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GPS Apps Saving You From Getting Lost

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2020)

There is no need to remember addresses anymore, neither call up people and ask them the route to their house and GPS Apps are really awesome.

All people need is an address, and they can easily reach their destination.

GPS Apps are a time-saving option for people, and such technology benefits everyone.

Everyone has an internet connection on their mobile phone nowadays, and even if they don’t, GPS Apps still work.

They just need to know how to download GPS Apps and use them. There are many GPS Apps on Android and iOS, that users can download and use easily.

  1. Google Maps

GPS Apps

The reason why Google Maps is on every list of GPS Apps is that it is the most popular app. It has a very user-friendly interface and has information about every road, every region, country, and restaurant, that is out there.

Google Maps has maps of 220 countries and their territories. It is on the top of the list of GPS Apps because it is very helpful.

People can easily find out real-time traffic situations, while they are trying to reach the office in the early morning.

They can download different portions of Google Maps, for offline use as well.

There aren’t many GPS Apps that offer transportation information for a user, but Google Maps does.

This app has a lot to offer its users, which is why when downloading GPS Apps, users should definitely consider it.

  1. Waze

GPS Apps

Among the GPS Apps available on Android, this is a piece of crowd-sourced traffic information and map app.

It lets people know different things about their GPS, like accidents, constructions, and road closures.

Moreover, this is a unique app among Apps as it lets users share gas prices. People can connect this app to Facebook, in case they want to share their location with other people.

This is the second-best app among GPS Apps, because it finds the best possible route for the user, considering the traffic situation they face.

This app considers which route would be more efficient for the user.

Like every GPS Apps out there, there are some disadvantages of using this app. Firstly, the roadwork and obstructions on the road can clutter the map the person is using.

This can make the map really confusing. This map updates information on a regular basis, which means this is one of those Apps, which drains the battery of a mobile phone, really quickly.

Users can also find this app among the Apps on tablets.

  1. MapQuest

GPS Apps

This is one of the original navigation GPS Apps, which were first available for desktops.

It is one of those GPS Apps that focus on maps, driving directions and even assist drivers for turn-by-turn navigation.

There are not many Apps which give information about traffic nearby. This feature can be particularly helpful for people, who like to plan their trip in advance.

GPS Apps are not designed to tell users about gas prices, but this app can.

However, there are problems with this app as well. Like other Apps, this app needs money to survive on the Play Store. Thus, there are adds on this app, that some users might find annoying.

At times, customers have experienced that this app might give inaccurate directions.

There are many GPS Apps that are available in offline mode as well, but this app is not one of those.

  1. Me

GPS Apps

Those who like to travel a lot, especially to places that are not in their country, know the importance of it. These GPS apps can be really helpful for tourists, who can’t afford to hire a tour guide in a new country, or doesn’t have any friends there.

Unlike other Apps, this app comes with auto-follow mode, provides turn by turn directions on the road, and traffic data.

It has maps from all around the world, and provides full functions that other GPS Apps do, like restaurant and ATM data.

When people are using this app, they can share their location with their friends or family.

It is a common disadvantage of GPS Apps, that they eat a lot of battery. However, this app doesn’t.

The only problem with this app is that the list of businesses is not updated on this app frequently. When people use GPS Apps, then they want to know about the restaurants that opened near them or the roads that are under construction.

  1. Scouts GPS

GPS Apps

This is different from all the GPS Apps because it calls itself a social navigation app.

The app has very normal features, like turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic, that GPS Apps offer.

It offers users information about speed and traffic jams, which are very helpful.

This is one of those Apps that provides restaurant information to users, by showing them recommended restaurants by other users. By reading the reviews of other users on this app, this app is basically creating a chance for people to interact with others, and guide each other.

As compared to other Apps, a unique feature of this app is that it texts others to let them know, when the user is arriving at a specific location.

There are apps that have a free version and a premium version. Even though the basic version of this is free, but the advanced features are available at a cost.

Not all GPS Apps work worldwide, and the problem with this one is that it works in the USA only. It can decrease the battery life if it is running in the background like all Apps do. Moreover, there are safety and privacy concerns associated with this GPS app, but then that is a concern for all GPS Apps.

Safety and privacy issues can particularly arise in Apps because people share their location on Facebook, or with others.

  1. Inroute Route Planner

GPS Apps

Among all the GPS Apps on Play Store, this app gives users more control over their trips.

It gives them the chance to plot their course, depending on weather conditions.

If someone wants to go to more than one place, they can drop pins on the routes, and then plan their trip accordingly.

Like other GPS Apps, this one allows the user to search for hotels and gas stations, to give them more convenience.

However, like many other Apps, users have to buy features; the free trial period lasts for seven days.

