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How To Do Holding Space in Chrome OS?

Google has introduced a new feature in Chrome OS, which is called Holding Space.

This feature is specifically designed to provide Chrome book users, quick access to screenshots, and downloaded files.

If someone has the recent version of Chrome OS, then they will be able to use this feature. The main objective of this feature is to provide the user with convenience, whenever they want to take a screenshot of a running video or a chat window.

Holding Space in Chrome OS

When you enable the feature flag, a button will appear that you can see in the system tray. This is right beside the clock and notifications.

  • When you click on the button, you will be able to see the recent screenshots, and the files that you have downloaded.
  • There is an area where you can pin your content, and even though some users are not able to work with this feature yet, some users have already gained access to it.
  • Users can pin files to the pin area; they can import these files from the Files app, and then show them in the “Holding Space”.

If you put your priority and important files in the holding space area, then you can easily and quickly access files and screenshots. You can even share them, and this is very convenient.

For example, if you have taken a screenshot of a business meeting slide, you can pin it in the “Holding Space” and access it whenever you need it.

Take a screenshot in Chrome OS

This screenshot has been introduced to some users for trial purposes, and until it reaches stability, other users won’t know how it works, and how they can benefit from it.

Screenshots are very helpful for users in their daily lives, because there is so much that you can’t copy and paste, but you can simply take a screenshot of.

Even now, most browsers offer their users to take screenshots, so that they can paste them in MS Paint or MS Word. However, these screenshots can’t be directly saved anywhere.

If the Holding Space feature in Chrome OS is introduced for every user, then this could be really convenient for them. So, look forward to this feature, and make sure that you try it, when it is available in Chrome OS. XDA may help. here


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