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How to Monitor the Uptime of Your Website with Google Sheets?

Monitor the Uptime of Your Website with Google Sheets

Do you guys have a website or blog? Or do you confused to know how to Monitor the Uptime of Your Website with Google Sheets?

To do this.

  • Make a copy of the spreadsheet of Google Docs.
  • Then change the website URL and email address on your website to your email.
  • This is the email you will be notified of for uptime and uptime.
  • Then in the Google Documents menu, you’ll need to go to Tools -> Script Editor

Monitor the Uptime of Your Website with Google Sheets

  • Resources -> Current Script Motivation.

Monitor the Uptime of Your Website with Google Sheets

Or do you guys know any person who has them? So, if you guys have a website or blog and wouldn’t you want to receive some instant alerts as soon as your websites go down and it becomes hard for your users to access them?

I don’t think that there is any guy who would not like to know the updates about his website going down, because owning a website is not enough, you have to look after it as well, keep it updated and away from all the bugs and issues to provide your users convenient usage of your website.

The very initial aspect of website maintenance would know how often your website will be down or rather how often the server of your website will not be able to allow visitors into the website.

There are many software analysis, tools, applications, and other related maintenance software for this purpose that is used to intimate you whenever your website does down in any manner.

Most of the website owners that I know of use freemium website monitoring services to track the uptime and downtime of their websites.

This service offers free plans to all the people but when it comes to unlimited email and SMS alerts or you want to monitor a large number of websites of your own, then you will have to upgrade to the premium version necessarily.

I won’t suggest you guys whoever is reading my article to go for these services because I have a greater alternative for you.

Create your very own Website Uptime Monitor with Google Sheets and Gmail

Monitor the Uptime of Your Website with Google Sheets

Yes, you don’t need those free limited monitoring services like the one I mentioned above in this article.

The only reason behind this is that you can create your website monitor which will run on servers from Google and will have the ability to send you email alerts via Gmail whenever your website will likely go down or back up, inaccessible or accessible to the visitors and users of your website. You will be getting complete alerts according to the current situation and status of your website.

The website monitor logs in all events in a Google Spreadsheet, or you have an option to choose to record store all the uptime and downtime activity of your website inside Google Analytics.

Do you guys want to know how to do this all? I think without wasting a second further we should proceed to the procedure.

How to Create the Monitoring Doc?

Monitor the Uptime of Your Website with Google Sheets

You need to have a spare copy of the Google Docs spreadsheet with you to start with the procedure. Once that copy is in your hands, then you will have to change the website URL mentioned in your website address.

You will also need to change the email address accordingly for the notification to your email ID. Once you are done with this, the next step you need to do is to go to the notifying section. Go to the script editor which runs under the tools and then select the resources.

In resources, you will have to locate and select the current script triggers and then select the option that says “ismysitedown” in the drop-down menu there. AmazeInvent

The next step for you is to select the Minutes were driven and Time driver. After you are done selecting the minutes drove and time-driven, you will have to choose the time that you wish to be notified about the downtime of your website.

You have the option to set the alarm every five minutes or so according to your wish whenever you want to get notified about the downtime of your website.

Monitor the Uptime of Your Website with Google Sheets

You will have to authorize your Google Docs and then finally run play the script you created. Once you are done with this, your Google Doc is now authorized successfully to provide you information about the downtime of your website.

There is no doubt that you will need to press start in the website monitoring bar to start the process of monitoring the status of your website.

Do not forget that the uptime and downtime of your website will be logged to your system automatically and the notifications will be provided to you through SMS services or Gmail services.

This procedure consists of a script trigger that is used to help in sending the information through SMS or Gmail. The Google script that is associated with the monitoring process gets triggered as per the time you have set according to your wish and convenience.

Once that script is triggered, the document will fetch all the information regarding the downtime as well as the uptime of your website as the URL which you mentioned.

Remember the HTTP code is not 200, then there is a possibility that your website might be facing a problem that needs your consideration and needs to be sorted out ASAP.

SMS Alerts:

You must get your official mobile number registered into your Google account. This will allow and will be very beneficial for you to receive SMS alerts directly from Gmail.

There is no doubt about the fact that the response from the website is not sent immediately when it comes to email services. And when it comes to the case of SMS services, the alerts are recorded to be sent in between 30 seconds of the trigger message.

This makes SMS services used for this procedure a greater option over email services.

If you own a website of your own, you would be aware that the maintenance of a website is very tough to handle.

In this case, make sure that you keep these SMS and Email alerts on to have a check on the status of your website and for better maintenance as well.

Up-Time Monitoring Services




How do I set up website monitoring?

Set up a website monitor

  1. Click here to copy the Google Sheets Monitoring website to your Google Drive.
  2. Go to the Website Monitor menu (near Help) and select Configure.
  3. Specify your website URL and email address where you need to be notified.
  4. This is the option.

How can I check my server uptime and downtime?

To explain the percentage of uptime and downtime, we calculate the following: Total number of seconds of your website: 600 seconds. The total number of seconds your website was monitored: 86,400. We divide 600 by 86,400, which is 0.0069.

What is availability monitoring?

What is availability monitoring?

Availability monitoring prevents negative situations by checking the uptime of infrastructure components such as servers and apps and alerting the webmaster before a business is affected.

What is Website Uptime Monitoring?

What is the website’s uptime? Start monitoring now Request a demo. Website uptime is when a website or web service is available to users over some time.

Presented as a ratio of time divided by total time, providers calculate the ratio in monthly or annual increments.

How can I check the downtime of a website?

You can check if a website is currently available with more than one free tool on Google, but you need to have a monitoring tool like FIPE to log downtime.

It monitors your website, web app, and more and maintains shutdown and time history.


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