How to Use Google Translate to Italian? 5+ Best Apps

Google Translate is perhaps the best thing that people can download on their phones, especially when they are learning new languages. Have you ever used Google translate to Italian?

This app not only translates languages right away, but it can also translate the text on images that people don’t understand.

How to Use Google Translate to Italian?

Google Translate to Italian

Google Translate is very easy to use. Whether a person wants to translate Italian into English or any other language, they simply have to choose from the settings found at the top.

First choose Italian as the language, from which the translator will translate, and then choose the language in which you want it to be translated. Now, enter the text by copy/paste, and the app will give you a translation right away.

Google Translate to Italian

If the Italian phrase is on a picture, just upload that picture on the app, highlight the text, and the app will translate it right away. The reason why most people like to use this app is that it is very accurate and easy to use.

5+ Best Apps Google Translate to Italian

Italian English Translator

Google Translate to Italian


This app is developed by Green Life Apps, which are known for making translation apps in other languages as well. This app supports Italian, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and many others and reasons to use google translate to Italian.

The best feature of this app is that it has an offline dictionary, which you won’t find in Google translate.

Some of the other good features include:

  • Word of the Day-this makes learning a language easier, as a person gets to learn one word, and retain it
  • Sentence correction-could be helpful for those who are writing Italian for the first time
  • Voice recognition for major languages
  • Email and SMS translation-if you have received an email in Italian, but don’t know what to do with it, then this is the translation app that will answer your prayers
  • Copy and paste the Italian to English translation to other apps
  • Fetching incoming SMS, so that they can be auto-translated
  • Translation history

This app is available on Google Store

Italian Translator

Google Translate to Italian


This app is specially developed for iPad and iPhone users, and the developer is Ascendo Inc.

This is one of the best Italian to English translators available for iPhone users, because of the many features that it offers:


  • An offline dictionary, which has comprehensive entries
  • Sentence translator
  • Phrasebook
  • Verb conjugator- a feature that you won’t find in many translator apps
  • Vocabulary quizzes
  • Flashcards-this could help people who learn better with flashcards, and want to learn Italian
  • The offline audio pronunciation-this feature is very important for those, who have learned Italian but need to polish their pronunciations

Enhancements are available for iPad

Users can access this app on their Apple Watch Support as well, which is a really helpful feature, considering how people don’t take their iPad everywhere, or won’t be comfortable in taking out their iPhone.

The user doesn’t have to type if they want to know something, because they have access to voice search.

They can learn Italian with the help of examples, gender nouns, and parts of speech. There are online images of dictionary entries, which can really help the user identify certain things. The user can email the dictionary entries to friends as well if they are learning the language for someone.

There are premium features available on this app as well, which the user will get when they buy the 1-year subscription. The subscription will give them access to more dictionary entries and verb conjugations.

iTranslate Translator

Google Translate to Italian


This app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch users; it is available on the Apple Store for download. This is not only a translation but a dictionary asp as well.

It can translate text, websites, conversations, and that too, in 100 languages.


The following are some of the features available for users:

  • The user can get a translation for words and sentences in 100 languages, including Italian
  • They can listen to the translated words or sentences, in both male and female voices
  • They can switch between different dialects
  • This app gives synonyms and antonyms for translated words
  • There is a phrasebook, where the user will get access to 250 predefined phrases
  • There is an iMessage App and Keyboard Extension available
  • If the user buys the pro version of the app, then they will get access to the following features:
  • They can use their camera to translate a menu into different languages; same for road and billboard signs
  • There is an AR mode available, to translate real-time objects
  • Offline translation mode, for when the user doesn’t have access to the internet
  • The app can translate websites and acts as a Safari extension such as Google translate to Italian.

Italian-English Translator

Google Translate to Italian


This is very easy to use as a translator, and it has none of the features that the user would find difficult. This translator lets the user translate from Italian to English and English to Italian.


The app has the following useful features:

  • It can translate words
  • Translation of sentences is very accurate and quick
  • The user interface is very simple and easy to use
  • The user can search for terms
  • The app launches right away, without going to a home or any other page
  • If someone wants to learn the language, then this is a really good app
  • It can be used as a dictionary to look for difficult terms
  • This app is particularly helpful for traveling purposes

English Italian Translator

Google Translate to Italian


This app is developed by GitHub, and it is one of the most useful apps that a person can have access to. There are so many features available on this app, which a person can easily use to translate the Italian language:

This app can work wonders for students and tourists, who are new to this language and want to learn more words about it.


  • It has a speech to text option for the user
  • The translator translates word to word and speech to speech
  • If someone wants to save words for offline mode, they can easily do so by choosing their favorite words
  • If there are words that the user accessed before, they can easily use the app to track the history
  • They can share the translated words and sentences with their friends and family, easily on social media
  • The translated words can be copy and pasted, outside the app as well
  • It is a user-friendly app, which can be used to learn multiple languages

Translator apps are more useful when they work in real-time. Such apps are becoming more advance, and they can even translate the speech of a person in real-time. This would be really beneficial for tourists, who want to travel to different parts of the world, but can’t learn all the languages.

Imagine having access to technology, which teaches you words of different languages every day. Google Translate is a really good app because the user can download many languages for offline use, and use the translator when they don’t have access to Wi-Fi.

There is no need to be confused when you see a banner or a road sign in a foreign language because a translator is all you need.

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