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22 Spanish movies on Netflix 2024

Netflix is a popular streaming platform that offers a wide range of TV shows, movies, and documentaries, including a vast selection of Spanish-language content. Spanish movies on Netflix have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to the platform’s diverse range of titles, which span a variety of genres, including drama, comedy, thriller, and more.

Some of the most popular Spanish movies on Netflix include critically acclaimed films like “Y Tu Mamá También” and “Roma,” as well as more recent releases like “The Platform” and “A Sun,” among many others.

With the ability to access Spanish movies on Netflix from anywhere in the world, the platform provides a unique opportunity for viewers to explore the rich cultural and artistic traditions of Spanish cinema, no matter where they are.

Netflix has an amazing selection of movies from around the world, their original productions, and the movies they offer through licensing.

The best thing about movies is how they can ship you to an altogether unique world for a couple of hours (well, ideally close to 2 hours). It is now and then the draw of remote movies.

As they can take us to the right spots that we may not yet have encountered. In any event, when set in a dreamland.

Their distinctive social point of view can imply that these movies offer something completely new. So get out your understanding glasses. Or plan to live with the naming and watch a portion of these brilliant Spanish movies at present accessible on Netflix.

22 Spanish movies on Netflix 2024

 7 Anos – 7 Years (2016)

Spanish movies on Netflix

Coordinated by Roger Gaul, this smart Spanish film (it is not exactly 90 minutes). This places us in a stay with four businesspeople.

As they attempt to choose who will bring the fall and go to jail for wrongdoing.That they mutually dedicated. There are some convincing exhibitions from Juana Acosta. And Paco León in this Netflix delivered spine chiller.

Secuestro – Boy Missing (2016)

Spanish movies on Netflix

An account of vengeance, a legitimate lawyer, chooses to go rogue. When her child’s claimed grab is discharged because of the absence of proof.

This short flick (just 30 minutes) was recorded in only four days. Onset in the Dominican Republic and has won a considerable number of grants.

Felices 140 – Happy 140 (2015)

Spanish movies on Netflix

This parody show coordinated by Gracia Querejeta centers around Elia. It is played by Maribel Verdú, who has won the lottery.

She welcomes her companions to her vacation home. To commend her 40th birthday celebration and reveal to them the news.

É Para o Seu Bem – For Your Good (2017)

Spanish movies on Netflix

In this film, three companions, who are additionally guardians. Alo sees their most noticeably terrible bad dreams working out as their three little girls.

Who has grown up excessively quickly? All have what they a detestable sweetheart. They set out to spare their little girls in what transforms into a goofy experience. We locate an extraordinary parody mate trio in José Coronado, Javier Cámara, and Roberto Alamo.

Tarde para la ira – The Fury of a Patient Man (2016)

Spanish movies on Netflix

In this honor-winning sensational spine chiller from executive Raúl Arévalo. We see the battling spouse of an escape driver. Who is going to be discharged from jail? And drew nearer by an unassuming man. What appears to be an opportunity experience.

It also ends up being a piece of a mysterious journey for vengeance. Antonio de la Torre and Ruth Díaz are convincing to watch.

Handia – Giant (2017)

Spanish movies on Netflix

In this Basque language film, we see a reluctant trooper Martin come back from war. To find that his more youthful sibling Joaquin has become a mammoth.

They set off crosswise over Europe, utilizing Joaquin as a bazaar freakshow act. We see Martin battle to remake his life. While Joaquin goes up against the terminal idea of his condition.

El Autor – The Motive (2017)

Spanish movies on Netflix

Featuring Javier Gutiérrez and coordinated by Manuel Martin Cuenca. In the previous plays, Álvaro is a man who is jealous of his ex’s artistic achievement.

As he endeavors to compose his very own book. He chooses what the best fiction depends on in the real world.

And controls the lives of his neighbors to build up his material. Gutiérrez won a Goya Award (a Spanish Oscar) for his presentation that loves. Are Spanish movies available on amazon prime too? Yes.

