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How to play multiplayer lan games with a Minecraft account?

play multiplayer lan games

Game developer Mojang’s sandbox, Minecraft, is great for keeping in touch with your creative side. But playing solo can be a little lonely at times.

Sometimes, you want to share your creations with the rest of the world. We’ve outlined different ways to play Minecraft with friends on different platforms.

So you need to play Minecraft with your family, yet you just have one account. play multiplayer LAN games?

You won’t be able to play online, but with some sync in the configuration files, you should be able to run them all together on the network at home, without the need for an additional account.

Why do I want to do this?

This leads to confusion among many parents buying Minecraft for their children: Does every child need a separate Minecraft account? The answer depends entirely on what you want your kids to do with Minecraft and what their goals are.

play multiplayer lan games with a Minecraft account

If you want your kids to be able to how to play multiplayer lan games with a single Minecraft account, and they want to play online at the same time.

Then they need each separate premium Minecraft account (per Is currently in 27). Minecraft servers validate each login and each user is required to have a unique and valid Minecraft ID.

Although your goal is just to get all your kids (or friends) together on your home area local network (LAN), you don’t need multiple paid premium accounts to do so.

As long as there is a user with a premium account, you can effectively “clone” that user and tweak secondary user profiles to allow additional players to join local games.

  • Adaptation will not allow you all to play online, and will not allow other users to verify Minecraft or access legitimate servers. This is not a crack or piracy.
  • However, there is a shortcoming: when viewed by other players, every player will have the same “Steve” skin. But for a family, it’s a decent way to quickly get together a Manic Craft Lane party without dropping hundreds of dollars on siblings or friends without a premium license.
  • All of this, if you know that your family is taking Moneycraft seriously and the “Clone” client you created for young children is popular, we encourage you to purchase a full account.
  • Not only will your child be able to play on the thousands of great Minecraft servers out there and get custom skins for their player roles, but you will also support the development of the game.
  • Although 99% of my family’s money craft games are played at home on my lane, for example, everyone in my family has their account.

Readers are ready to dig in, let’s take a look at how to get multiple clients running on LAN with very little effort. For new Minecraft players or parents who may already be feeling a bit overwhelmed, let’s take a closer look at the game and what it’s all about and take a closer look at it.

Recommend to check the Money Craft Parent Guide. Multi-part geek school series covering early and modern Minecraft play.

Which you will need to play multiplayer LAN games?

play multiplayer lan games with a Minecraft account

If you are reading this guide, you will have everything you need. But before we jump into that, let’s take a moment to explain.

Second, you will need a computer for each additional player. The Minecraft Player profile on this machine will change semi-permanently so that you can play on local networks with conflicting usernames.

(No savings in your world or any game data will be deleted or at risk of being deleted, remember, but if you want to re-login with your regular account you have to reverse this process .)

Lastly, if you want to bring local changes to the skins of secondary players (which will allow them to see their unique skins, but, because of MoneyCraft’s skin validation, it won’t affect others.

This last step is completely optional and unless you have a player who wants custom skin (which, then, only they can see) Can leave We will walk you through this process in the last part of the tutorial.

How to create secondary customers?

play multiplayer lan games with a Minecraft account

All your configuration changes will be on secondary computers. At no point will you need to make any changes to the primary Minecraft computer (the machine in which the actual account holder operates), so sit down on one of your secondary machines for further tutorials.

  • Before we jump into configuration changes, let us show you what happens if you try to log in without making the necessary configuration changes.
  • If the secondary player logs in to the primary player’s open LAN game (when using the primary player’s account) they will see the error message:
  • Minecraft is basically “wait. You can’t be John. John already exists! And that’s the end of it. Yes, the local game still respects the fact that there should not be two identical players in the same game.
  • Important items such as on-character inventory and endeavor inventory are linked to the player’s username in the World Safe File.
  • To check the names and avoid mistakes with two players with the same name, we – you guessed it. The secondary player needs to be renamed.
  • To do this we need to make a simple edit to one of the Minecraft configuration files.
  • The easiest way to get a Minecraft configuration file (without digging into the configuration folders‘ intestines) is to jump into your Minecraft launcher with a simple shortcut.

