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No Link Button on Instagram Story? Here’s How to Fix

One-third of the most viewed Instagram stories are about money, research shows. No link button on Instagram story? Let’s have a quick guide.

With that in mind, Stories will be the perfect place to promote your products and services on Instagram and add links to consumers right on the purchase page. However, you will find that there is no link button in the Instagram story editor!

Instagram has many features to access the Link button in Instagram stories. However, there are situations where you cannot add a link to a story even though these situations are encountered.

4 Ways to fix no link button on Instagram story

Here’s why you can’t use the link in Instagram Stories. Then we offer 4 solutions to help you get rid of this error forever.

As mentioned above, Instagram asks you to meet the two required access buttons in your Instagram story.


And I have a real account. In that case, if you have a personal account that doesn’t have a lot of subscribers, you shouldn’t expect to access the link pack.

However, sometimes even users who have verified accounts with 10,000 subscribers find it difficult to access the link pack. There could be several reasons for this.

  • bad internet connection,
  • Instagram internal and technical issues,
  • a full Instagram or mobile cache that may prevent you from accessing your Instagram account;

And I am using an older version of Instagram. Sometimes you can fix the problem by restarting the phone, updating the Instagram app, and checking the connection. However, sometimes you need to look for a higher resolution, especially if it doesn’t meet Instagram’s requirements.

In that case, we encourage you to check out the following solutions for life.

Get 10,000 Followers with Access to the Instagram Stories Link Pack

The key to accessing the link button on your Instagram stories is to get 10,000 followers. It seems like an easy task. Nevertheless! Reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram is always a great time for entrepreneurs and it takes a lot of time, patience, and hard work to achieve it. But do not panic!

With a development program like AiGrow, you can achieve this goal in less than a year. AiGrow, all Instagram management services, allows you to get 10,000 real Instagram followers, which will help you join your posts and appear on the most popular. It also comes with an expert planner, remails app, DM tool, and monitoring app.

You can also check if someone is saving your Instagram post with the help of this guide.

Make Sure You Have a Verified Account

A certified account is a prerequisite for logging into Instagram Stories. So if you don’t see the link in your Instagram Story, but have 10,000 followers, you’re missing this key.

  • Getting a blue check on Instagram isn’t that hard, but it can be a bit tricky.
  • To do this, you need to go to your Instagram site and fill out the verification request.
  • After a few days, Instagram will tell you if your account is accepted or not.
  • If you are lucky and lucky you will see a blue icon next to the Instagram key.

Get Link Button on Instagram Stories

As mentioned earlier, you need to transfer your account to a business account number for the account to be verified.

Of course, this will give you access to many other features that are not available in your account.

However, privacy can be a very important issue for you and that won’t stop you from getting the button to link to your story.

With all these BioLink tools, you can:

  • Add links to multiple media using the widget;
  • Create and share personalized CTA buttons;
  • Add links to newsletters, stories, and highlights;
  • track clicks on Instagram links,
  • And more. All you need to do is sign up for free and create an Instagram landing.
  • The good thing is that even when the story expires, the link is still on your profile and people can click on it.

Hire an Instagram Account Manager

Finally, if none of the above solutions helped you and you want to use the responsible Instagram swipe feature, we recommend that you hire a professional manager to manage the account.

  • The growth of subscribers, and the errors you will encounter.
  • Face when using Instagram.
  • Fortunately, AiGrow also offers these services.
  • So just by purchasing growth plans from AiGrow, not only will you get more followers, likes, and comments, but you’ll also have a dedicated Instagram manager to know about making sure your numbers are safe.
  • Plus, whenever you have a problem, contacting your account manager will help you find a long-term solution within minutes. So sign up for free and check out our plans.

Bottom Line

No link button in your Instagram story? Do not worry! You are the! In this article, we explained why you can’t add a link to your Instagram story. We also found 4 quick and easy ways to fix it.

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