of use.

Google has this bingo point of being assessable by iOS as well as the android users. It is also working on launching the quick assistant widget which would make access more easy and efficient.

This widget will be accessible from both notification shades as well as the lock screen and home screen. Plus, there is also a 3D touch action to start the assistant.

Apple Siri:

In the access game, Apple’s Siri gives quite a kick-off! In comparison to Google’s assistant, Apple’s Siri has got this massive home-court advantage that it is super easy to start the assistant and make it respond to your command.

This digital assistant is baked into iOS on a core level that means it is accessible from anywhere. Whether you are using the app, you can easily use and command it from there.

Or if you have opened your home screen or what if it is locked? No problemo! Because Apple’s Siri assistant is only on a click and holds ago. You can easily open it by holding the home button for a while and here you go!

When it comes down to quick response, Apple’S Siri is just on a call ago because this digital assistant is always listening and as soon as you say, “Hello Siri!” the very instance you are going to get a quick response.


Google Assistant VS Apple Siri

The virtual assistants are mainly assigned to being helpful in daily life. You can get many tasks and duties done by your virtual assistant.

By simply accessing through an app or by holding your home button for a while and boom! You are ready to get any of your tasks performed by your assistant.

If you want to have your small easy tasks done in your daily routine such as calling a person, sending an SMS, or setting up an alarm, these virtual assistants are making your life easier day by day by helping you in these little tasks. These are becoming a part of our daily life making it easy for us.

Google Assistant:

The plus point Google Assistant gets again here is that it is operative by the Google Assistant App and by both Android and iOS users.

The Google Assistant helps you set your routines by proposing several options in its settings which makes it easier for you to do your functions daily in the same manner without directing it again and again.

The Google Assistant is one “Hello Google” away from performing the tasks you will command it to do.

From setting alarm, to removing shutters and heating your kettle in the morning, Google Assistant would do everything you ask for in your smart home and manage it making your life a lot easier.

Do you keep on forgetting where you put your car keys? Or you often forget your wallet while leaving home? It’s not a headache anymore! Google Assistant is here to make you remind where your stuff is once you tell it where you put it.

And the next time you are in tension and ask it “Google where is my wallet?” and Tadaa! It will tell you the exact place you told it and put your wallet at. Do you see it? Google Assistant makes your life many lots easier by helping you with daily routine tasks!

Apple Siri:

Apple’s Siri also manages your routines but calls it “shortcuts”. The thing here is that Apple’s Siri is only operative in iOS devices. It can have operated by iPad, iPhones, Apple Watch, or HomePod.

Still, unfortunately, macOS is not on the list of its supporting devices. Another drawback linked to its unavailability on Android or Amazon platforms is that you also cant find its Shortcut app anywhere else other than the Apple Store.

In Siri’s Shortcuts, many actions are comprised such as starting the timer, adding things to the clipboard, setting alarms, getting the time to drive to a place, and much more.

The voice response of Siri was questioned and degraded which lead Apple to push their hands back from calling it the best virtual assistant.

When this digital assistant was commanded by saying “HI, Siri!” to check its response and accuracy the contractors all around the world heard a small subset of recording when the Siri was commanded which raised privacy issues.

After this, Apple decided to suspend Siri grading worldwide as they aim to deliver a great Siri experience and nothing less.


Google Assistant VS Apple Siri

When virtual assistants were first launched back in 2011 they were not integrated with any other software rather they functioned solely.

Today, AI Assistants don’t work that way with single devices anymore. Instead of it, they have programmed a whole new ballgame now in which they are working across an entire ecosystem.

Google Assistant:

Google Assistant works with all the Google devices such as Chromecast, Android phones, and of course Google Home.

Lately, a big gun announcement has been heard which says that the third-party hardware manufacturers would be able to access and integrate the Google Assistant into their devices which means that there possibly is going to be a much larger ecosystem of Assistant in near future.

Google has been quite blowing its own trumpet about how Assistant can work on multiple devices. You can easily run your Assistant with this beauty of Chromecast which displays visual results from a Google Home.  This ability of Assistant suggests more of a universal experience than Siri.

Apple Siri:

Apple Siri scores a point here but with some drawbacks too. If you have an Apple watch, or a Mac, or an Apple Television then you can use Siri on it because this assistant exists on a variety of hardware platforms.

That’s about the extent of it. Apple’s Siri largely exists as separate things on different platforms.

For example, you can not use the native Siri on your iPhone to make a call on Apple TV or use Siri on your Apple TV to make a call. Well, that’s kind of a drawback.

Another disappointment is that you can control your smart home utilities with Siri but only if their manufacturer supports Apple HomeKit and you will just need an iPad or an Apple TV as a hub.


Google Assistant VS Apple Siri

Of course, a virtual assistant would be proving itself to be some good if it helps you in things. At this point, there are some basic table stakes that both of the platforms have achieved such as basic queries of weather and sports score, timers, alarms and calendar reminders, etc.

Google Assistant:

Google Assistant can do a lot of stuff such as you can play videos on YouTube, add reminders & events through Google calendar, and send e-mails through your Gmail.

Adding its plus points, Google has got its whole knowledge graph available the breadth of information it can give an answer is wider than that of Siri’s. The queries of weather, stocks, and maps, etc are answered smoothly by this AI assistant.

Google Assistant comes ahead of Siri when it comes down to understanding words and responding quickly with experience and authenticity.

Apple Siri:

The specialty Siri holds here is that it can answer more advanced queries like telling you the time difference between two states, or the price of gasoline in Las Vegas, typically drawing on resources like Wikipedia or Wolfram Alpha.