This app is available for iOS, and when it is running in the background, like other Apps, it eats the battery.

  1. Apple Maps

GPS Apps

There are many GPS Apps in Apple, which assist users to reach their destination quickly. Apple Maps is one of those Apps and is also a rival of Google Maps.

It provides users with turn-by-turn navigation, like other Apps. Also, users can benefit from voice navigation and 3D map view for buildings.

There are not many Apps, which offer users a virtual tour of their destination. However, users can use the Flyover tool on Apple Apps, and can easily use this feature.

Some users felt that business information wasn’t accurate, along with exit directions, but that could be a network problem.

  1. Navmii

GPS Apps

This is one of the best GPS apps out there, which has both offline and online capabilities. There are many regions listed in this app, which makes it more likely for a user to find their destination.

Like other GPS Apps, this app is free to use, but there are also in-app purchases if users want to use advanced features.

This app is voice-navigated, which makes it easier for users to drive, without continuously looking at the map. The menu of Navmii is easy to use.

However, unlike other Apps, this app doesn’t have good picture quality, which the app can improve on. It is also not as well known as other apps, which is why people don’t download it frequently, compared to the other GPS Apps.

  1. Komoot

GPS Apps

Most GPS Apps focus on off-road and on-road maps. However, Komoot is one of the best Apps, which provides users the chance to navigate those areas where they can cycle, hike or go for mountain biking.

However, even though the first regional map of this app is free, unlike other GPS Apps, there are maps for which the user has to pay for.

For cyclists, GPS Apps are important, because they like to explore different routes. If they have GPS Apps that can guide them to a path where they can cycle freely, then they would surely pay for it as well.

Users can even save their routes for offline use, and they will have access to important information, like gradient profiles.

One of the unique things about this app, unlike other GPS Apps, is that it tells the estimated time of travel, according to the rider’s fitness profile.

The app has audio prompts, which eliminates the need for looking at the map over and over.

Unlike other GPS Apps, this app allows users to share their locations and routes with other people.

  1. TomTom

GPS Apps

This is one of the best Apps, which is a well-known one as well. It provides the best route to riders, based on real-time traffic situations.

When users use GPS Apps, they want to know about the best route they can take, to reach their destination in less time. This app provides them with this opportunity.

Even though other GPS Apps ask for money from users, when there are updates, this app doesn’t. Users can even store offline maps, to use them when they don’t have an internet connection.

They can utilize the feature of speed camera updates so that they don’t get a ticket.

When users drive around, the app stores different points of interest for the user. While driving or even cycling, users can explore these areas of interest.

Unlike other Apps, this app provides lane guidance as well. This feature helps the user get to their correct lane, in no time.

However, even though there are many free Apps, users have to subscribe to use this GPS app. This app is free until the user has traveled 50 miles. The most prominent feature of this app is that it does the job well because it has been in the navigation business for a long time.

  1. MotionX

GPS Apps

There are apps that are to the point and don’t offer much information. However, this GPS app does, and it is perfect for those who have to travel a long distance.

This is one of the best Apps, because it offers topographic maps as well, along with road maps. The app can be used offline and has the ability to save 500 personal waypoints.

Moreover, it comes with an integrated compass and is integrated with Wikipedia as well.

This app is included in the best GPS Apps list because it offers users the chance to Google their location, to find out where they are going.

Go to: Androidauthority

Users can easily share their location information with others, to tell them where they are, and where they are going.

However, like other GPS Apps, this needs to be updated frequently. This app is not available for Android, but only for iOS.


Why Use GPS Apps?

GPS Apps

Even though paper apps are a thing of the past, people still use them. They feel comfortable reading routes and know how to best make use of a paper map.

They are particularly designed for those, who don’t know how to use the latest technology, for their own good.

However, they are important, because they provide important information. They tell the user where there is a traffic jam, or where a road is being constructed. If this important information is available to the user, then he can save a lot of time.

Moreover, GPS Apps gives people the comfort to access routes information, wherever they are. Not all it needs a perfect internet connection, as users have can use different GPS Apps and save maps on their smartphones, for offline use.

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They are a perfect way for people to navigate new areas and roads, particularly the ones they are not familiar with. When people go to a new town or a new city, they don’t always feel comfortable asking others for directions.

It comes in handy when all a person has is a home address of the person they want to meet. Even if they are not familiar with the area, there would tell them exactly where to go.


Every turn and every street is properly defined in these Apps so that the user doesn’t have to face any problems.

Even if users have an active internet connection all the time, they should always save some relevant maps on there.

This way, if they feel that there is a weak internet connection somewhere, they can easily access their offline map. Such a feature is helpful for the user, and also for those who don’t have a GPS app on their device.



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