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12 Best Affordable Gaming Laptops 2024

Grab the power now! At around $ 1,000, you have a choice of hard, fast-running?

Check out the best low-cost, GeForce- and Radon-equipped gaming notebooks we’ve tested in our labs. We’ve got all the tips to buy the deal.

Gaming on a tiny smartphone screen, while the person squints their eyes and tries to fit their fingertips on the screen.

Gaming hasn’t shifted to a laptop, as adults say to their younger ones, ‘Laptops and computers are not for playing games.

However, this viewpoint is changing a great deal.

People now buy laptops for playing games, and developers, keeping in mind the needs of the user, are developing laptops for games.

Gaming is not a cheap hobby. People have to buy DVDs or disks for the device, on which they are playing games.

The device and the games are not cheap at all. However, gamers keep on looking for both things, at cheap prices.

12 Best Affordable Gaming Laptops 2024

There are several gaming laptops released in 2020 and before, which come at affordable prices.

Considering their specifications, pros, cons, and prices, gamers can make an informed decision about which laptop to buy.

Several laptops can be used for gaming purposes. There are 12 laptops, which stands apart from every other laptop used for gaming.

Acer Predator Helios 300

Best Affordable Gaming Laptops

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Acer Predator’s price is $1,045 and is perfect for those gamers who are on a tight budget. Image source: here

The platform of the laptop is Windows 10, and it has an i7 Intel Core processor. The speed of the processor is 2.6 GHz, which is quite good.

Acer’s RAM is 16GB, and the graphics card that it comes with is, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti.

The most important thing for any gamer is the storage capacity of their gaming device. Acer’s storage capacity is 256GB.

The screen size of the laptop is 15.6 inches, which means that gamers would love the user experience. It is best to play games on a 15.6 inches screen, as compared to a smartphone screen.

The resolution of this laptop is 1920×1080, and its weight is pretty light; 5.07lb.

Gamers wouldn’t want to buy a laptop that they have to charge now and then.

  • A 512 GB SSD can be used for the laptop.

  • The system performance of Acer is quite good.

  • Acer has a good battery life, even though it is a 15.6-inch laptop.

  • Gamers can use the keyboard easily, as it is comfortable to use.

  • The cooling system is not too good.

  • The sound system of the laptop doesn’t have a good impact.

  • There is only one USB connector.


Gamers feel that the look of the laptop is pretty sleek and solid. The screen’s quality is fantastic as well, and unlike other laptops, it can be used in daylight.

The Wi-Fi works well, and it has a good graphics unit. The laptop has an effective cooling mechanism and doesn’t heat much.

However, gamers also feel that the blue backlighting of the laptop is not good if someone is using it at night time. When a load is put on the system, then the fans become loud.

Asus TUF Gaming FX504G

Best Gaming laptop

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Asus laptop is best for those gamers, who like Esports/MOBA. The cost of the laptop is $819.88, and it can fit the budget of many gamers.

The platform for this laptop is Windows 10, and the processor that it uses is i5, Intel Core.

The speed of the processor is 2.3 GHz, and the RAM is f 8GB. The graphic card used in this laptop is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.

The storage capacity of the laptop is quite good; 1TB.

This would be any gamer’s dream come true. The screen size is 15.6 inches, and the resolution is 1920×1080.

  • Considering the specifications of the laptop, the price tag is affordable and reasonable for gamers, who have a tight budget.

  • The laptop has Intel’s 8th generation CPY, and the best feature is the backlit keyboard.

  • Asus has a Non-Volatile Memory Express, which is an interface protocol. This NVMe supports rapid storage on the laptop.

  • It supports SSD, which is better than the HDD or Hard Disk Drive, which old laptops used to have.

  • The color coverage of the laptop is not so good.

  • The design of the laptop makes it look cheap.

  • The battery life isn’t good.


As opposed to the specifications of this laptop, it works slowly this is what most buyers feel.

Moreover, some felt that Windows 10 on the laptop wasn’t’ working initially, and had to be re-installed.

The hard drive of the laptop is way too small, and the free download of COD4, that the laptop itself offers, takes 177GB.

The laptop, according to customers, is lightweight and durable.

On the other hand, if the customer doesn’t install an SSD, then the speed and the performance of the laptop will suffer.

Acer Nitro 5

Gaming laptop

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Acer Nitro is perfect for those who are looking for a big screen, for gaming purposes.

The laptop costs $699, which is its lowest price. Gamers can easily get this laptop from Amazon.

  • The platform of Acer Nitro is Windows 10, and the processor is Intel Core i5.
  • The processing speed might not be too impressive for gamers, as it is 2.4 GHz.
  • The RAM is 8GB and the graphics card that the laptop comes with its Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650.
  • The storage capacity of the laptop is 512 GB, and the screen size is 17.3 inches.
  • The resolution is 1920×1080, which is perfect for gamers.
  • The battery life of Acer Nitro is long enough for the gamers to enjoy playing, uninterrupted.

