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How to Check if Someone is Saving your Instagram Post

Here we are going to check if someone is saving your Instagram post without your permission? First, have a look at the app.

Instagram lets you like, comment, save and share a post to or from others. It is a big social media platform that enables people to connect to the social world. It has many unique features and one of them is allowing you to save a post.

When you save a post it is saved onto your account under the saved posts option, while you can also save a post to a collection specifically made by you. One thing that is interesting to note is Instagram does not let you see who saved your post.

Check if Someone is Saving your Instagram Post

You get notifications as if someone puts up your Instagram post on their story but you do not get any notifications if someone saves your Instagram post.

There are a number of ways you can check to see who saved your Instagram post, the most common and easiest is to ask your followers about it.

Posting a story, asking about who saved your post is an easy way but then again many people would not do it for obvious reasons of privacy.

  •  A person can see the number of times someone saved their post.
  • Simply by switching to a business account.
  • If you have a private account you can change it to a business account by going to the settings > accounts then select change to a business account or creator account.

Viewing Insights

  • When you have a business or a creator account on use, you can check the number of times your post has been saved.
  • Click on the profile icon on Instagram, which looks like a silhouette, then tap on the post you wish to examine, then tap on the “view insights” under the video or picture.
  • It will show the current information of the post, all of its stats.
  • You can see the number of times your post has been saved under this function.

Third-party app

There are also third-party apps available which offer these kinds of services such as tracking your follower meter, who is unfollowing you and who is not following you back, ghost followers, etc.

They are mostly paid apps services while only 20% of them are free to use. Some of them offer functions like allowing you to see who saved your post. But most of them are scams and it is heavily dangerous to give a third-party app your details and information.

  • When you log into any third-party apps, whether to see your post savers or any other kind of activity for your IG account, it asks for your password and access to personal data.
  • This way the app’s owner gets complete access to your account and may even hack it if they want.

However, checking on who saved your post should not be as important as to which post has been saved the most, through Instagram’s “view insight” function you can see which post has been saved the most and it might give you an idea of what content is best for your Instagram page or account.


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