Perdiendo el Norte – Off Course (2015)

Spanish movies on Netflix

Two overeducated and underemployed Spanish experts choose to relocate to Berlin. Which they have been telling is working heaven. When they show up, they discover things are significant.

More troublesome than they anticipated. This film explores a brief snicker parody in the authentic battle of numerous Spanish young people. Far off González and Julián López make an incredible driving pair

El Laberinto del Fauno – Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Spanish movies on Netflix

The most established film on the rundown. This dream from Guillermo del Toro. It also was a global hit when it was discharging.

The film blends this present reality of a little youngster Ofelia in 1944 Spain. And a legendary world focused on a congested, surrendered maze. The film won loads of grants and was known as the best film of 1996.

Quién Te Cantará (2018)

Spanish movies on Netflix

In this film Lila, a celebrated by acclaim exhausted artist winds up with amnesia. And overlooks how to play out her very own show. She experiences a super fan named Violeta be.

Who embarks on educating Lila on how to act natural once more. This film is both outwardly dazzling. And, however, inciting and has extraordinary exhibitions from Najwa Nimro as Lila and Eva Llorach and Violeta.

Las Ovejas no Pierden el Tren – Sidetracked (2014)

Spanish movies on Netflix

An outfit parody following three couples in their forties as they attempt and comprehend their lives. Author and Director Álvaro Fernández Armero.

Also, work with an incredible gathering cast driven by Raúl Arévalo, Inma Cuesta, and Alberto Dan Juan. So, It could be Spain’s contradictory response to Love.

El Hombre de las Mil Caras – Smoke and Mirrors (2016)

Spanish movies on Netflix

It is a spine chiller from executive Alberto Rodriguez featuring Eduard Fernandez and the man with a thousand appearances.

He is Francisco Paisa, a previous Spanish mystery administration specialist. Also, he faked his passing and is currently living under the radar. Because, If you are a Bind fan, this film will tick a ton of boxes.

Stockholm (2013)

Spanish movies on Netflix

Rodrigo Sorogoyen is in charge of this satire dramatization about a person attempting to get a young lady to like him. Javier Pereira and Aura Garrido have incredible science and make this film exceptionally watchable. This is a very interesting movie to watch.

O Vazio do Domingo – Sunday’s Illness (2017)

Spanish movies on Netflix

It is a splendid mother-little girl holding dramatization. Also coordinated by Ramón Salazar and featuring Suzi Sánchez and Bárbara Lennie.

A little girl relinquished by her mom when she was eight tracks her down 35 years after the fact. They work to reconnect or discover reprisal. Yet both are concealing privileged insights that will make a huge difference.

O Aviso – The Warning (2018)

Spanish movies on Netflix

Coordinated by Daniel Calparsoro. This film depends on the mainstream novel of a similar name by Paul Pen. It centers around a little youngster Nico. Who gets an undermining letter by.

Yet nobody will accept that his life is in danger. He discovers help in a sudden spot. In a man who takes that it is destiny itself that needs to kid dead.

The Fury of a Patient Man (Tarde para la ira)

Spanish movies on Netflix

This prevalent Spanish film is a spine chiller that dives into the rough idea of people.  Jose, a man who is ordinarily single and genial. It also becomes involved with the lives of the late discharged convict.

And his better half, and their child. This extraordinary experience takes them on a multi-day venture. Which includes savagery, enthusiastic encounter, and retribution. This honor-winning mixed drink of harshness makes for an exceptional Spanish motion picture.

Yet it may not be one for the cowardly. You can search for other recognition-winning Spanish motion pictures on Netflix with their internet searchers.

Sacred Camp (La Hamada)

Spanish movies on Netflix

The individuals who are searching for Spanish Christian films. Netflix might be somewhat frustrated with this one. Notwithstanding, while this film is marginally flippant on occasion. It will probably be a smart Spanish motion picture as opposed to a creation that reprimands confidence.

It’s, in reality, more engaging than it might sound. And winds up being a genuinely decent Spanish satire. Its melodic highlights two intelligent young ladies.

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Maria and Susana, which will be coming to a Christian camp in the forested areas as a discipline. The film, just as giving exciting minutes.

