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How to Put Music On Mp4 Player

To put music on an Mp4 player you should follow some basic things before starting. Even if we have smartphones and online music streaming websites, some people still like to have an MP4 player.

It has much to do with the functionality of an MP4 player, as it can play both audio and video, and with nostalgia as well. Holding an MP4 player is similar to what MP3 players felt like back in time, but those are not very trendy anymore.

The MP4 player is a handheld device, which can play in MP4 format, along with other formats, like .avi and .mpg.

Usually, people like to play movies and TV shows on these devices, and this also involves playing sounds. Such players are usually capable of running both formats, and it is easier to transfer files in them.

While some users use third-party software to transfer content, others simply connect the MP4 player to a PC and treat it like any other disk memory.

Steps to Put Music on MP4 Player

There are very easy steps that a person can follow to put music on their MP4 player:

  • Plug one end of the USB cable into the computer or laptop, and the other in the MP4 player
  • Double-click when you see the USB drive folder
  • Click on the Music folder
  • Click on File
  • OK then follow to a New Window
  • Navigate to the folder in the File Explorer, from where your music is stored
  • Copy and paste the contents into the USB folder
  • Click on Eject

The files have now been transferred to the MP4 player, and you can enjoy them!

For those who like the idea of an MP4 player, but don’t know about its features, keep reading further.

Features of an MP4 Player

An MP4 Player gives the user a chance to play videos whenever they want to, and in multiple formats as well. They will get the best audio and video quality for their player, and they can easily transfer files from their system to an MP4 player.

MP4 is like a container, which carries the data videos and songs around. This way, if you are on a vacation or away from home for a long time, you can still entertain yourself with this small device. It is very different from an MP3 player, which was only able to carry audio files like music.

The sound quality and the picture quality of an MP4 player is really good, and it will provide the same fun that you have on your PC or laptop’s MP4 players.

Imagine the portability and functionality of an MP4 player, and how it gives you a whole new world in your hands. If you are worried that the battery of your smartphone is going to run out if you watch too much stuff on it, then this is the best player you can buy.

You would be able to use it carefree because the battery of most MP4 players lasts for a long time. You can receive calls and send text messages from your smartphone while using this smart piece of hardware for entertainment.


There are different types of MP4 players in the market; they have small screens and are really lightweight, which makes them easy to carry around. However, that doesn’t impact their resolution in any way, and they come with earphone sockets for the ease of the user.

There are OLED display characteristics in most MP4 players as well, which makes the image quality better and sharper.

MP4 players are easy to use and easier to transfer music into. There are many MP4 players that users can buy if they just search online.

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