16 Best Kids’ and Baby Costumes Use On Halloween Day of 2024

This unique matching mom and I have seen Halloween costumes around Instagram (somewhere else!) Are equally lovely and amazing with kids’ and baby costumes.

Parents know the headache they have to go through, to design costumes for their children. Halloween is not the only time when people wear costumes.

Costumes have to be creative and unique. This is because parents like to post their children’s photos on the internet, to show the fun time they are having with their children.

Parents put actual thought into their child’s costume, especially if it is for a school event.

They wouldn’t want their children to look less fancy, than the other child.

16 Best Kids’ and Baby Costumes Use On Halloween Day of 2024

It is a nightmare to come up with kids’ and baby costume ideas. Children like some costumes, but they might not like some. Children must like the costumes that their parents make for them, otherwise, their efforts will go to waste.

Costumes should never be uncomfortable for the child. Hard material should not be used for costumes. Costumes should be made of a material that won’t make children feel uncomfortable or suffocated.

If parents are making costumes for their children for Halloween, then they can dress them as superheroes. Every child likes some superhero from a young age, like Spiderman, Batman, or Superman.

Parents can dress their children in ninja costumes, whether they have a son or a daughter. They can dress their child as a ringmaster, by adding some accessories like a bow tie to their costume.

To get an idea about what their child would like as a costume, parents should look at the cartoons their child watches.

If there is a cartoon character that the child likes, then he or she would most probably want to dress like them.

For example, girls would want to dress like a red riding hood. Girls that watch movies with girls their age as lead characters, like Frozen’s Elsa, would want a similar costume.

The ideas for children’s costumes are endless, but making a decision is very difficult.

There is a huge market of costumes, specially designed for kids. Kids like costumes of animals, cartoons, and not scary things. They can be a dinosaur or a cat; it depends on their likes and dislikes.

Parents should try to help children when they are thinking about their Halloween costumes. If they nudge them in the right direction, they would use their imagination.

Designing Halloween costumes would make children creative and innovative. They will have a good time thinking about what they want to wear, and where to get it from.

Rubie’s Dragon Costumes

Rubie's Dragon Costumes

Rubie’s Costume Company has many costume ideas for adults, infants, and kids. Image source: here

The costumes are made of different and bright colors and are put under the dragon costume category.

There is a costume of a toddler, labeled, ‘Dragonfly Costume’. This costume is two shades of blue color and with wings.

There are actual children models wearing dragon costumes on Rubie’s page, and they all look very fancy. There are different ways in which Rubie has perceived dragons.

Each costume is of different colors, designs, shapes, and sizes.

There is a costume that is more of a ninja costume, than a dragon warrior one. However, the creativity here is that Rubie has designed these clothes into two themes. Children would surely find these costumes very appealing.

There are mostly ninja costumes and women’s dragon lady costumes on the page. The costumes look very appealing, because of the striking colors that are used in making them.

The designer has successfully captured the attention of the audience.

Children’s costumes are hard to find. This is why parents can always get some help from the internet.

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Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz

People like to look around and get costume ideas for Halloween. They look at the latest movies or television shows and wear the costume their favorite character makes. For example, when Frozen the movie came out, young girls wanted to dress like the two female protagonists.

Even now, some girls want to dress like Moana, while others want to dress like Elsa.

Those who have seen the Wizard of Oz might want to dress as Dorothy for Halloween. Dorothy’s dress is very simple to make.

It is a blue gingham dress, and it has a shirt attached to it. Dorothy also wears a petticoat, and there is a trim lace that makes her dress, beautiful.

Dorothy’s dress has a zip at the back and an elastic waist. Dorothy ties her hair with a white bow.

However, it is not just Dorothy’s dress that children would want to copy for Halloween. Dorothy’s shoes, which she clinks together to move from place to place, are part of the Halloween costume.

These shoes should not be matching the dress but should have a slight heel so that they make a sound.

When children go trick and treating wearing Dorothy’s dress, then they would want a basket along with them as well.

Parents should try to know what their children want for Halloween before they make costumes for them. It is a holiday where children should be happy about trick and treating. They should be able to wear what they please, and not what their parents force on them.

Halloween LED Purge Mask Light

Halloween LED Purge Mask Light

Halloween is all about having fun, collecting candy, and scaring people. The purge mask which comes with LED mask light, is pretty scary. There are three colors, which teenagers or kids can buy. The mask comes in blue, red, and green colors.

During the night, when children wear this mask and go out, their masks will glow. The mask has the face of the purge, which makes the person look scary.