  • Acer Nitro has a good build, despite being cheap.

  • It has an HD IPS display, which gamers will love due to the realistic feeling it gives.

  • The laptop has AC Wi-Fi.

  • It accepts the Type-C USB.

  • Everyday computing tasks cannot be performed properly.

  • The laptop’s screen is not very graphic, which gives it a dark look.


When people buy something, if they like it, they post reviews about it. However, if they don’t like it all, even then they post reviews about it.

This laptop has both negative and positive reactions.

The system of the laptop gives it a really good boost and it doesn’t overheat at all. Even though the laptop is light, it doesn’t give a cheap feeling.

However, some customers complained that the product didn’t work as it was supposed to, even though it was kept in perfect condition.

Those who ordered it from online websites didn’t get the right processor.

Acer Nitro 7

Best Affordable Gaming Laptops

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This laptop comes with Windows 10 installed and has an Intel core i7. The processor speed of the laptop is 2.6 GHz, and the RAM is 16GB.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 is the graphics card installed on the laptop, and the storage capacity is 512GB. The screen size of the laptop is 15.6 inches, and the resolution is 1920×1080.

  • The build of laptop is made of aluminum.

  • Nitro 7’s keyboard is easy to use. The arrows and the backlight make it easier for the gamer to play games.

  • The SSD storage is pretty good for gamers, who want to save the progress of their games.

  • The surface of the laptop gets very hot, and this could be bad for those, who spend more than two or three hours playing games on a laptop.

  • The dedicated graphics chip is underwhelming.

  • The CPU of the laptop throttles sometimes, and if this happens during an important game, then this could be a problem.

  • There is no thunderbolt support, and this could be a major problem.

  • Thunderbolt is a versatile connector that users can use to charge their laptop, or even transfer files, at a quick speed.

  • A thunderbolt can be used for connecting external monitors and compatible graphics units.


For many customers, the laptop worked fine for a week, but then it didn’t charge.

The customer service of Acer isn’t very effective, so if the charger isn’t working fine, then the customer suffers.

Customers also didn’t like the fact that there was no thunderbolt support for the laptop, because it is a much-needed feature for everyday use.

MSI G63 Thin

Best Affordable Gaming Laptops

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This is what maintains its performance. The price of the laptop depends on the power that the user wants.

The laptop’s Intel Core is i5, and the RAM is 8GB. The display of the laptop is really good, and it is best for those who want to play games, while they are away from home.

The laptop is thin, has a black exterior, and looks way more expensive than it is.

It has a very stylish look, with red highlights. It is only 4.1 lbs, and it’s very popular among gamers, because of its price and system.

The display screen of the laptop is 15.6 inches, and it uses Windows 10 as its platform.

This laptop also used Nvidia GeForce Graphics.

  • It is a very powerful laptop for gaming.

  • Users can connect an HDMI port with it.

  • Gamers can add additional RAM to it.

  • Apart from games, everyday tasks can be easily carried out on this laptop.

  • The battery life of the laptop is weak.

  • Adding RAM is an option, but it is not possible for everyone.

  • 8GB RAM may not be enough for gamers.

  • There is no thunderbolt port, which means that if gamers want to transfer a game from another source to a laptop, then this won’t be possible.


Customers who were causal gamers, liked this laptop because it was easy to use. The graphic quality is really good, which adds to the realistic features of the game.

  • Even though the laptop fans do get louder, they are not loud to interrupt the game that is running on the laptop.
  • This laptop not only works for games but also for software development.
  • MSI had good reviews from almost every customer.

HP Omen Gaming Laptop

Best Affordable Gaming Laptops

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HP is a trusted name in the laptop market, and it has done a good job of providing quality.

Even though this laptop is not as affordable as the other, it is still of better quality.

  • If gamers want to install flight simulator games on their laptops, then HP Omen should be their first choice.
  • It can easily download games like Fortnite, and won’t impact.
  • The laptop is stylish, and if gamers feel that they don’t understand anything related to their laptop, then HP’s customer service comes in handy.

Omen’s screen is about 15.6 inches, and it comes with 12 GB of memory.

The platform that gamers can use on this laptop is Windows 10. The laptop has an Intel Core i7 processor, and a backlit keyboard.

  • The laptop has really good graphics, and in terms of its weight, it is very light. As it is light, gamers can take their laptop anywhere they want.

  • If gamers want to make internal changes, then they can easily do so on this laptop.

  • The surface doesn’t get heated easily, and the laptop comes with good temperature control.

  • The primary drive of Omen should be bigger.

  • Omen’s battery life is average.

  • There is no fingerprint reader.


Those who like to play Fortnite, find this laptop very helpful.

