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On the Nintendo Switch OLED, How to turn off Vivid Mode

Do you use Nintendo Switch or OLED model? The gaming interest gives a joy while you feel alone.

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On the Nintendo Switch OLED, How to turn off Vivid Mode

The Nintendo Switch OLED offers two color modes of the console screen: Vivid and Standard.

The color mode of the console screen only replaces the built-in OLED screen and does not affect the TV connection.

  • Vivid mode is the default, but you can switch to model mode if you want.
  • Follow the steps below to film Vivid Brand on Nintendo Switch OLED.
  • Turn on the Nintendo OLED Switch.
  • If the Home screen still does not appear, press the Home button on your controller to activate the Home screen.
  • Select System Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and open System.
  • Select the color of the console screen.
  • Tap Standard. The options will apply immediately.
  • You can return to Vivid mode from the same menu.

What is the Vivid mode for?

Nintendo OLED Screen The new OLED screen displays a different color than the previous model’s LCD screen. In general, OLED screens are more colorful than LCD screens. The vivid mode takes full advantage of the excellent colors of the OLED to give beautiful and beautiful images.

What kind of model? The pattern type limits the colors you can see on new OLED images. Nintendo hasn’t revealed the exact specs for the model, but in an interview with Nintendos Toru Yamashita, they said the model is designed to look like a regular LCD screen.

What is the difference between vivid type and model type?

turn off Vivid Mode on Nintendo Switch OLED
turn off Vivid Mode on Nintendo Switch OLED

The vivid mode can display more diversity, more energy, and more beautiful colors. The model type can display fewer colors but can be more balanced and precise.

All existing Nintendo game consoles use some form of LCD technology with built-in displays, so game studios create games for Nintendo consoles and build their graphics with LCD capability.

Nintendo Switch OLED’s Vivid Mode has a sharper, crisper focus that many gamers prefer, but it can distract you from the graphics design of the game. OLED colors can have a shiny or neon surface that reflects the darkness of the image.

The choice of vivid type and model type is a matter of preference. You can enjoy different types under different names. The color screen mode can be changed at any time after starting the game, so feel free to try it out.

Only the color, vivid type, and pattern type are the same. There is no difference in in-game performance, battery life, maximum graphics brightness, or game compatibility.

How to deactivate the Nintendo Switch OLED?

  • Press and hold the power button on the top of the console for 3 seconds to display the power option.
  • Then select Off.
  • If you cannot access the Power Options menu, force shut down the system by pressing and holding the power button for 15 seconds.

How do I restart my Nintendo Switch OLED?

  • To restart your Nintendo OLED Switch, go to System > Mode Options> Reset Console> Reset.
  • Restarting your Nintendo Switch will erase all data and user accounts.
  • Purchases can be downloaded from Nintendo eShop.


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