This mask is easy to wear because it is made of light and soft material. A purge mask is designed in a way that doesn’t harm the person’s eyes or any part of the face. No heat emits from the mask.

Two batteries light up this mask, but they don’t consume much power. The light source of the mask works pretty well, and won’t disappoint the person who wears it on Halloween.

Those who don’t like the inner side of a mask would be happy to know that foam is glued in this mask. This way, whoever wears it won’t feel suffocated or uncomfortable.

If someone is going to a party on Halloween, then this mask will surely make them popular among the crowd.

Every person wants a costume that would make them look eye-catching. However, masks are not a preference for many people, because they are not easy to hold in one place. If they buy the purge mask with LED light, they won’t have to worry about it falling.

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Owlette Classic

Owlette Classic

PJ masks costumes are in demand. Children love PJ masks costumes because they are so colorful and cute. Children would want to wear a classic toddler PJ masks costume.

The color of the costume is pink, and it is best suited for girls. It will show girls that they can do anything, they want to.

This costume comes with a headpiece,  which adds to its attraction. The costume is a jumpsuit and has a cape attached to it.

There are other PJ mask costumes as well, but they come with tails. Girls would feel happy and superior wearing this costume because it has a cape attached to it.

They should wear PJ masks costumes when they go trick and treating, and show everyone that girls rule the world.

Owlette is famous among children who watch PJ masks. He can see in the dark because he has owl eyes. Moreover, Owlette can fly because he has Super Owl Wings.  This costume motivates girls to fly and have fun on Halloween.

California Costumes

California Costumes

California costumes bring characters to life. The company helps dress up people of all ages in costumes, which they will love. They have costumes of Princess Jasmin and Aladdin.

California Costumes can turn adults into jokers or scary-looking pumpkins. The thing about California costumes is that they look realistic. They don’t only sell costumes, but wigs and fancy dresses as well.

The website of California Costumes provides costume ideas to customers. They show the costumes that are available for sale. The website also tells customers the kind of makeup that they should wear with their costumes, as it would give them a great finishing touch.

Costumes are a big deal for many people. If they are looking at California Costumes, then it means they want to take part in a costume competition. For costume competitions, people buy the best costumes and make sure that their costume doesn’t clash with anyone else.

However, simply buying costumes won’t do the trick. California Costumes sell accessories as well, like wigs. If someone wants to dress up as a witch, then they would surely want to buy a wig for their costume.

The website sells beards, mustaches, and masks. If a man wants to look like a famous figure from the past, then he would buy a beard or a mustache.

Some people don’t prepare a costume for Halloween. They simply buy an appealing mask, which goes with their dress. These masks could cover their whole face or just their eyes.

Parents, who have to hand out candy during Halloween, would feel good wearing a mask.  When they wear a mask, then they don’t have to set their costume now and then. They can easily adjust their masks and do well throughout the night.

Some children would like to buy masks as well, who don’t want to dress up or don’t have any good ideas.

From cartoon characters to movie characters, there are a lot of options for people to dress up, in the way they want.

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Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear

Some kids might feel that their trick or treating is incomplete without Buzz Lightyear. This is a costume, which gives children wings.

The costume comes with a fun design, which makes children feel that they are part of a cartoon. If they want to disguise themselves wearing a costume, then this would be a really good choice.

The costume comes with a vest and holster, which are nicely attached to the costume. The accessory is inflatable and is 44 inches wide. It can be easily worn by children, and they would love the purple and lime green colors.

If children don’t wear the right costume on Halloween, then it puts children in a bad mood. If they wear Buzz Lightyear, then they would feel like part of a movie.

Children might also feel they are ready to go for space exploration, because of the appearance of the costume.

When going for Halloween, getting candy from each adult, children might bump into each other. The best part of this costume is that it doesn’t get ruined, even if children bump into each other. Some parents might find this costume a waste of money.

They might also prefer to buy the costume on their own. However, it is not unusual for children to dress up in the same costume for two years straight, which is why this costume won’t be a waste of money.

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Catboy Classic Toddler

Catboy Classic Toddler

PJ masks are a popular cartoon nowadays. Children like this cartoon because the main characters dress in a boy costume.

The main characters also do fun and adventurous things, which the audience loves.

The boy costume is available in toddler sizes as well. It is a jumpsuit that children can wear, and the tail is detachable. Some children might not want to wear the tail with the costume, which is why it can’t be detached.

The catboy costume covers the head of children, to their toes.

The headpiece is not uncomfortable, and if the parents know the accurate size of their children, they can easily get the costume from the internet.