It is most likely what prevents. It is from being simply one trashier high schooler melodic parody of the Spanish type.

Like Water for Chocolate (Como agua para chocolate)

This Mexican Spanish-language motion picture is a sentimental show. Also with individual components of enchanted authenticity. It is a pleasure for the faculty. As it intertwines the wondrous universes of nourishment and human connections. It recounts a story bound with high feelings, familial strain, and convention.

Some portion of a developing gathering of Mexican Spanish motion pictures on Netflix. In this film, the watcher is propelled into the complexities of relational peculiarities inside Mexico had on.

These troubles are relatable. So that we perceive that the exemplary jobs. And the chain of command that still exists somewhat inside the present society.

Even though these connections may appear to be entirely old-fashioned to the cutting-edge watcher. We get a look into the job of ladies inside Mexican culture around then.

We additionally witness the grief of the character Tita. Who is illegal from wedding her affection, Pedro was taken from.

This film is a social and culinary triumph. It is at its most pleasant when we see Tita and Pedro’s somewhat delicate sentiment bloom. A significant part of the film draws symbolic parallels between the universe of nourishment and regular day-to-day existence.

Purposeful misdirection (El Hombre de las mil caras)

It is an enormously engaging and grasping motion picture. This plot is wild. Some may feel that Netflix is immersing in spy motion pictures. AmazeInvent

However, many are thinking that Alberto Rodriguez has added a Spanish diamond to the secret activities kind. While there might be a few in English. There aren’t numerous Spanish motion pictures on Netflix like this one.

It centers on the evil inside the Spanish political framework during the 1990s.  Close by energizing content, is a flawlessly vivid and striking motion picture.

Watchers additionally advantage from the chronicled and political references. Which may assist you with building up a somewhat progressively specific Spanish jargon.

Spanish Affair (Ocho Apellidos vascos)

Spanish movies on Netflix

This notorious Spanish lighthearted comedy is an enormously well-known film. That gives an entertaining knowledge into the informal language.

And the peculiarities of various areas in Spain. It is a social dining experience for any individual. Who needs a more prominent comprehension of specific contrasts that exist inside Spain. And the traditions and generalizations that shape a particular Spanish locale.

It makes ready for a smart and robust impact of societies that is both enchanting and charming. While improving your Spanish, you’ll increase superior comprehension beware from fake.

A portion of the more irregular parts of Spanish culture just as a look into Spanish patriotism. If you appreciate it, look at the spin-off, Spanish Affair 2. Likewise in the accumulation of Spanish motion pictures on Netflix.

Sex and Lucia (Lucía y el Sexo)

This somewhat racy Spanish motion picture isn’t one for the pedantic. In any case, past the transparently sexual substance of the film. (you have been cautioning), is a generation that holds a refined and sophisticated thought. It is this side of the film that makes it extraordinary.

But compared to other Spanish motion pictures on Netflix today. The viewers will be left posing a few inquiries.

So don’t be frightened you’re not so much sure what’s going on. This is a film that is both outwardly and mentally animating.

Lorenzo has an ardent experience on a seashore. A wild issue with somebody who profoundly respects his work. And a relationship with a caretaker. These three sexual contacts are not without outcomes.

And the film entwines and investigates sexual interest. And deep trouble to create something which will energize the watcher just as incite suspected. For a progressively itemized dismemberment of the film’s quality auto.

The Invisible Guest (Contratiempo)

This 2016 film is an incredible Spanish homicide riddle. An active agent from Barcelona is accused of the homicide of his special lady.

It must deliver a record of his activities. Because to add to the disturbance, he has only three hours to devise his declaration.

A high-gauge mentor gives him witness training to guarantee he is all set on preliminary. It is a strained and sensational motion picture that love.

That exhibits the dangerous and damaging results of untruths and duplicity. Flashbacks breathe life into this Netflix film and keep the watcher locked in.


Well, this list is quite long I did describe Spanish movies on Netflix. You can easily pick one film of your choice. If you are free and want to enjoy it. Keep one of these films on your list. And enjoy it during your holidays. So if you don’t like any of them, you can skip and select some more.


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