When it is shipped to customers, it comes in good form, and those who use it, are impressed with its good quality.

However, the laptop does get hot and this could be a problem for those, who have to use it for a long time.

The keyboard backlight is red, which can be very distracting for those who have to work on this laptop as well.

Dell G3 Gaming Laptop

Best Affordable Gaming Laptops

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This laptop is affordable for gamers and is portable as well. It is one of the thinnest laptops that Dell has manufactured.

The laptop comes with a good graphics card, and as compared to other laptops, the laptop stays cooler.

The platform of the laptop is Windows 10. If the gamers feel that the RAM of the laptop is less, then they can upgrade it to 1TB.

When buying Dell G3, gamers can check if it comes with a thunderbolt or if they want a regular USB-C.

There are other features like an LED-backlit display, which would appeal to gamers, along with a slim design, thin bezel, and Ethernet port.

The size of the screen of the Dell G3 is 15.6 inches. It comes with a dual-fan, and the processor is an 8th generation Intel i5.

  • The laptop can be used for multi-tasking.

  • It can work with higher-end programs.

  • If gamers want to upgrade this, then they have a lot of options.

  • The price is affordable, and the gamer would feel that there are enough features for getting a good gaming experience.

  • This laptop needs more cooling support.

  • It should have more built-in memory so that the user doesn’t have to buy extra.


Users feel that even though this laptop performs well, it has limited storage.

There are no instructions as to how the keyboard’s backlight can be turned on or off.

The battery life is two hours, which is less for those who have to use it, without plugging the power in.

The worst thing and something which the company can improve on is that there are no options for DVD player, RAM, SS, or even HDD.

Lenovo Ideapad L340

Best Affordable Gaming Laptops

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The Lenovo Ideapad comes with a better CPU, an Intel Core i5. It has better storage and the storage capacity is 512GB.

  • The RAM of the laptop is 8GB, and gamers can add an SSD of 256GB.
  • If gamers want to add a hard drive to the laptop, then they can do so, as there is a drive bay of 2.5 inches.
  • The laptop has one RAM, and if gamers want to upgrade it, then they have to replace it.

Lenovo Ideapad weighs 4.1 lbs, which makes it very light. The resolution of the screen is 1920×1080.

  • It launches applications at a quick pace.

  • The RAM can be upgraded from 8GB to 16GB and 32 GB.

  • Gamers would be impressed with the battery life of this laptop, as it goes up to 8 hours. This includes web browsing and gaming.

  • The laptop doesn’t have an optical drive.

  • There are no mouse buttons.

  • Gamers will be disappointed to know that the RAM slot is only one.


Gamers feel that games work well on this laptop, as they are easier to launch and play.

Moreover, the laptop gives gamers the chance to upgrade RAM, so that they can install more games.

However, it doesn’t have any optical drive, and this could be an issue for gamers.

Asus Vivobook F510UA

Best Affordable Gaming Laptops

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Asus is different from other laptops, because it puts more emphasis on the performance of a laptop, as compared to any other thing.

It has an HD display and a very clear sound system. The laptop is thin, light and it is durable.

Even though the battery doesn’t last for a long time, it still works well, considering it is a gaming laptop.

The laptop comes with an Intel Core i5 processor. The best part of the laptop is its 14.2-inch screen, which would be any gamer’s dream come true.

  • The resolution of the screen is 1920×1080, which is why it works so well.
  • The RAM is of 8GBs and it has a 1TB storage capacity.
  • Most laptops don’t put much importance when they are designing their keyboard.
  • If a keyboard is not designed properly, then it won’t be comfortable to use.
  • This laptop comes with a keyboard, ergonomic properties, and a fingerprint sensor.

Users can insert three USBs on this laptop, and there is space for an HDMI port as well.

Gamers can also make use of the Bluetooth feature.

  • The look of the laptop is well aesthetically pleasing.

  • It is compact and portable, because of its lightweight.

  • The audio output of the laptop is quite good.

  • Asus has a powerful and latest processor installed, which makes it possible for gamers to run heavy games.

  • The battery life of the laptop is decent.

  • It provides a good value for the money that the gamer spends on it.

  • The keyboard doesn’t have quality keys.

  • There is no option for SSD.

  • The laptop doesn’t come with an additional graphic card.


This laptop is perfect for college students, and for personal use as well. Most of the time, college students get free time only at night, to play their favorite games.

However, by that time, they might not be able to switch on their room light. The backlit keyboard of this laptop can be a lifesaver in this situation.

However, some customers felt that even if the laptop did perform well, the screen quality wasn’t that good.

Acer Swift 3

Acer Swift 3

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The attractive feature of this laptop is its sleek metal body.

There is no doubt that this Intel Optane Memory laded laptop performs better, and extends the average performance of a laptop.