The costume comes in blue color, but parents can explore other colors as well.

This is a very funny-looking costume, and when children wear this to a friend’s party or for trick and treating, they will have a good time.

Whatever costume that children want, they like to build a story behind it. If they are going to buy the catboy costume, then they already know the story behind the costume.

On Halloween, children would like to feel like the character from PJ masks, who goes on adventures and has a fun time with his friends.

Children like to show other children their favorite cartoon characters. There is no better way for children to show what they love, by putting on a costume.

This costume will surely bring a happy smile to the face of children. They will look adorable in it, trick and treating, from door to door.

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Rubie’s Harry Potter

Rubie's Harry Potter Halloween

Harry Potter is everyone’s favorite movie series. People, adults, teenagers, or children, love magic and supernatural scenarios. The reason why supernatural and magical movies become popular is that people like to lose themselves in things that can’t happen. Harry Potter’s costume is a fun one for those, who read Harry Potter books and love his movies.

Even though they don’t need to dress as only Harry Potter, but the main character is much loved as compared to others. Children might also feel like dressing up as Hermione or Voldemort, but Harry Potter costumes are famous during Halloween time.

Rubie has designed a Harry Potter costume, consisting of a long and black robe. It is a hooded robe, with a clasp to hold it together. The robe even has the Gryffindor House embalmed on it.

This costume would give children the real feel of playing Harry Potter. If parents want their children to experience the original effect, then they can buy a tie and Harry Potter glasses with the costume as well.

As children wear this costume to Halloween trick and treating, they would surely get attention from all sides. Harry Potter is a popular character and his costume is something that people love.

It makes them look unique and someone who holds magic in his hand. Children might also want a wand with a robe. Parents can paint Harry Potter’s scar on their forehead for special effects.

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Spooktacular Creations Zombie

Spooktacular Creations Zombie

There are zombie movies, video games, books, and costumes! Zombies are dead humans walking, eating living humans. Halloween is a lot of bringing the scariest ideas to the surface and then wearing them.

There is no better costume than a zombie’s. Those children who want to dress like zombies should ask their parents to put a little scary makeup on their faces as well.

Children can also choose Spooktacular Creations Zombie, which comes with accessories. There is a long sleeve shirt that is attached to the bones.

There is a hood that children can wear, and their faces would like a scary skeleton. The mask makes them look like a zombie, and to add to the special effects, children also get a glove and a hunter’s ax.

This costume would be appropriate for Halloween, but particularly if someone is going to a zombie rave or party. Children can wear this costume to scare their friends, or to play around with them.

The zombie costume is particularly fun because it motivates children to act like zombies and indulge in role-playing. Being a zombie can be uncomfortable for children, but if they are wearing a proper costume, then it could be fun.

Costumes that come with accessories are more fun for children. As the zombie costume comes with a fake ax, it would make the zombie look appear to be more real.

If children want to stand out during trick and treating, then wearing this costume would be the fun thing to do. However, the main part is to have fun!

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Gekko Classic Toddler

Gekko Classic Toddler

No rule says that toddlers can’t dress up for Halloween. Parents are more excited to dress up toddlers in the house.

Toddlers can wear any costume and look cuter than the next person in the room.

The Gekko Classic Toddler Halloween costume is a PJ masks costume. PJ masks cartoons are popular among children because they entertain children to a whole new level. PJ mask costumes are available in different colors, but the most striking ones are blue and green.

The costume is such that it covers the body from head to toe. It is a jumpsuit, which comes with a soft headpiece. The tail is detachable, so if children feel comfortable wearing it, they can.

When children wear this costume, it would make them feel like they have some sort of super-strength. This is because children see PJ masks cartoons on TV, and feel hopeful when they wear the same costume.

This is an excellent thing to wear, trick, or treat. Children would be able to feel the difference when they compare their costumes, with other children.

Toddlers can wear this costume not only on Halloween but casually, in the house as well. If a child has a birthday party or just wants to play around with his siblings, this costume would set the mood.

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Rubie’s Deluxe Harry Potter

Rubie's Deluxe Harry Potter

Limiting oneself to what Harry Potter wore in the movie for a Halloween costume, would be unfair.

When it comes to Harry Potter Halloween costumes, it would be fun for people to get creative and add things.

Toddlers or children can dress up by adding accessories to their Harry Potter robe. They can try to become the character, they would want to see themselves like.

For example, not everyone would want a scar on their forehead or belong to Gryffindor. It would be fun to change a few things in a Harry Potter costume.

