How to Fix the iOS 15 Load Content Error

Apple introduced security and privacy in iOS 15, designed to prevent advertisers from following you via email.

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How to Fix the iOS 15 Load Content Error?

  • Private messaging hides your device’s IP address.
  • Then merchants will not be able to know your physical address and create your profile by linking your device’s IP address to your other online activities.
  • Private mail can protect photos and other e-mail from being loaded correctly.
  • Interference usually occurs when using Mail Privacy Protection and VPN or iCloud Private Relay.

In this case, if the image and other content cannot be uploaded in self-defense, you will see the error “The content cannot be uploaded private” and the content will not be uploaded.

Bypass errors and load points

  • The easiest solution is to press the Upload Content button at the top of the error message email.
  • Manually upload photos and other email content (this email only, other emails may also cause content upload errors).
  • Press this button to not hide your IP address from this email sender, but if you are using a VPN, your content will be transported via VPN, so it should be protected.

Start private messaging

  • Don’t like getting the “Unable to load private remote content” error all the time? You can turn off private messaging.
  • Please note that you will lose your privacy and publicity protection.
  • To turn off these features, go to Settings > Mail > Privacy and move the Email activity protection slider to Off / White.

Enable iCloud Private Relay on your Wi-Fi network

  • Sometimes content upload errors can occur because Mail Privacy protects content from uploading through VPN or iCloud Private Relay.
  • If you’re using iCloud Private Relay, you might be able to fix the problem by enabling it for the Wi-Fi network you’re on.
  • To do this, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap mine next to Network connection > Move the Restricted IP address tracking slider to / green. (On some versions of iOS 15, the slider displays iCloud Private Relay.) Force logging out and reopening the Mail app fixes the issue every time I use this Wi-Fi network.

iOS Mail whitelist on your firewall or VPN app

  • Security software like VPN can cause this problem, so you can change your VPN configuration to avoid interfering with your mail.
  • Many security apps make this difference, but many add-ons add apps to the “free list” that allow them to function normally.
  • Solve the problem by adding your iPhone’s built-in Mail app to your VPN list.

Disable your firewall or VPN software

Fix the iOS 15 Load Content Error
Fix the iOS 15 Load Content Error
  • If Secure Mail isn’t working (or your VPN doesn’t support it), you’ll need to disable the software to avoid errors.
  • Disabling the security of your software doesn’t have a big impact because your device may not be protected.
  • However, if you want to perform these important steps, the procedure for not using the software may be different depending on the application you are using.

iOS updated

  • If you’ve tried all of these and still get the content loading error, there may be a bug preventing Mail from properly loading the content.
  • In this case, your best bet is to install an iOS update that includes a bug fix.
  • Go to Settings > General > Software update to check for updates and install them if available.

Contact Apple for assistance

  • Have you tried everything but still can’t fix the error?
  • Then it’s time to call in the experts. Apple.
  • Contact Apple online for assistance or visit your local Apple store to schedule service.

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