How to Replace Kingroot with Supersu?

Rooting Android devices has become a frequent task for people nowadays. This is because, it is really helpful in those cases, where the phone gets locked, and you need to access its contents.

The user can root any Android phone, without opening their PC, but in this method, the user can use the Kingroot app for the same purpose.

Not many people use the Kingroot app, because it is not popular, and people have less faith in it. Most users want to replace Kingroot with Supersu, because Kingroot is not a very trusted app.

Replacing Kingroot with SuperSU

There are three methods that users can use if they want to replace a kingroot with magisk.

Method 1

This is a very simple way of replacing Kingroot with Supersu on any Android device, which is rooted.

  • Go to PlayStore, and uninstall the Kingroot app from your phone.
  • Make sure that you are signed in to the Play Store, look for the SuperSU app, and then install it.
  • SuperSU will ask you for permission, and you need to grant permission for the installation process to go any further.
  • After installing SuperSU, you can uninstall the Kingroot app, update the SuperUser Binary on your Android smartphone, and then reboot it.
  • That’s it, this is the easiest way of replacing one app with the other. However, if it doesn’t work for you, then there is another method that you can follow.

Method 2 Terminal Emulator

This method will surely work on every Android device.

  • A terminal emulator can be used for replacing Kingroot with SuperSU.
  • When the user downloads the emulator and follows the instructions, they will have to download a zip requirement file.
  • After extracting it, they can move the files to Phone Storage, and then open the Terminal Emulator on their app.
  • After that, type the command “SU” in the terminal, and then allow whatever appears on the screen.
  • When permission is granted, you have to write one more code in the Terminal:
  • sh/sdcard/mrw/”. When you have typed this command, there will be an error on the screen, but just ignore it.
  • If you wait for some time, the phone will itself launch the SuperSU app.
  • When the app asks you to update Superuser Binary, then click on Continue and go for the Normal Mode.
  • Restart your mobile, and the SuperSU app will start functioning on your mobile.

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Method 3 Supersu Me Pro App

  • If you want to replace Kingroot with Supersu using this method, then first download Supersu Me Pro on your smartphone.
  • Open the app, and follow the instructions below:
  • It will ask you for grant permissions, so just grant the SuperSU app
  • Now, this app will show you Green Android; tap on it
  • This Green Android will start replacing Kingroot with SuperSU
  • It will take about 2-3 minutes to complete the process
  • When the process is done, then your phone will automatically launch the SuperSU app
  • That’s it; this is also an easy way of replacing Kingroot with SuperSU.
  • SuperSU is preferred by many people because it is considered as the management tool, which allows the user to have access rights for all the other apps on their device.
  • These apps on the device might also have to be rooted, and the best way to do this is through SuperSU.

The user gets access to temporary unroot and pre-app notification configuration; this app can be launched from the dialer.

  • This app works with non-standard shell locations

  • It can also work with an Android device, which has not been rooted properly

  • It runs in ghost mode, saving battery.

  • There is less support available for this app

  • This app does have the potential to risk the operational stability of a phone

  • Some users don’t find this app reliable, but this could be because they don’t know how to use it.

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If someone gets access to SuperSU Pro Version, then they will have access to other features as well:

  • Color-coded command content
  • PIN Protection
  • OTA survival mode (however, this is not a guarantee)


So, there are three methods of replacing Kingroot with SuperSU, and you can choose the best and easiest method amongst them.

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