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How to Make Someone Admin on Discord

In case you have a Discord server, then it is most likely that people are going to join. To handle those users, and the things that are shared on the server, there is a need to make someone admin on Discord.

When there is a server administrator, he can make rules, silence, or even ban users. The admin can also delete and edit messages, which means the server should find a trusted person so that they don’t abuse their privilege.

How To Give Discord Administrator Permissions in Windows 10?

If you are using Windows 10 or even Mac, then open Discord on it, and then navigate to the server you own. Follow the steps below:

At the top left of the screen, you will see the server’s name

  • Select ‘Server Settings in the menu that you see
  • When you see the list of options available, select ‘Roles’ from it
  • There will be a tiny plus icon on the top left, choose ‘new Role’ from it
  • Under the Role Name, you can even rename the role; like replacing administrator with admin
  • There is an option of ‘Display role members separately from online members’; check off that option
  • This option will display the admin’s name on top of the user’s list
  • In General, Permissions, check the option of ‘Administrator’, and then click on ‘Save Changes
  • Now right-click on your own user name, and then select ‘Roles’ in the drop-down many
  • Check off the box next to the new role
  • You have made a user Admin on Discord

How To Make Someone Admin On Discord Group Chat?

To make someone admin on Discord group chat, a user can give their role permission to do so. When you have made roles in your Discord server, then you can assign members those roles. The members within a server need admin-level permission to create content and post it on the channel.

Whenever you assign roles to members, get their consent, and make sure that they can fulfill their responsibilities.

For example, if you are assigning a role to a member, where they have to manage the Discord group chat, then they should know how to manage it.

They need to see if someone is using abusive language in the Discord chat, spreading unnecessary information, or simply harassing others.

If a trusted member is assigned this role, then the server will remain in a peaceful place for a long time.

How to make roles in Discord?

It is not just about an admin’s role, people can assign other roles in Discord as well. You don’t need permission from anyone else, and you will always have access to everything. For those who don’t know, multiple roles can be assigned to one member.

Roles are mainly made for granting members permission to do things in the Discord server.  Follow the steps below to make roles in Discord:

  • Click on the arrow that appears next to the name of the server.
  • A drop-down menu will appear, and you have to choose ‘Server Settings’ from it
  • Click on ‘Roles’ which you will see under Audit Log
  • If you want to create a new role, then you have to click on the plus sign
  • When you have created the role, you can assign permissions to it by toggling the dials
  • The role settings display a role member separately from other members and give them general permissions like being the admin or viewing the audit log


Discord is a really good place, where you can make a server of what you want to share with other people. For example, if you are interested in a game that has difficult levels, then you can surely create a server to discuss that game.

Players, who face the same problems in that game, will also want to join that server. As the members of a server grow, the admin would need help managing things, because he can’t control such members on their own.

This is why Discord allows admins to create roles so that they can assign duties to whom they trust. Join Discord, and make sure that you stay civil, after joining a server. If you are abusive, then the admin can surely kick you off Discord.

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