Robbie’s Deluxe Harry Potter costume is a black robe, with burgundy accents. There is an embroidered patch of Gryffindor, which children will love. The costume is an authentic touch to what the actors in the Harry Potter movie wore.

If someone has not seen the movie but has read the books, then they can form the costume in their head. The costume gives them a more original feeling, as they transition to the magical world of Harry Potter.

Children can also ask their parents to get the Harry Potter glasses and tie. They can have a wand and paint a scar on their forehead. Children can be Harry Potter from any book or movie. It is not necessary to be a young Harry Potter.

Costume dressing is a favorite for children, particularly on Halloween. Parents should let their children decide what they want to wear so that they can work on their costumes. This gives them the chance to be creative and unique.

They can wear characters that they love on screen or in books and this will make them happy.

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Spooktacular Creations

Spooktacular Creations

Spooktacular Creations have many, diverse children’s costumes. They are designed for Halloween and each costume has a different theme. The costumes come with hoodies, which have a bear shape on them. Some costumes turn children into dinosaurs.

Many accessories come with children’s costumes, which give a really good flare to the costume. For example, if a girl wants to be the female version of Robin Hood, she will get to wear a hoodie, and hold a bow and arrow.

Girls also like to dress as fairies or even witches. Boys prefer to wear more creepy costumes. Such costumes include the grim reaper, skeleton costumes, or zombie masks. There are simpler costumes as well, like a policeman or a doctor.

Halloween is all about innovation and finding the right costume. Children, with the help of their parents, can find multiple ideas online. They can go through the Spooktacular Creations costume collection, and find the right costume for themselves. Researching about costumes is without a doubt, a fun thing to do.

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elope Harry Potter Halloween

elope Harry Potter

There are different designers for Harry Potter costumes. This is because Harry Potter costumes are very popular. However, the different thing about eloping is that it not only sells robes but other accessories as well.

For example, it sells a raven claw infinity scarf, with a Slytherin logo on it. The company also sells the famous knit hat and knit scarf set, which comes in yellow and red stripes. This is the scarf set that Harry Potter wore in the movies when it was wintertime.

If someone is dressing up as a character from Harry Potter, then it would be fun to buy the related accessories as well. One should watch a movie again, to get the feel.

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Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is a cartoon that tells the story of six rescue dogs and Ryder. Ryder is a tech-savvy boy, and he goes on different adventures on Paw Patrol. The Paw Patrol costumes designed by Rubie, try to give children the image of a rescuer.

If a child buys the Paw Patrol costume from Rubie’s, he would dress up as Marshall. The costume comes in toddler size and gives them a very cute look. The toddler would feel that he is teaming up with Ryder and going on adventures. Ryder helps people, and this is what appeals to most children.

When children get into the character of Marshall, they can let their imagination run wild, and save someone from a tree. They can even become firefighters and indulge in different courageous tasks.

Parents would love to see their child imagine being a hero. They would be able to instill good values in their children. When a child wears the Marshall costume, other children will also become excited.

This is mainly because children love to see Paw Patrol and imagine themselves in the situations shown on TV.

The Marshall costume is a jumpsuit and comes in both blue and pink colors. It comes with a headpiece and a backpack, which would make a child happy.

The pink costume has a fire logo on it, to give children the feel of a firefighter.

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elope Piglet Ears

elope Piglet Ears

The piglet ears are not costumed as a whole, but they can easily complete a costume. If someone wants to go as Winnie the Pooh on Halloween, then they can wear the piglet ears that elope sells.

These piglet ears are best suited for toddlers and children because they look cute on them.

The piglet ears are soft and plush. They won’t make a child or toddler uncomfortable.

At times, when parents decide to dress their children in a costume, it can be too much for the child. The child might feel irritated wearing a whole costume. However, if he only wears piglet ears and normal clothes, it would count as a Halloween costume. AmazeInvent

Parents usually accompany their children for trick and treating, and they can help children adjust their piglet ears, whenever they are about to fall off.

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Spooky Skeleton

Spooky Skelebones

Spooky Skelebones are popular among children and teenagers because they look spooky. There is nothing else spookier than someone wearing skeletons and a black mask on their face.

The best part about the skeleton’s costumes is that they come under the unisex category. Boys and girls can wear skeletons, without any problem.

If children like to look scary on Halloween and give other children a scare as well, then skeletons would be the perfect costume. The costume covers a child from head to toe, but it isn’t uncomfortable. There is proper space for children to see and breathe, and they can wear the costume for a long time.

Skeletons are easily available in online shops and physical stores. Parents won’t face any problem finding skeletons.

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