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How to Fix Vizio TV Black Screen of Death?

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Even though the Vizio brand is very new in the electronics market, it is still very good in terms of manufacturing TVs. Let’s fix the Vizio tv black screen of death.

This brand specializes in home entertainment equipment, like sound systems.

People buy Vizio TVs nowadays, because of their amazing, and smart features. The Vizio TV models are much more affordable compared to other brands, and they offer diverse features as well.

Fix Vizio TV Black Screen of Death

Smart TV

Fix Vizio TV Black Screen of Death

Vizio Smart TV is very easy to use, for even those who are using it for the first time. Those who buy a Vizio Smart TV, will be able to access all the best video streaming apps like Netflix, iHeartRadio, and Hulu Plus.

However, the main problem that some buyers face when they buy this smart TV is that it doesn’t have a built-in web browser.

Vizio Smart TV is very easy to set up and install, and there is no programming required to connect the TV with Wi-Fi. It has optional accessories for the ease of users like remote control, and QWERTY keyboard, and a TV Video Camera. With the help of the TV Video Camera, the user would be able to communicate better with friends and families.

Smart Interactivity

Fix Vizio TV Black Screen of Death

Smart Interactivity is a new feature that users will find on Vizio TV. With the help of this feature, the user would be able to create a personalized viewing experience for themselves.

The TV would collect information about the kind of content that the viewer views often, and then show them advertisements, viewer polls, and other bonus features. This way, the viewers will also have access to apps relevant to their interest, to make their viewing experience better.

Smart TV Remote
Fix Vizio TV Black Screen of Death

A Smart TV remote is very different from a traditional remote, because of all the features that it provides the user with.

For example, you won’t find the option of play, pause, forward, and rewind on other remotes, but on Vizio TV remote control, you will.

Smooth Motion

Fix Vizio TV Black Screen of Death

The overall image quality of Vizio TV is quite good, because of the smooth motion feature.

  • The user can easily watch videos, TV shows, and play games on this TV.
  • They will be able to catch up on the fun when they are watching sports on TV.

The featured apps available on this TV are Netflix, Facebook, and Spotify.

TV Black Screen of Death

Fix Vizio TV Black Screen of Death

If your Vizio TV screen goes black, and you can’t find a reason for it, then there are several ways to fix it.

  • First, you need to make sure that the black screen is not because of inaccessibility to a streaming app, like Netflix or Hulu.

Sound Test

Fix Vizio TV Black Screen of Death

Another thing that you need to see is whether the sound of the TV is working or not.

  • For this, turn on anything that you know will make a sound, and see if you can hear it.
  • If the sound is working, but the image isn’t, then the component that produces lightning is the problem here.
  • Find a flashlight, and make sure it is properly powered.
  • Then, position yourself two inches away from the screen, and then shine a light on the TV.
  • If you can see an image due to the flashlight, the inverter board of the television has gone bad.

Connections and Power

Fix Vizio TV Black Screen of Death

Most of the time, the connection of the TV becomes loose, and the user panics before checking it.

  • Firstly, turn off the television set, and then unplug it from the socket. Then, press the TV power button for about 30 seconds.
  • After that, release the power button and then plug it back in, the picture is most likely to be restored to its original condition.
  • If the problem persists, then the user needs to replace the power board of the Vizio TV.
  • The user can replace the power board on their own if they have experience with electronic gadgets.
  • If they don’t then they should hire an expert to fix the problem.

Most of the time, customers can contact the customer service department of the brand, and they will guide the customer on how to restore the picture on their Smart TV.

The power board of the Smart TV doesn’t need to be the main problem, which is why the user should check the other components, and make sure that they don’t need replacement.

The user, however, should always have confidence in their ability about repairing or replacing the components. Vizio TV is a good product, and the user can enjoy quality sound and video if they buy it; restoring the black screen of death isn’t a huge problem.

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