Before we proceed, you will need to launch Minecraft Launcher at least once and login to your primary Minecraft account, as mentioned earlier, download the necessary assets and access the secondary machine.

  • Get ready to play. The process is as simple as logging in and clicking on the “Play” button once as if you were playing a normal Minecraft game.

play multiplayer lan games with a Minecraft account

  • Once you have started the race to retrieve these assets, relaunch the Manic Craft Launcher, as can have seen above.
  • First, note the “Welcome, [username]” entry in the top left corner. The name at this point should be the name of your premium Minecraft account. If your Minecraft username is SuperAwesomeMinecraftGuy, it should say “Welcome, Supervise Moneycraft Go”.
  • After confirming your username, click the “Edit Profile” button in the bottom left corner.
  • In the Profile Editor screen, select “Open Game Late” to get to the location of the file that needs to be edited.
  • In the game directory, you will see a file called “Launcher_Profiles Jason“, as highlighted above. Open the file in a simple text editor like Notepad or Notepad ++.
  • As the .json file you will see an entry that looks like this:
  • John, or whatever name is next to “Display Name“, is the username of the official Minecraft account. Edit the name, saving the quotation marks, to whatever username you want.
  • John, or whatever name is next to “Display Name“, is the username of the official Minecraft account. Edit the name, saving the quotation marks, to whatever username you want.
  • In our case, we are changing “John” to “Angela” so that John and Angela can play together on the LAN. Normally if you’re logging into a remote Minecraft server it would be a mistake to rename your display but because local network games do not verify usernames against the official Minecraft server, so You can enter any username you want here.

Save the document, close the profile editor window, and then restart Minecraft Launcher to make the changes effective.

Double-check the lower right corner again. The username of the premium Minecraft account must now be replaced with whatever you have modified in the username (in our case it should read “Angela” and does).

Proceed to check things out and set fire to the Minecraft game on the primary computer, load the map and open the map for LAN play. As a result, add the secondary player to the open game now.

You should see as much as you can, exactly what we see in the screenshot above: the secondary player with the new username and Steve Skin. Now you are free to play together!

Remember, as we wrote above, all player data is linked to the game’s username. If “Angela” wants to change her username, she must first throw all her character’s inventory and the contents of her inner chest into a safe place at regular breasts.

To change this process, we simply navigate to the JSON file and change the display name variable to its original form (the username of the premium account holder).

How to change local skins?

  • As we mentioned at the beginning of the lesson, there is an unnecessary but fun move that some players want to start with: Adding custom skin for the secondary player.
  • There’s a big encouragement with this: because the skins on display run through Moneycraft’s content server, any uncertified player will always appear as the default skin for other players.
  • This means that if we change the skin of the Gospel to another skin with this small trick, then the only person who is going to see the skin change is the Gospel.

However, if the secondary player really wants his skin for screenshots or just for fun, it is trivial to give it to them.

  • The key to the skin of our little avatar is the key to a simple hand gesture. In short, the resource pack allows players to change the texture or graphic of almost everything in the game with another texture.
  • Although this is usually done in our case to improve (or change) the appearance of the general world around you, we can take advantage of this to change the skin of the player.

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Can you keep multiple users on one Minecraft account?

Multiple accounts on one computer. If multiple Moneycraft usernames are logged in through the same computer user account, they will be able to access each other’s saved worlds. You can change this, although it requires a bit of advanced setup.

Minecraft Username – This is the name of your Minecraft character that uses your account.

Do I have to buy Minecraft for each child?

If you want them to play multiplayer, you need to buy two accounts for each.

However, if they just want their name, you can create two shortcuts for the game, for each child. Then just give a different name for each shortcut.

How do you get involved in the world of Lane?

  • Go to your game menu and press “Open on LAN“. Next, it will show your IP address.
  • Type the IP address, and go back to the title screen and click Multiplayer.
  • Then, click “Add Server“, name the server, and then type the IP address.

Can I use Minecraft on multiple devices?

Please note that Minecraft purchases are linked to your account (email address) and not to any device.

That way, you can download and install Minecraft: Java Edition on as many computers as you want.

Use your e-mail address and password (or username and password if you have an old account) to log in.


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