It is a very attractive device for gaming, and it comes with speakers, which would be a delight for gamers.

The processor of this laptop is Intel core i5, and it comes with 620 HD graphics.

The best feature is the HD webcam, which gamers can use in case they need a camera for their game.

  • It has a very stylish design.

  • The laptop looks sturdy.

  • USB ports and HDMI ports are positioned very well on the laptop.

  • It comes with a fingerprint sensor.

  • Gamers can buy it at an affordable price.

  • The battery life is too short, like 2-3 hours.

  • SSD and PCIe are slow.

  • The card reader on the laptop is slow.


There are mostly great reviews for this laptop. Customers felt that it was light and portable. The battery life of the laptop is really good.

However, the memory space is small, but it can be upgraded.

The camera and microphone of the laptop are of good quality, and it has a versatile touchpad.

However, the touchpad sometimes creates problems for the gamer, as it stops working.

This laptop is good for both academics and college students.

Dell Inspiron 5000 Series 15.6

Dell Inspiron 5000 Series 15.6

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The Dell Inspiron comes with an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor, and it is perfect for gamers.

The screen of the laptop is 15.6 inches.

  • Dell’s platform is Windows 10, with 64-bit. It works on a 4-cell lithium-ion battery.
  • The audio quality of the laptop depends on Waves MaxxAudio Pro.
  • RAM is 8GB, while the storage capacity of the laptop is 1TB.
  • The laptop is 2 in 1, as it has a touch screen, and gamers can use the keyboard as well.

  • It has a good processor, which speeds up the games.

  • The graphics of Dell are good.

  • Dell’s design and appearance are attractive.It transfers files speedily.

  • The display of the laptop is dim.

  • When the laptop runs for a while, it becomes hot.

  • The battery life is too short.

  • The display is weak.

  • The sound quality isn’t that good.

  • The keyboard isn’t very effective.


Those who have tried this laptop, feel that when the laptop is plugged into the power socket, it starts to overheat.

Moreover, the fans are distracting, which they shouldn’t be.

However, others feel that the laptop is quite lightweight, it is fast and very stylish.

This laptop is durable, dependable, and worth the money spent on it.

Gamers love the idea that this is a speedy laptop, which means that they don’t have to wait for the game to load, for long.

home 256GB Dual Core Gaming Notebook

home 256GB Dual Core Gaming Notebook

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Gaming is a very demanding task there are many heavy games that gamers like to play daily.

  • home can perform well, even if heavy games are downloaded on it.
  • The laptop is lightweight, and the size of its screen is 15.6 inches.
  • This offers a really wide picture to the gamer, helping them understand what is happening in the game.
  • This is not a very well-known brand, but it is a known one when it comes to gaming laptops.
  • This laptop has a dual processor, Intel Pentium, with 3.7 GHz.
  • The RAM of the laptop is 4GBs, and the hard drive is 256 GBs.

The size of the screen is 15.6 inches, and the backlit display of the laptop comes with an LED light.

The laptop uses the Nvidia GeForce graphics card, with 2GB of dedicated memory.

For sound effects, the laptop has a blaster cinema 5, which enhances the audio of the game.

  • The sound effects are really good.

  • A perfect laptop for gaming.

  • The fans of the laptop can be a bit loud.

  • Battery life isn’t too long.


Even though the brand is not a known one, gamers received the exact specifications that the brand advertised.

The laptop works smoothly, and it is a really good product.

However, the main thing is that it takes too much time to be delivered to the user because it is shipped from Hong Kong.

It won’t be wrong to say, that when it comes to affordable gaming laptops of 2020, Acer, Asus, and Dell are leading the game, with MSI following behind them.

There are so many models of Acer laptops, which gamers can buy, as they come at affordable prices.

Even if someone is not buying a gaming laptop online, they still have to do research.

They can’t just go to a physical store, look at all the gaming laptop options in front of them, and then decide on one laptop.

If they are serious about buying a gaming laptop, then they need to know the specifications of each laptop, what they need, and what is available at affordable prices in the market.


For example, some gamers might be unable to decide between a Dell G3 15 and Dell G5 15 SE.

The features of these laptops aren’t the same, but they each have a desirable specification.

There is a significant difference between the prices of these two laptops, which is why gamers have to pay attention to their specifications.

They might like the graphic quality of one laptop, while the storage capacity of the other, might be appealing to them.

Gamers want good sound quality options, and they would want the gaming picture to be clear.

However, no gaming laptop is perfect, and gamers may find a fault in the ones that they buy.

Gamers should first consider the games that they want to play on the laptop. If they are light games, then they don’t need much storage capacity.

They should talk to those gamers who have purchased gaming laptops and are familiar with their specifications.

Gaming is a hobby for some, and a passion for others, which is why they would want a laptop that has the best processor and specifications.


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