How to Remove a Child From Family Sharing

Now you can also remove a child from the family sharing link that is most of using over the world.

Family Sharing is an iOS include that lets families share their iTunes and App Store buy without paying for them at different events. It’s advantageous, useful, and easy to set up and use.

It’s easy except with regards to removing children from Family Sharing. In one scenario, Apple has made it troublesome and in one case almost, yet not exactly, unimaginable to end Family Sharing for certain kids.

How to Remove Kids 13 and Older From Family Sharing on iOS?

You can easily remove kids who are 13 years and progressively established who are remembered for your Family Sharing group. This is what to do:

  1. Open the Settings app on any iOS gadget signed in to your Apple ID.
  2. Tap your name at the head of the screen.
  3. Tap Family Sharing.
  4. Select the name of the individual you have to remove from Family Sharing.
  5. Tap Remove.


You can remove an account from a family group. The account will at present exist, however, it won’t have the benefits or limitations it had when it was inside the family group.

To remove a part from your family group, you should have an adult account, and be the person who gave consent.

  1. Go here.
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account, by then:
  • To remove a child, look down and select Manage my child’s profile data, select the child, select Remove assent for this current child’s account, and confirm. At that point, return to your family’s page, and under the child’s name, select More options > Remove from family, and confirm.
  • Because they’re now an adult, or if an adult account has been misclassified as a child account, check the account.
  • To remove grown-up, under that person name, select More choices > Remove from family, and confirm.
  • To leave the family group you’re the main adult in the family, remove all children first, at that point discover your name, select Leave family, and confirm. You should be over the statutory age to remove yourself.
  • In case you’re incorrectly recorded as a child when you’re an adult, perceive How to change a birthdate on a Microsoft account.

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Xbox One

To remove a part from your family group, you should have an adult account and be the person who gave consent.

  1. Sign in with your account on the console.
  2. Press the Xbox button on the controller to open the guide, then select System > Settings > Account > Family settings > Manage relatives
  3. Enter a password or passkey to approve the change.
  4. Select the account you want to remove, at that point select Remove <member name> from family.
  5. Select Remove from the family to confirm.

You can likewise remove yourself from a family group.

How to Remove a Kid 13 and Older from Family Sharing on Mac?

You can also remove family members on your Mac or laptop. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Apple menu and open System Preferences.
  2. Snap iCloud.

use iCloud to remove a child from family sharing link

  1. Click Manage Family.
  2. Select the name of the individual you need to remove from Family Sharing.
  3. Click Remove.

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Removing Kids 13 and Under From Family Sharing

Apple doesn’t allow you to remove a child younger than 13 from your Family Sharing (in the U.S., at least; the age is different in different nations).

When you add a child that youthful to your Family Sharing group, they’re there to stay until they turn 13.

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If you started Family Sharing and added a child under 13, you can’t remove them all alone. You have a few ways you can get out of this circumstance:

Disband the family

  • You can disband the entire Family Sharing group and start once more. At the point when you create the new group, don’t add the child under 13.
  • You and the child are the main individuals on your Family Sharing show, you have to transfer them before you can stop Family Sharing.

Transfer the child to another family

  • When you add a child under 13 to Family Sharing, you can’t erase them, yet you can transfer them to another Family Sharing group.
  • To do that, the coordinator of another Family Sharing group needs to invite the child to join their group.
  • In this case, the child’s Family Sharing account won’t be erased, yet it won’t be your duty any longer.

Call Apple

  • If transferring a child to another Family Sharing group isn’t an option, call Apple.
  • While the organization doesn’t give you an approach to remove a child from Family Sharing, it has various devices that can help.
  • Call 1-800-MY-APPLE and converse with someone who can offer support for iCloud.

After the Child Is Removed From Family Sharing

When the child is removed from your Family Sharing group, they won’t have the option to access the content they downloaded to their gadget from other Family Sharing members.

Any content the child shares with the family group that they’re not, at this point part of becomes inaccessible to others similarly.

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