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How to Make a Clock Appear on Android Lock Screen

If you’re new to Android 12 on your Pixel phone, there’s one thing you can’t miss. It’s a digital clock that’s bigger (huh?) Then what you can see on your lock screen. If you don’t like the new watch look, this article will explain the changes to the lock screen clock and show you how to alter it on Android 12.

By adding a time to your locked phone, you can check the time without locking your device. In addition, some phones may use the always-on display which shows the clock on the screen even if the phone is in standby mode.

How to Make a Clock Appear on Android Lock Screen?

Make a Clock Appear on Android Lock Screen

To add a clock to your lock screen, follow a few simple steps. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to set the clock in any way on phones running Android 12. The clock is the default and changes depending on certain things, for example when you see the warning text not to be read on your lock screen.

Devices running Android 11 or earlier should still be able to open the monitor and occasionally update the version.

  • If you’re using a phone with Android 11 or earlier, open the Settings app.

Android 11

  • Then go to the Lock screen & security section of your phone settings. Also called lock screen or security depending on your phone model.
  • Tap Personalize lock screen.

Lock screen

  • Select Clock to set or change the clock lock.
  • You can now open the lock screen clock and adjust its style.

Select Clock

How do I get the clock on my Samsung Android lock screen?

Make a Clock Appear on Android Lock Screen
Make a Clock Appear on Android Lock Screen
  • If you have a Samsung Android phone, you can enable the clock both on the lock screen and on the Always-on-Display feature provided by many Samsung phones.
  • To add a clock to Samsung’s lock screen.

Clock to Samsung's lock screen

  • Open Settings > Lock screen> Clock style.

Clock style

How do I display the clock when my phone is turned off?

Some smartphones also have a way to activate the native monitor. Samsung phones and Google Pixel phones offer this option. Other companies can also provide it.

Follow the steps below to always turn on the screen on your Pixel device.

  • Scroll down and select View.
  • Tap the lock screen.

Make a Clock Appear on Android Lock Screen

  • Select Always show time and data to enable Always show. To change the default view on your Samsung smartphone, open Settings> Lock screen> Always-on display.

How do I change the lock clock on my Android phone?

  • Activate the lock screen settings on your device.
  • Search settings > Lock screen or Lock screen & security > Customize watch style or lock screen > like clock.
  • You can change the color, type, and design here.

How to display a bigger lock screen on Android?

Display a bigger lock screen on Android

  • In Android 12, the clock is locked by default until you receive a notification.
  • For Samsung phones, you can choose a larger lock screen by going to Lock screen > Clock style> Lock screen > Mode.


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