Most of Siri’s functional performance advantages; things like opening apps or sending messages; stem from the aforementioned platform advantages than any essential usefulness to Siri itself.


Google Assistant VS Apple Siri

Answering questions isn’t the only job of these virtual assistants and the job neither ends there. These assistants also need to actively do things for you to make your life easier.

None of the platforms have become outclass at this yet, but it is something to keep an eye on shortly as both of the assistants are becoming mature by the time.

Google Assistant:

There are still some tasks that Siri can and Assistant cant does, for example summoning an Uber.

But as predicted and mentioned before, Google seems to hold high hopes for what can eventually be done by the Assistant in near future, like ordering lunch or sending flowers, but right now things are still quite limited.

Google Assistant can prove to be a huge leg up on Siri if Google and the third-party developers it needs to jump on board can ship some of the integrations show off this year at I/O.

Apple Siri:

Apple’s Siri is quite an assortment when it comes down to performing tasks for you.

Siri would offer to perform some tasks completely by itself but in some of them, you would have to get involved yourself to complete it. That’s pretty much what it can offer.

Take an example, if you want to learn about movie times or restaurant reservations through OpenTable or Fandango it will do that for you but it will still fall on you to complete the task in the end.


Google Assistant VS Apple Siri

Whether it is Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri, both have got their strengths, weaknesses, and quirks.

So you must be asking yourself which one is better for you in performing a bit complex task? Well, that depends on a whole host of factors which comes down to test their ability to perform a given task.

Google Assistant:

Google Assistant proves to be quite efficient in performing complex unusual tasks.

When experimented, the results proved that Google’s performance had quite impressive in fulfilling and bringing the results which you would want or require from it.

When some assistants had asked to provide the information related to Chinese restaurants that provide good food near the current location, all assistants easily provided the information but Google Assistant had the only one who managed to find the places which serve lasagna.

Google Assistant also serves to book a table at a nearby restaurant for you.

Apple Siri:

If you want to judge the ability of Apple’s Siri in performing complex and difficult tasks then you can easily look upon this experiment about which we previously mentioned.

Apple’s Siri was able to find the Chinese restaurant nearby but wasn’t smart enough to book a table there because it is bound to be linked only with the Apple devices.

Apple’s Siri is unable to find routes in India and also it isn’t quite efficient in giving solid time estimates to reach the destiny. When asked for a dish’s recipe, Siri simply brought some web searches which wasn’t well impressive as compared to the video results the Google Assistant brought.


Google Assistant VS Apple Siri

Music is a strong scoring point for all the assistants. Both Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri integrate with its company’s music service and in some cases mingle with third-party offerings as well.

You would have to look upon some tests which had carried to see whether which virtual assistant is going to prove itself best in providing music and hunting podcasts, and chose according to your preferences.

Google Assistant:

Upon some conducted tests, it turned out that Google Assistant played the music track I didn’t even have in my playlist and even I hadn’t subscribed to any music service yet it played hat track and some others of the same singer.

Google Assistant also supports Apple music but on iOS devices. It also supports other music services other than Google Play such as Deezer, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube Music which was far more than what Apple’s Siri can provide in this race.

Google Assistant can communicate with any Chromecast-connected speaker and efficiently hunt and provide you with your desired podcast. AmazeInvent

Apple Siri:

Apple’s Siri seems to have quite bound and restricted in this race of providing music and podcast with varieties as Google Assistant can do.

Since Apple’s Siri has integrated with its company’s music service, it did not seem to be providing music or podcast from other than its service.

Apple’s Siri can play music and podcast for you on speaker and through your Apple TV. Siri is not quite diversified hence it falls far behind in this race than Google Assistant.


Google Assistant VS Apple Siri

The fusion with home entertainment equipment is one of the coolest features of these Virtual assistants.  Both the Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri have their points to score in a variety of different ways.

The integration of AI assistants with your smart home devices proves to be quite a help for you in your daily life.

It performs various functions for you such as switching on and off the television, opening apps, playing music and podcasts, surfing and bringing out shows which you like and asked for, playing and pausing, and hence much more.

Google Assistant:

Google Assistant can control playback for you on your Chromecast-connected home devices. It also takes hold of controlling your television containing Chromecast.

Google Assistant can also control your home devices using a third-party intermediary. Google Assistant can handle your requests for showtime at your nearby theaters.  It has got a good approach to improving the state of art but we are still a little way offs from purchasing tickets totally by voice.

Apple Siri:

After the recent update, Apple’s Siri can have used on your iPhone or the HomePad to control music and podcast playback on an Apple TV or AirPlay speakers.

But sadly, Siri isn’t able to handle any other function such as turning off and on a device, playing videos, and opening apps.

The new line of Apple TV has got built-in Siri via the remote so you can do much more such as skip around in a video, turning the captions on, opening apps. The Apple TV Siri offers no third-party integration and things become quite inconvenient when you can’t find a remote.

What’s better than Google Assistant or Siri?

Siri and Alexa dominate Google Assistant capabilities. According to new research, Google is the best and most supportive of smartphones.

Siri understood 99.8% of the questions and gave 83.1% correct answers, while Alexa understood 99.9% and gave 79.9% correct answers on time.

Does Google Assistant work on iPhone?

Download Google Assistant from the App Store. It supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and requires iOS 9.1 or higher.

After you answer, Google Assistant asks how this might be helpful and prompts you to allow access to the microphone so you can chat with the app by tapping the microphone icon.

How do I add Google Assistant to Siri?

Just go to the App Store, type in Google Assistant, and you know the drill.

Next, we’re going to add the Google Assistant trigger command “OK Google” in Siri.

To do this you’ll open the app, click the icon in the bottom right corner and then mesh the Add button at the top of the next screen.


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